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More ARVs to start arriving in the country next week


Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Patrick Chikusu
Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Patrick Chikusu

GOVERNMENT has procured enough Anti Retro Viral (ARVs) drugs which will start arriving in the country on Tuesday next week, health deputy minister Patrick Chikusu has announced.

Giving an update on the ARVs situation yesterday in Lusaka, Dr Chikusu said 250, 000 packs of the drugs from the old order will arrive in the country.

“And 500, 000 packs of ARVs would arrive a week later before another one million packs next month September,” Dr Chikusu said.

Dr Chikusu said another consignment of ARVs would arrive in September this year with support of Global fund and PEPFAR funding.

He also announced that Government was in the process of setting up the first 58 ARV sites in all the districts for easy access and distribution of the life supporting drugs.

Dr Chikusu said Government has increased the budgetary allocation towards HIV/AIDS programmes from paltry US$5 million during the previous regime to US$30 million.

He, however, said the reported shortage of ARVs was not the correct picture of the drug situation, but rationing, which was also due to some logistical challenges which have since been sorted out.

A shortage of ARVs was reported resulting in most patients being switched to other types while waiting for the recommended drugs to be in stock.

Kalingalinga, Kamwala, Matero, Ngwerere and Chawama clinics in Lusaka are some institutions that had run low on the drugs.


    • Not everyone is infected because of illicit sex, which planet are you living in, this day and age you have no idea how Aids is spread or how innocent people are infected? How dull can one be, infact you are so sick in your head to put such a statement, dont you realise that tommorrow it can be you or your loved one? Please be civilised!

    • I very much to be a bit polite this time around by only encouraging you to research on the so called HIV/AIDS.Simply go to internet and …Youtube or just click..HIV Scam or Fraud alot of history will come you can listen or read how after finding out that it was a scam George Bush snr.president of USA at that time saw it had to reverse the issue for they had pumped in alot of money.
      Those programmes e.g circumcision,HIV counselling are only found in Africa..ask yourself WHY?Unfortunately even the so called professors,DRs are in the fore front being used by the rich in the western world,no one explains HIV test,why only common in Africa……RESEARCH,RESEARCH,and find the truth.

    • @Niza
      You Niza then, should be dead.
      You have no empathy or compassion for the afflicted, and those close to them. Shut your stinking piehole until you learn to contribute intelligently to a topic.

      “The wages of sin is death” is the fcuking response you give??? And you are Zambian?

      Bet you yourself haven’t had an HIV test – get one. And take your dog, mother and sister with you – it’ll save time.

      Fcuking Self righteous prick!

  1. sir please do some random check at hospitals patients are being mistreated by nurses, even if they call it high cost, the service is very poor, patients are being shouted all the time.

  2. Next next time have some reserve, we cant afford to have this much needed medication running out of stock, or you ordered less to facilitate your own God knows what, someone is behaving funny ka…., should be brought to book period!

    • I like the idea of keeping a reserve. After all it’s so important that people don’t go without

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