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Mailoni brothers’ mother speaks to the media

General News Mailoni brothers' mother speaks to the media

THE mother to the notorious Mailoni brothers who were shot dead by security officers on Tuesday suspects that her sons were possessed with evil spirits after visiting a witchdoctor.

The brothers were shot dead after a five-year search by security wings following reports that the trio was terrorising and brutally murdering people.

In an interview at her home in Kawasaki village where she is in hiding in Kabwe rural yesterday, Janet Ngimu said her sons caused their deaths themselves for killing innocent people for no reasons.

Ms Ngimu a widow in her late 70’s, narrated that she was whisked away from her home in Luano valley by police after the residents set her house ablaze following her sons killings of people.

She said trouble started after one of the deceased who was not feeling well years back together with his brothers visited a witchdoctor and upon their return she noticed that their behaviour had changed.

She said the first person to be attacked was her only surviving son Nelson while she was at some point also beaten.

She said the first person who was brutally murdered using spears was a Mr Mwelwa who attempted to apprehend the three brothers after mobilising villagers and that was followed by continued killings by her three sons, Mika, Fabian and Stephano.

She said because of the killings she became a nomad as villagers threatened to kill her forcing her to seek refuge in the bush, sometimes in other peoples’ homes far from her village.

She said Chief Chembe picked her and later the police after noticing that the situation was worsening as it was becoming unsafe for her and those looking after her decided that she relocates in the year 2010 to Kabwe.

She said her sons had brought misery to her life as she was not able to move freely and that she could not go back to Luano where many families lost their loved ones lives at the hands of her sons.

She said following the killing of the three sons, Ms Ngimu and her family was living in fear as most villagers at her Kabwe home were threatening to deal with them for causing the deaths of many people.

“As you can see we cannot even mourn because we have been told that if we are going to go ahead and hold a funeral they will come and kill us stating that as family we just lost three people while the country has lost several people,”she said.

District Commissioner Patrick Chishala asked Zambians to accept the mother and family members because they could not be punished for crimes they did not commit considering those involved in the acts were no more.

Mr Chishala said a meeting would soon be held with the community to discuss the matter with a view of making them accept the family and live in peace.

Central police Commissioner of Police Standwell Lungu said the sensitisation programme had continued and was monitoring the situation closely.

Burial arrangements were underway.


    • The all problem started when the brothers killed Mwelwa, in self defense. The rest was paranoia, whoever they saw they thought was either after them. In Bemba sayings goes “uwauma na fyala womina limo”. One you commit a crime who never be forgiven for, just do it the fullest extent. But that’s wrong, just one crime, and deal with it.
      With mother and extended family, she is innocent.

  1. ‘At her home in Kawasaki village where she is in hiding in Kabwe rural ‘ LOL while reporting from the hide out in kawasaki village!

  2. Do not give those criminals a dignified burial. In fact they should be buried in thorny simple coffins or reed mats. The mother was suppose to disclose such information earlier. How true is it that for their charms to work there was involvement of the matter in a special way!!!

    • I doubt those are really her words, or just report told her what to say, a mother can never say that, am one.

  3. The mother and family have to be forgiven my fellow country men. You must understand this that those 3 brothers were under some serious demonic oppression, they were possessed of the devil.So not even the mother or family would have stopped them from the wicked acts. PLs forgive them and accept them back in society.

  4. Dont put words in her mouth to justify your missaction. Put down what she said in bemba. Was she speakin in Chizungu?

  5. Lusaka Times, Now you have sunk to a new level. Why are Goncalves’ login details appearing on my ‘Leave a Reply’ (Name & Email) section? And another is Kalchif’s details also appearing on my section in another story. Can you really be trusted in maintaining the basic requirements of privacy and confidentiality of personal data?
    This is very disappointing.

  6. @London Eye, same thing here. I have PK’s email address. This site is not safe! We want anonymity. Now I know some of the people who have been insulting me on these blogs and I might my just pay them a visit and become a Mailoni – sorry a Millionaire.

  7. sources…The true story on the Mailoni brothers is that they had some minerals and one man who came with the flying doctors offered to find market for them and he took the minerals.Afters yes in waiting the man who linked them to the whites appeared without the funds.The three put the man to task and the process of fighting the man died.The three ran in to the bush fearing that the law will visit them;any one who looked like he was looking for them was the anemy. In their hiding place they continued looking for a white man who together with the black man they killed took their minerals.When the plan for flying doctors went to give services in the valley,the Mailoni brothers thought the white man who took their gold has come…you know what happened to the flying doctor….the story goes o

  8. In an interview at her home in Kawasaki village where she is in hiding in Kabwe rural yesterday, Janet Ngimu said her sons caused their deaths themselves for killing innocent people for no reasons.

    Is she still hiding, mwaulula………………

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