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UPND and MMD agree to share September 5th seats


Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is accompanied by opposition his MMD counterpart Nevers Mumba as he left Woodlands police station
Opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema with
his MMD counterpart Nevers Mumba

The opposition MMD and the UPND have reached an agreement over their participation in the September 5 parliamentary bye elections.

MMD President Nevers Mumba revealed in an interview that the two largest opposition parties have agreed not to contest against each other in order to protect the opposition vote

Dr Mumba who did not disclose which seats will be taken up by which party emphasized the need for opposition unity as a way of protecting Zambia’s democracy.

“This is the strategy that worked in the immediate past by elections and we are confident we can use it to protect the opposition numbers in Parliament which the PF is sadly determined to weaken,” Dr Mumba said.

He said each political party will take up the seats on the basis of its strengths.

“We will examine ourselves and see where our strength lies geographically and take up those seats. All this is in an effort to protect our democracy.”


    • l said on the day the results were announced that UPND cant win on their own and that they benefited from mmd votes in kafulafuta and solwezi and every one was giving me a rollocking here-but there you have it from the horses mouth -it was tactical voting that gave them the seats-on their own they cant win-unlike pf who were winning on their own

    • The idea of sharing seats is ok.Let MMD and UPND now work on trust.Let’s’s hide behide attractive Party.Let also the 2 Parties tame their Cadres to stop certain comments were they overate highly of itself more than the other.I know Dr Mumba and HH do talk and relate to each other but the cadres and some senior party officials like Mweetwa and Kapita Kaingu of UPND and MMD respctively.

    • Nevers and HH cannot work together because of their hidden person motives. HH will never submit to Nevers so is Nevers. It is a lie that they want to keep democracy. Soon or later one of them will soon cry. Both of them will never keep their Word. They are only self centered.

  1. Dear Mr President.

    I would like to bring to attention some concerns we have here in solwezi.

    C5 Police night patrols – the past 3 weeks have been rather nasty for us Solwezi residents. C5 police have been caring out night patrols starting at 21 hours – these guys have been ruthless in their conduct.

    They have been entering bars and nite clubs and arresting everyone inside. Those arrested spend a night in the cells and in morning are asked to pay K22 admission of guilt fee. As if this is not enough these guys are entering Guesthouses and hotels going from room to room and arresting the paid up occupants.

    This has really affected business owners negatively. The bars and night clubs are empty. Guests and travellers are scared to sleep in guesthouses.


    • Let them do their work, at the end of the day it will work well for you. Solwezi being near DRC has a lot of Congolese criminals. These guys knows what they are doing. Its good sometimes for police to be pro-activate for once, rather than being reactive all the time.

    • @Solwezi resident the C5 are there for your own good. They are there to protect you from these very dangerous CONGOLESE CRIMINALS. You should proud that this highly trained/elite security officers are in your area. I’ve lived in Solwezi and I know what am talking about. Don’t be scared of them when you are innocent. They are there to root out criminals.

  2. I can see that winning those three parliamentary seats that belonged to the opposition in the first place has given these guys renewed false hope.Yeah sometimes a little incident can change a big thing.Keep up with ur dreams gentlemen…dream on!!!

    • Continue living in dreamland, the opposition will definitely capture the four seats to the chagrin of your pf

  3. PF are very unsettled, we will now see the government machinery go into over drive. Of late no one had died at any bye-election, Well, watch this space!

  4. Please let Dr Mumba work.From day one,he became MMD President.he has just continued battles with problems which were committed before he even became an MMD Member.These pipo who’re underminding Dr Mumba are the causers of MMD loss in 2011.So the so-called old guards led by Mr Mwale should be very careful not to be misled by these pipo who went to sleep when MMD lost.Please leave Dr Mumba alone.MMD is dynamic,hence these old guards can not sort out problems now using 1991 formular.They should admit,things have drastically changed they should know that MMD has never been in opposition before.MMD was a baby born with a silver spoon in the mouth.Now tough-tested MMD members will last.Mr Mwale, please reflect on this.Look at MMD now as the Party of the future with the majority youths on board

  5. Advice to HH/UPND:

    Participate where you are perceived to be weak, sooner or later, you will find yourself strong in that very place. Staying where u r already strong is not progress. Please, let MMD rest for now, give HH a chance, participate in all bye elections and build yourself before 2016.

    Advice from the East, Chief Tembwe, Chama

    • This is what I was saying.Nevers and HH can relate,but Cadres,are a let down.This cadre wants UPND to contest in all by-elections.For now,let’s protect Parliament,otherwise PF will pass the gay bill and hinder the 50+1 and no running mate clause.Please cadres be realistic.This will disadvantage even the UPND.

  6. This Strategy is flawed. You will not break new grounds if you continue to be regional. Go and campaign even in areas were you are less known so that people get to know you.

    I suggest that even though you have shared the areas, still make it very apparent that you exist and even share the campaign platform. That way, your presence will be known.

    Remember, you are still competitors against each other. Do not let one take advantage of the other. It should be unity of purpose and strategy. Be ware of being swallowed by the other.

