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Miles Sampa urges the rich to share with the less privileged

General News Miles Sampa urges the rich to share with the less privileged

Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Miles Sampa
Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister Miles Sampa

Matero Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa, has urged the well-to-do members of society to have compassionate towards less-privileged children.

And Mr Sampa has commended Children International Zambia for supplementing government’s efforts towards improving the lives of less privileged children in society.

Mr Sampa, who is also Commerce, Trade and Industry Deputy Minister, said people who are well-to-do should at all cost assist the most vulnerable in society, particularly children.

He said this at the handover of 60 wheel chairs to children living with different disabilities in Lusaka’s George Compound yesterday.

Mr Sampa said it is gratifying on the part of government to note that the private sector has come on board to assist children born with different disabilities.

Earlier, Children International Programmes Officer, Richard Chikwa, disclosed that the 60 wheelchairs are part of the 550 wheelchairs which were procured at a cost of KR213, 000.

Mr Chikwa said other wheelchairs have already been distributed to over 11 institutions and pledged that his organization will remain committed to improving the morbidity of disabled children.



  1. Kilometer Sampa go and tell your rich uncle Satana.He’s one of the richest Zambians despite the fact that he’s never been to school but thrived on GRZ for corrupt activities!

  2. Hau This is the same dude who was on self imposed speaking ban for a month.

    • ayini,naine ndepapafye. he is already in the press barely 2 days after saying he will take a low profile.

  3. miles sampa to shut up for a month??????????????????
    yaba!But mapolotician yenangu…eish.

    • If this fellow understood politics he would’ve known that its a job you cant do without a mouth – except it shouldnt work faster than your brain!!!!

    • Mudala wheel-chair is difficulty to navigate in those paths in rural areas, even in roads of combonis of Lusaka. Tamwaenshapo wheel-chair imwe.

  4. I really don’t care what miles, kilometer,spring or winter say! We need to concentrate on uplifting the lives of Zambians whose poverty levels are unnecessarily high 50 years after independence!

  5. Compassion, Mr Miles, is not a social, public policy. As a leader in government, implement policies that will alleviate poverty or at least start addressing the structural causes of it. Urging the well-off to help will only play a part but will not address the problem.

  6. These are great leaders, whether u like it or not Miles Sampa is a darling of the poor that’s why they the nation now are calling for him, he is not like some of these opposition leaders who sold our companies and made themselves tycoons, they have no heart for the power. No one should waste their vote on them.,

    • Where do you get the stuff that you smoke? And you know that there’s a cure for ‘smoke’ damaged heads like yours?

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