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Court stops Judge Chikopa tribunal

Headlines Court stops Judge Chikopa tribunal

Malawian Judge,Chikopa take Oath MALAWI High Court Judge, Lovemore Chikopa has arrived in the country to commence sittings of the tribunal established to investigate alleged impropriety of three local judges.President Michael Sata talks to Judge Chikopa (r) during the swearing -in ceremony at State House
Malawian Judge,Chikopa take Oath MALAWI High Court Judge, Lovemore Chikopa has arrived in the country to commence sittings of the tribunal established to investigate alleged impropriety of three local judges.President Michael Sata talks to Judge Chikopa (r) during the swearing -in ceremony at State House

The Lusaka High court has stopped proceedings of the Judge Lovemore Chikopa led tribunal pending the outcome of the judicial review granted to retired Supreme Court Judge Dr Phillip Musonda.

Lusaka high court Judge Florence Lengalenga stopped the tribunal proceedings after she granted Dr Justice Musonda a stay in the proceedings.

Justice Musonda was suspended by President Michael Sata together with High court Justices Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna on allegations of professional misconduct.

The tribunal which is chaired by Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa yesterday commenced its sitting with two witnesses appearing before it.

The two witnesses that appeared before the tribunal are High court Judge Albert Wood and high court acting Registrar Chilombo Phiri.


    • What an embarrassment to Sata. This is his worst appointment, worse of all an imported employee. And his injustice minister Kabimba can’t even think of anything or a way to send Chikopa away.

    • If this chikopa had integrity, he would have had gone a long time ago, but the man is determined to see to it that he proves a point, i now wonder whether he is here to deliver justice or carry out a mission…. Law pipo Say He who comes to equity/justice must have clean hands, how clean is Chikopa?????

    • i dont understand this obsession of chikopo chikopa`s tribunal… why not tell the guy to go back home and invite him back when its all clear and people are ready to go ahead!!

    • I am disappointed by you Zambians. You seem to dislike this man more than you dislike corruption. The Zambian judiciary is rotten to the core. Would you have felt better if Sata had appointed a white man? Judge Chikopa is not a fool. He is a qualified man of integrity who has been given a job to do. It does not matter how much these criminals try to protect themselves and their friends, they will be held accountable.

  1. This ka chikopa just because he represented sata in malawi he wants to milk us heavily. They must send him back

  2. You Zambians, are you so daft that you cant see what is going on… Lovemore Chikopo, High court Judge Albert Wood, high court acting Registrar Chilombo Phiri, Chibesakunda, etc, are all mere pons on the chaseboard to help the Nchito and The Post Newspaper escape responsibility.

  3. musonda knows he is guilty thats y he is preventing the tribunal frm establishing all the wrongs he and the frnds did.

    • Musonda is acting within his consittutional rights. He is guilty of what? Of trying to bring Nchito and Mmembe to book for the money they owe? PF Kaponya way of justice imwe ba True!

  4. Something things are so clear that even those that are not law practitioners can see, but greedy is driving whoever is an interest in the case that even a judge like chikopa can get stubborn with things he plainly knows, even if those guys are facing cases to answer, we as people might now know that, chikopo is only interested in money, but i dont blame him, he might be seeking just for a pay back from what he did in the past. thanks the courts.

  5. Atleast part of the truth has come out, we will wait. Chikopa wont go until we are done with the cockroaches

    • The rotten judges must be made to account. The Zambian judiciary is rotten. Some cases take over 8 years while others are disposed of within weeks. We saw Mpombo jailed within a few weeks on tramped up charges while more serious cases like Chiluba’s were just dragging on.

  6. The useless and disgraced person here is Chibesakunda. If she was not a PF cadre she would have stoped this nonsnse a long time ago. But because she is foolish and playing ball to please the appointing authority, she made a very shameful ruling based on her thoughts and not the Zambian constitution. She has no shame at all. Now Zambians are suffering by paying Judge Chikopo for doing nothing. All those involved in this scum will be made to pay when a new government comes in sooner than later. Just watch this space.

