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Now Ghana bans Zambeef products

Economy Now Ghana bans Zambeef products


The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) of Ghana has warned prospective importers of Zambeef Products produced in Zambia to immediately halt any processes to get the beef into Ghana.

According to the FDA, the product has been found to contain high concentrations of Aldehydes, a chemical used to embalm dead bodies and is highly dangerous to human health and can cause organ cancer in humans.

A statement signed by the Chief Executive of the FDA, Dr Stephen K. Opuni, and copied to the GNA said the imported beef product was being produced by Zambeef Products Plc, a fully integrated Agric-business operating in Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana.

Although investigations conducted so far by the FDA indicate that there are no imported beef products of Zambeef in Ghana, it warned, “the general public is cautioned against importation, sale, distribution any beef products of Zambeef Products Plc”.

The attention of the Food and Drugs Authority was drawn to this poisonous chemical in Zambeef by the Food and Drugs Control Laboratory of the Ministry of Health of Zambia.

The FDA called on the public to make available to the FDA, information on persons in any practice possible of endangering public health and safety.


  1. I know this man from Ghana and there is no way I am talking to him at work today
    What a disgrace of a country


    • you zambians like alarming us and spreading falsehoods. the statement reads
      The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), Monday cautioned the public against the importation, sale and distribution of a beef product, ZAMBEEF, from Zambia. According to the FDA, the product has been found to contain high concentrations of Aldehydes, a chemical used to embalm dead bodies and is highly dangerous to human health and can cause organ cancer in humans. A statement signed by the Chief Executive of the FDA, Dr Stephen K. Opuni, and copied to the GNA said the imported beef product was being produced by Zambeef Products Plc, a fully integrated Agric-business operating in Zambia, Nigeria and Ghana. It said investigations conducted so far, according to the FDA, indicated that the product has not yet been…

    • Zombiebeef is interested in making more profits, Europeans do not eat cattle offals.
      Zambiebeef buys this offals at a very cheap price to increase their profit margins.

  2. absolutely nonsense,this man has based his proclamations on membe’s nonsense,they didnt at any time carry out those investigations because to begin with they dont even have the said products.membe is a demon

    • Why blame Mmembe who was just reporting and warning the nation of the findings at the govt lab?

      Infact we must be grateful that he alerted and raised public awareness on the contaminated Zambeef.

      Look at what happened to the beef in the UK when it was contaminated with horse meat.
      Mmembe did the country an honourable service. The WD have tried but lamentably failed to discredit him.

    • Yea I agree with you, lets ask Zombiebeef to only sale zambian products. Those Offals from europe are full off Growth hormones that causes cancer. please napapata mwe bantu stop eating Zambiebeef products

  3. Admin please proof read your articles before posting. Why are you in a hurry? The article seems to have been generated from Bwinjinfumu road…………….rubbish

  4. Fyakuifwaila, how could you be so lawless in your dealings? Just in the name of more profit you are doing business at an expense of jeopardizing human life. This is just the beginning more blows yet to come.

  5. Zambeef would do better to work with government is finding a lasting solution. This is about national interests. This incident is isolated and must remain an isolated incident.

    • Ba Kasonde, incidences in two of three countries cannot be treated as isolated cases. There is a lot of mischief that Zambeef have gotten away with. For example, while the non-black executives have been giving themselves hefty salary increments over the years, their black staff have not seen any salary increments in over three years. How can a highly profitable company fail to adjust salaries (at a minimum for inflation) in so many years. Why should our people be subjected to slave “conditions of service”. I have used quotation marks because contracts for black staff do not even exist.

  6. By professional ethical of analysis I doubt the calibre of Dr Stephen K. Opuni and here is why
    quote 1. “Although investigations conducted so far by the FDA indicate that there are no imported beef products of Zambeef in Ghana…..”
    quote 2 “According to the FDA, the product has been found to contain high concentrations of Aldehydes…..”
    Based on these 2 quotes which samples did FDA analyse?
    It goes with out saying Zambia through improper media reporting have cost ZAMBEEF it future and the future of the unemployed and those to be laid off.

    • I thought the FDA ‘assessment’ was based on hearsay analysis within Zambia not on their soil – Ghana. This was a precaution measure on their side than fact finding since there is no sign of imported Zambeef in Ghana! Just my opinion.

    • Gentleman, that sounds like some illogical analysis to carry out. Note that in many countries, if one decides to import some large quantities of goods, especially food, they first take samples to the Drugs/Food Board to be tested and given the green light. Obviously it looks like some interested business folk did just that. And to be sure they’re not being sold or had not flooded the market before approval, they did some market research. That looked positive so Mr. “Ethical of Analysis”, don’t know if that is what you wanted to put up though, you might not be right afterall.

  7. These guys are allover the place. Now Zambeef products from Zambia contain Aldehydes?? I thought it was products imported from Europe. Something is fishy here


    • Zombiebeef imports some of its products from Europe, it contains
      Aldehydes and cattle in Eurupe are feed with genetically modified sweet corn and growth hormones.

  8. Each and every country has its own rights to react to whether rumors or thruths and nothing you can do, my advice is – cleanup the mess and bring the management of Zambeef to book. If found guilty Membe can be a fool but its an eye opener to the country that such dangerous activities do happen

  9. NOTE: This is purely about food that goes straight into human body to either nourish or kill man. Hearsay, rumour or whatever is simply enough to take caution until otherwise proven. So the ball is in the court of ZAMBEEF not FDA of Ghana. Get it???

