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Lusaka has lost garden city concept – Mayor Chisenga

General News Lusaka has lost garden city concept - Mayor Chisenga

A street in Lusaka
A street in Lusaka

Lusaka Mayor Daniel Chisenga has observed that the city has the potential to become Africa’s most beautiful town especially that it currently ranks as the 5th most promising capital in Africa.

Mr. Chisenga said as Lusaka celebrates 100 years of existence, there was need for residents to exercise responsibility in terms of cleanliness in order to retain the concept of it being a garden city.

He was speaking at the Lusaka centenary celebrations media breakfast in Lusaka this morning.

He said it was unfortunate that Lusaka has since lost the concept of being a garden city on which it was built.

Mr. Chisenga further disclosed that the Lusaka City Council (LCC) has embarked on a programme to identify national heritage sites in Lusaka which will be documented and distributed to hotels to help market the town as a tourist city.

He said the LCC has set aside K1.3 million for the celebrations while the private sector was pumping in more money.

The Lusaka Mayor also disclosed that several delegates from other countries were expected to attend the centenary celebrations.

He said the Mayors include those from Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, and Swaziland.

Mr. Chisenga said others that are expected to attend are Mayors from Ethiopia, Egypt, Sweden, Poland and New Mexico.

He said the celebrations will be launched by President Michael Sata on July 18th this year.


  1. Who is the Egyptian Mayor representing?? Is the Muslim brotherhood (Mhosi) or the Interim government. Egypt is in a state of confusion, you shouldn’t have invited their Mayor he has serious issues to sort out at Tahrir square

    • Well said. Garbage city…..soon we will be driving through heaps of garbage to go and watch football ku disaster stadium

    • What have you done to move it from the garbage city name you have given it.
      I can prophesy, you are one of the people who have lost the sense of shame by urinating all over and not using a proper toilet, throwing papers and banana peals everywhere instead of using a bin.
      I challenge you, if you don’t do that come out in the open we investigate

    • You can walk from one end of Cairo Road to the other and you will not find a litter bin. How do you expect to keep the City clean?

  2. “ranks as the 5th most promising capital in Africa”. hmmmm really??? most promising in what? with all that confusion, lack of proper planning, etc!!!!

    • Most promising in continuous accumulation of filth.
      There is no positive promises on any city or town in Zambia or the country generally.
      We are a people who care less about our country. We love making noise and politicking all the time at the expense of development.

      Why do we do projects like we are doing someone else a favor but it our country? We do not take pride in undertaking projects that will wow us.

      Look at the roads as an example, Why cant we do road projects like the Livingstone-Zimba road? (I wish it was a dual carriage way). other than a good surface, it has signs, lanes well marked and divided… etc

      Zambians stand up and demand more and better services from your govt.

  3. It’s just in some areas of lusaka e.g like longacres,kabulonga,manda hill and along cairo road the other areas leaves much to desired even some recently tarred roads in townships are not swept they are covered with dust as if there is no tarred road and uncollected garbage is still heaped.

  4. The water bills are too high as such many houses in luisaka cannot afford to keep lawns or flowers at their homes.

  5. Like all things in life, nothing “just happens”. We need to make a deliberate effort to make Lusaka the city we want it to be.

    Simple things such as rubbish bin at every corner would make a huge difference. Finding the correct type of grass that can grow in our city is another good start — that way we can cover up all the sand and dirt that blows through the city.

    Citizen responsibility awareness training. Too many of us think it is only up to government to run the city and the country — guess what, we are the government, it is our country; we need to be the change we want to see.

    Don’t wait 90 days to take action. If we all do a little, we can do a lot. Start now.


  6. Instead of setting aside that K1.3 million and more coming from the business community for pointless celebrations why not use those funds to sponsor a massive “Keep Lusaka clean” campaign OR a “I Love LSK” campaign which aims to show the world that the people of Lusaka are proud of their city and united against the filth.
    Wake up Mr Mayor!!

  7. Zambians are just a filthy lot!You want to showcase the filth that has become a city,where the President and his Cabinet have offices,where embassies are located,where people from outside have a glimpse into our country…Umusungu wabu saka..abena Afrika tulibabusali..no matter what! Our City leaders are not exposed,they don’t know the connection between filth and diseases..The Mayor is frikking clueless when it comes to cleanliness of the city,gardening,markets,street sweeping,water supply to all residents,planting flowers,control of tall grass…instead of hosting parties which will cost billions,why not buy new tools…The Mayor is dumb!!!

  8. Use the money to clean up Lusaka. What is there to celebrate? Rubbish and street vending? Let the other mayors decline the invitation to this filth city.

  9. It is the 5th most promising city because it is under developed, with the adequate capacity to do so. You can build green parks in the city and it with well planned structures. That 5th promising should not be confused with anything else.

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