  7. This court says no, that court says yes, the Supreme Court says yes, another ‘judge’ says nay, just what’s going on with all these shenanigans from the ‘courts’?

  8. How much kwacha has Judge CHIKOPO gobled…..achimene pitani mukadye nshaba kapena mtedza ku dedza!!

  9. It just shows the extent of the rot in the judiciary! Some of these judges are protecting their friends, they are not even applying the law.

  10. Chikopa is not our focus here. Our focus is the guys who hired him. Keep the eyes on the ball. Chikopa is a lawyer who is doing what every lawyer does, getting paid for being hired, just like Amsterdam knows RB is not totally clean but he has to lie to get paid. That is a lawyers job. The government/president however, owe us an explanation. The courts ruled that the predient was within his rights to set up the tribunal, but they advised him against going ahead. For me that was a subtle warning from the judiciary that they would frustrate the state’s. We cant argue with Chikopa, but we can argue with the people who hired him, so lets keep focussed.

  11. This country has been messed up by lawyers (those in the legal profession) and there is no end in sight to the continued messing! God help us!

  12. This is a game of arm-wrestling between the judiciary and the presidency. It smells from both sides. The president’s side is accused of doing this for Nchito and Mmembe. The judiciary on the other hand are protecting their own, and one wonders how clean that is. The saga continues. For me, I would not choose between siding with the judiciary or with the executive, but rather, treat both with suspicion and dash a fire on both when necessary.

  13. Orlando pirates Vs Kaiza Chiefs , Nkana united Vs Power dynamos , Mancity Vs ManU , Real madrid Vs Barcelona and Executive / Mmembe Vs Judiciary.

  14. The PF govt has labelled Rupiah Banda’s attorney Amsterdam a mercenary. Surely Chikopa is far more deserving of that title.

  15. So dose suspended judges are clean? lf they re, wat re they afraid of? Why can’t they let the law visit them too? That’s not justice too tho some of u are up in arms condemning Madam Chibesakunda.The judiciary like any ada arm of govt isn’t sacred.

  16. Judge Musonda and team must be ashamed of themselves. If they are clean y re they resisting de tribunal? lf it were a dictatorship can dey even hide in de judiciary while playing the way they are doing? Chikopa must stay as long as it takes.

  17. People in PF should advise their president on the right way forward or drop the whole process. This Bemba UKAKASHI over incorrect issues just because its coming from the president is clearly embarrassing to PF govt. Laws are clear and advice was given to the PF govt by illegally acting chief justice that to proceed with the Chikopa inquiry would be against natural justice. Did Kaponyas understand that?

  18. A poor judge frm an imporverished country trying to make fortune frm nothing. Nowonder he looks very undernourished ni ‘njala’ he cant go back.

  19. Ba Lusaka Times why are you not telling us what Akpan Ekpene testified in Rupiah Banda’s case yesterday? Are you shielding Banda?

  20. what is happening to Zambian Watchdog. It is good no more ubufi with news. Now we will be blessed with no laise

    • how do you read articles on FB coz even me I can post on my account even on ZWD account without any moderation.Moreover,FB is not run by ZWD so its a big blow mwana to Tonganyokos.

  21. Guilty or not, the way this matter has been handled leaves much to be desired. Bushe kwena BA data fins I balaile meembe and mutembo? Seriously. Ukubafye umusha sure! Chikonko chalinjikat sana me.

  22. Guilty or not, the way this matter has been handled leaves much to be desired. Bushe kwena BA data fins I balaile meembe and mutembo? Seriously. Ukubafye umusha sure! Chikonko chalinjikat sana me. This is wat happens when u allow individuals to settle personal scores using state machinery. Its tragic.

  23. Sata sakala of justice u are busy shielding other fools meanwhile u want to punish others wat a useles of a president. Ilegal tribunal, ilegal chibesakunda, ilegal frustrated fools i.e pamafi.

  24. The only thing necessary to allow evil in zambia to triumph is for the good people in zambia to remain silent.

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