Thursday, May 30, 2024

Big Brother contestant Cleo releases new music video



Zambian female rapper and Big Brother contestant Cleo Ice Queen , released the official video for her single “Big Dreams”

Cleo and the rest of the Big Brother house mates will get a chance to watch this video at thier Saturday live Party 



    • @Just sayin’, that is true but they get permission from the original artist. Otherwise, it is a breach of copy rights. A lot of our musicians do it out of ignorance but in the developed world it would cost them a lot in legal costs. Recently, I saw a video clip by a Zambian singing “Your body can’t lie to me…” The song is so much a remake of Shabba Rank’s tune of similar title from the 1990s. Many years ago, Michael Jackson was successfully sued by Manu Dibango for use of “Mamase mamasa makosa,” which was a corruption of lines from Dibango’s “Soul Makosa” 1970’s hit song.

  1. Excellent Video, great rapping i think Cleo from this piece is the best Zambia has produced so far in terms of rap/hip hop music, great rhyming rhymes, the flow is great throughout and great singing from Jk. The is Video is simply Excellent.

  2. This is very good by far she’s the best rapper in Zambia like never before! i hope she will be supported in everyway possible after she wins or not, i cant wait to sample more of her!
    Now, LT you rushed to print this article, i understand you were waiting for biggie to upload theirs first, patience guys we thought you were high on something so you were just excited, i can understand after seeing this video.

  3. Setting in the nite club is so overdone and downright cheesy….Zambian videos are a big turn-off for me as the lack simplicity and originality. A shot at night with a backdrop of a famous landmark or location with the right lightning would do wonders and both artists don’t necessarily need to be on the same platform.
    As for Zambian beats don’t get me started with autotunes!!

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