Black Friday – A Luta continua

Students dressed in black.Courtesy
Students dressed in black.Courtesy

The continued skyrocketing commodity prices since the removal of subsidies on fuel and agricultural product buttresses the resolve by the consortium of Civil Society Organisations (CSO) championing the Black Friday to continue the campaign until government finds a lasting solution in ameliorate the sufferings of the poor people in the country.

The rise in inflation by 0.3% as announced by the Central Statistics Office vindicates our argument on the negative impact of the government’s unilateral decision on the removal subsidies. In this regard, we are resolved to sustain the campaign and is so humbled by the overwhelming support from individuals, communities, CSOs and professional bodies.

In this vein, this week’s Black Friday Campaign was observed in the communities while sympathizers are urged to continue putting on black attire every Friday.

In preparation for the national prayer vigil coming in the next few days, Black Friday members and sympathizers are urged to visit and seek permission from various denominations and church leaders on Saturdays and Sundays to talk about the rising cost of living and the need for them to be part of the forthcoming national prayer vigil once the date is decided.

For and behalf of the Black Friday CSO Campaigners
McDonald Chipenzi


  1. U guys r just wasting yo tym coz no one is intererested in de black friday nonsense and is it the first tym inlation has risen in zed bafyatile imwe,lekeni Sata ateke pantu e mesiah twalefwaya uyu wine,SELENI TUBOMBEKO

  2. The black Friday thing is nonsense. The people of Zambia have agreed to sacrifice as long as the fruits of their sweat will be seen, that is development. Sensible Zambians will only complain if the money raised from subsidy removal is misused. The people who voted for PF are quiet, all this nonsense is coming from the loosers whose votes PF can do without.

    • Even the anti-3rd term started small (Remember the green ribbon?). What was the effect? Check your intelligence reports bwana………..

  3. Get a life people.Its about time you moved on.Why continuing with this when you know that the government will not change its position ?

  4. iam being tracked by ba shushu,i have found strange entries of a name and email address alread filled up for me,ba LT baffikala yashani mwatampa?

  5. LT please check the security of your site. Somebody’s info is on my name and email spaces. ‘WORDS OF WISDOM’ you’ve been exposed to me and maybe others.

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