    • Donate money to your party so they can buy fuel, you think elections is about registering a candidate with ECZ.

    • Call boy you are right for the wrong reasons maybe right but see it this way, Zambia is at cross roads at the moment and our last hope with the judiciary severely corrupted and the Executive failing to boot, parliament though headed by a sellout may be our last hope. With enough numbers on the opposition side we can block reckless government maneuvers. Now as to your advice to HH to campaign where he is not known…you are right. I say why doesn’t HH accompany Nevers to campaign on the same podium in Petauke and Nevers do the same in Mulobezi. Can you imagine what force that would be?

  7. Go it each one on their own in order to establish party structures or strengthen them by participating in all the elections caused or called upon.

  8. As a Bemba, I think my own people have let me down. I would not mind a Tonga for president, at least for once – we see.

    • @Bull,please don’t live on the principle of tribe. Let the candidates explain themselves to the voters and let the people vote as they get the message on what they will do for the country. It is achievable and it has been seen before. When Levy was in power Sata was loosing in some parts of Luapula and Northern Provinces. After 2001 elections,Lusaka was the stronghold of the UPND and to some extent FDD – opposition! After 2006 this had changed! Lusaka was no longer UPND’s stroghold but that of PF. The similar thing happened on the Copperbelt,Northern and Luapula Provinces where the MMD had previously dominated! So how did tribe influence this change in voting patterns? Is it not much to do with the message Party Leaders tell the electorate?

  9. @ ndobo

    iwe ka kachokwe, leave PF out of this atleast sata with no brain managed to remove the might MMD wthout your support

    • A chokwe is as zambian as your tribesmen Mr man…. your tribe needs other tribes for zambia to be zambia.. if zambia splits on tribal lines today, all those political parties will die including your beloved PF

    • @Chief Jumbe,
      Let’s be fair here. It was Fred M’mmembe at the Post that removed the MMD from power. Sata was just a front!

    • @its a worry(tribal blogging is primitive blogging) so in your simple mind you think the Watchdog can remove PF? You are saying that Watchdog would remove PF with HH as a front? Remember even with Chanda Chimba’s Stand up for Zambia programme, nothing worked. Most of us Zambians can tell the difference between spreading hatred, politicking and the truth. So keep on dreaming.

    • @ka gelo
      you missed the point… chokwe is tribe closer to fred mmembe.. this is a tribal take,, dont come with your political bitterness

    • ZWD is not blocked maybe they just have technical issues. I have managed to visit the site several times. They should be bold enough to tell us the trruth.

  10. Ba Sekwila,shi Mumba uli mwaume. MMD will stand because of you.Keep on praying with God nothing is impossible.

    • if the partnership of MMD/UPND is unhealth.. and iwe ka osmore you are not MMD/UPND why are you affected with bitterness??

  11. VIVA PF PA BWATO SELENI TUBOMBEKO you can form a big alliance against us PF you still be crying because of our powerful manifesto ,timely implementation and quality leadership style of running and twisting the devasted economy by the previous failed govt

    • UPND & MMD kekekekekekekekekkekek you can not fit in each other because Nevers the retired man of God is greedy same as HH.Not long ago HH failed to come to equal terms with MCS sc our presdo and Nevers failed his zambia shall be saved so you see dramma here the 2 ca not tangle.

  12. Eish,anything whether Narep,MMD or UPND are just better than the abusive,visionless thieves we have running Zambia into the ditch.

  13. The youth nicknamed a man with bad breath as ‘Stalemate’. He never new it. They laughed behind him over the name. Well, Munshebwa aile namafi kubuko. Listen, Listen and learn.

  14. Indalama ngashapwa, na mano ya lapwa. Amano ngayapwa nobufumu wakwata kupela umubiyo. Try having enough money at your disposal, a lot will unfold in your favour, unless one is an *****, even the money will not work for him/her.

  15. In 2016 upnd will feature in s/ province and mmd in chipata while pf will feature in all provinces but the opposition thinks it will win like that, these are jokes from the opposition. The earlier you became mature and serious the better. No ways you can form gov. with regional parties. A party forming the next gov shld be able to contest thru out the country to gauge its popularity. Take it or leave it come 2016 we shall just be shall just be saying “he has fainted again”. Its better you lose bye election and re-strategise than win a bye election and only to come and lose general elections.

  16. Why looking that serious Mr Hakainde? You only show that facial expression when coming out of a stinking toilet, people are watching all these things, help yourself by public make up. Who is your PR? Please fire the guy or is it just true that you are a lion within the UPND? U cough die?

  17. The opposition never cease to amaze me. From almost boycotting the bye elections to a spring in their step looking forward to the next bye election. Imagine pf wins the september elections. Money and rigging issues will come up.

  18. Make sure u leave no stone un-turned, adopt the right candidates so we can win both sits and show this arrogant PF that we the voters have moved on!!

  19. Pf is panicking because their one party state dream is being frustrated.They now want to frustrate ECZ to comromise the process with of winning some bye elections,what they forget is that people have lost confidence in pf.calling upnd tribal when it has mps from 4 provinces wont work.

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