  10. Most foods contain the chemical as a preservative but in small acceptable proportion…its a fact kukosafye…lol

  11. I blame it totally on our leaders, how careless they are when it comes to outsiders pretending to invest in our zambia only with a hidden agenda! Call me what you feel but am nailing it all on this; Wipe out Africans if not with AIDS, then with CANCER!
    The same way they tricked the world on creating AIDS to wipe out Africans so they can occupy this rich continent, is the same way they are trying only with a different weapon, they will never stop, i also believe it’s not only Zambia, it must be many other African nations especially where the governments are percieved to be in slumber! They must have targets, the interest in Zambia must come from some natural resorces believed to be somewhere, this is not just smoke without fire, DIG deeper you will find the source and motive.

    • CONTD:
      The only problem i have with us all is that, instead of working together for the good of our nation, we start finger pointing. That is exactly what make us confused, we should stand together support each other because people wont only lose jobs but also revenue generated from the export of ZMBF products. I therefore urge all bloggers to blog interlligently with possible solutions and support for our government to deal with this matter adquately, am sure they would get some ideas from us just as they did on Fatmbwilis Disaster issue, i honestly hope this matter will be resolved without much damage to our country’s name especially we are expecting visitos for COSAFA and NWATO projects, see what i mean? Leaking out info carelessly will only make matters worse, sad.

    • European animals are feed with genetically modified sweet corn and growth hormones, these products are know to cause cancer. What the govt should do is ban Zombiebeef from importing meat from Europe.
      Zombiebeef should encourage local farmers by buying their products. Cancer cases will raise in the near future because of this Zombiebeef we are eating.

  12. All of you who are saying its just hear say or a hoax; what makes you so sure that Aldehydes is not present in Zambeef products. To export food products a preservative is added, now my question is what type of preservative is Zambeef using?
    Think before you yapp..

    • Zambeef does not export, it imports. Therefore it is Government responsability to check at the port of entry. After all, why there are health “experts” at the borders?

    • Why import cheap meat products from Europe in the first place these companies knowingly feed their own unsuspecting people horse-meat, what of us?

    • Meat processing companies in Europe normally throw away ma offals, Zombiebeef buys this offals at $0.50 per KG and sales it to the zambian people.

    • That is what they want to make you to believe (and kudos to them as its a good sales pitch)…these guys can NEVER throw away anything everything I REPEAT EVERYTHING is used what remains is used as mechanised meat which ends up in canned meats, Cornish and meat pies, sausages or feed for fish farms…either way they still make a profit.

  13. This is why it was important for ministry of health to carry out a thorough and immediate professional investigation right to the source of these beef products – the slaughter houses and packaging factories in Europe. We are still waiting on the Minister of health to give a second statement to parliament on this issue. The Ghana FDA warnings hedges on Zambia’s initial findings hence its important that he clarifies this issue as ZAMBEEF is not only one of the largest agri-businesses in Zambia and the region BUT it is listed on LUSE and London stock exchange AIM – the blow-back of this carelessness to our economy are immense.

    Visit myjoyonline.com website of Ghana which is carrying this story as one of its headline news and is more detailed than the LT article.



  15. This actually means that its not only imported zambeef products that ar contaminated wth aldehydes bt also those from wthin Zambia.i hope MOH lab will also test zambeef products locally produced,including those sold by other smaller business owners for these chemicals.They should not just test Zambeef products.The observer

  16. It is surprising how some bloggers are concerned about denting the image of a business entity than denting the image of their own country by saying negative things which are in most cases not true about Zambia and its leadership.

    • We are very concerned about how our health authorities are handling this very sensitive matter by issuing out half-baked often vague statements. Statements should be backed with the scientific lab results of the seized samples collected from the respective trucks and outlets. Remember that we live in an information technological village what happens in Zambia locally goes viral within seconds on the internet and by the look of things our gov’t is ignorant to this fact.
      I for one still believe that this meat is just too cheap for my liking and its supply chain right to the farmer needs to be forensically scrutinised with a fine tooth comb.

    • @ jay jay. Sorry my comment was not clear. But what I meant was that some Zambians would rather tannish the image of their country than tannish the image of some business entity.

  17. This is not of national interest; Zambeef was doing this hoodwinking everybody including the nation Zambia. What national interest are you talking about. Zambeef have been doing this for profits interest regardless of who is going to get hurt.

    Well Ghanaian FDA.

    • And the Zambian Government has gone quite on the whole subject…….. nearly one month after the first reporting of the Zambeef Saga and still no formal results stating if the products were in fact contaminated. Only in Zed!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Be careful, go for Keembe meat, or you cross the Kafue river Kwanamainda you will get fresh and genuine meat.

  19. The relavant authority must get up from slumber because even in other butcheries dis chemical may b dere. No one should be trusted in matters of food. Zambeef u have to pay the price for treating us as tho we never matter while u make super profits.

  20. Iwe Chi-Banda, Mmembe is not and has never been a reporter! The chap cant even write an intro for a story and you monkeys are iddolising him as such. Go to school son of a bitch! You think writing an editorial full of insults for those he perceives enemies is journalism. He is the so-called lawyer, how many people has he defended? FOOL…..

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