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Kabimba congratulates ZANU-PF for amassing majority seats in the vote


Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba
Patriotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba

JUSTICE Minister Wynter Kabimba has congratulated the ZANU PF of Zimbabwe for amassing majority seats in the just ended general elections. Speaking speaking on Saturday when he appeared on a special Muvi television assignment programme themed, Governance Mr Kabimba said that the numbers that ZANU-PF had amassed were good for enhancing economic and social strides.

Official results from Zimbabwe’s elections gave President Robert Mugabe a seventh term in office amid claims of electoral fraud. Mr Mugabe, 89, won 61% of the vote, against Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s 34%. MDC won just 49 seats compared with Zanu-PF’s 158 seats which gives Mugabe’s party the enough power numbers to change the constitution and pass bills without opposition.

Speaking on the same program, Mr Kabimba justified the by-elections saying that they were were budgeted for and even in a situation that the budgeted funds ran out, the Constitution allowed for a supplementary budget to cater for such.

Mr Kabimba who described politics as a game of no morals also contradicted former deputy finance Minister Miles Sampa’s statement that the PF government had budgeted for four by-elections saying he cannot remember such a statement in parliament.

He said it was his duty as PF secretary general to mobilise more members in the party for easy passing of Bills in the House and he would not mind even if the ruling party would get all the 150 seats.

Mr Kabimba said that his party will continue enticing members of the opposition political parties to join the ruling party in the view of increasing numbers in Parliament.

The PF Secretary General said that his party will continue supporting by-elections as they are meant to increase numbers to enable the ruling party to easily pass laws, adding that some opposition MPs behave unreasonably when it comes to voting in Parliament.


    • What is making Kabimba think he is a president or shall ever be president to be representing Zambia? I can’t wait for GBM to slap hell out of Kabimba.

  1. Congratulating Mugabe in what capacity as a PF secretary general or Gov’t…as there was rampant rigging via ghost voters in that election and it would advisable if gov’t remain mute or neutral. One of these days that 89 year old uncle Bob is going to not wake up from his sleep and you will have the dim Morgan Tsvangirai to deal with…then what are you going to do? This is the confused foreign policy we talk of.

  2. Riging must b provd in sovereign court of Zimbabwe not imagination or speculation.As fr now Bob is constitutionaly elected.Congrats to Bob & peace to Zimbabwe aftral Tsangirai confesed before results declaration of free & fair erections!

    • I have no kind words for docile Morgan its unfortunate that the equally docile Zimbabweans have such an opposition leader, Mugabe will never hand over power unless Morgan gives him iron-clad reassurances of immunity from persecution via the Hague. The whites unlike our Mandela never ever forgive and will hunt Mugabe till his last breath.

  3. Looking at de behavior of de opo who 4 selfish reasons re not interested in seeing pf fullfill deir promises ,it z a very gud idea 4 pf 2 ve 150 seats period.Zimbabwans ve taught dat traitor a lesson . De west must shut up!B WARNED H eich & Nefasi.

  4. I send accolades to Zanu-PF for outwitting Tsvangirai convincingly. This landslide is the only issue Kabimba and i have found a shared platform. Irrevocably with full conscious and pride, i congratulate the people of Zimbabwe, President Bob Mugabe and his Zanu-PF for running a very strategic, nationalistic and issue based campaign. They deserve the sweet victory for the common good of all people of Zimbabwe. Tsvangirai and his delusions belong to the La-la-land without any course of the people. Tsvangirai has been a failed project for bad investment. He has been too preoccupied with chasing girlfriends, inconsequential fights of gay rights in a highly conservative Zimbabwean national constituency, appeasement of alien forces and a quest for shared power status with Mugabe.

  5. What a shame, did you guys see how those Zim women were shaking their behind celebrating and praising the second oldest president in the world? Iyee, ala it was disgusting, i saw it on Euro news in vitenges some without shoes, the guy they are praising never thinks of what he will eat tommorow or the day after, really poverty is slavery numberla 1!
    I bet this has boosted confidence in the PF camp, i hope not cause i want to see major developement in Zambia, by the way, there was also a special documentary on how Robbie controls the national media houses, i saw several clips with our vip Guy Scott in it, at first i was like “dont i know that muzungu from somewhere? ooh wait a minute…, it’s none other than our ceremonial vip Scott”, as watch dog always puts it.
    ZimZam, one country!

    • @cindy
      awe cindy that language is from the watchdog..ati “it’s none other than our ceremonial vip Scott”,
      why do i get a feeling that you have fallen in love with the watchdog???

    • Its a big shame how people love being oppressed. From Ian Smith”s oppression they jump over to their own muntu’s oppression

  6. So winter has just confirmed what people have been saying,
    One party state,rigging elections.people exist with divergent views and the hopes to have to look at things from a different view.
    All new technologies & scientific discoveries we see/use is because someone had to look at things from a different angle.
    No wonder winter has never won any case.still living in middle age.

  7. This is a no brainer, Robert Mugabe is a de facto life-President of Zimbabwe. The elections are just a ritual he performs for window-dressing purposes to give an impression of a democratic Govt to the outside World. It’s called playing the system. And since Mugabe is Sata’s role model, Zambia is definitely headed that way….. unless divine intervention occurs sooner than later.

  8. Zambia has intelligent leadership materials in the opposition ranks who are not only educated, but more also rational actors. The opposite is true for Zimbabwe’s Tsvangirai. The chap dropped out of school in Grade 7. Besides that, Tsvangirai as a stooge is a none thinker who has only perfected in the art of prevaricating western playbooks he little understands against his people and country. Zambians are very complicated people that a mad leader has to restrain himself. Cross a red line, you will see them building a critical mass overnight against you till they discard. Sata could only do it at his on peril should he fight a ballot verdict. If anything after this term deceitfully earned mandate Sata has no message for the Zambian electorate. Mugabe has while MDC-T has zero.


  10. Borrowing form Stalin’s word ‘It’s Not the People Who Vote that Count; It’s the People Who Count the Votes’ … Mugabe has another place where those ballots are sent before
    The final results are released besides no one wins like that any more maybe in the 80’s if it is then this is the greatest insanity case in the world expecting a more than 30 year failure to improve a country he failed for more than 30 years

  11. ‘Mr Kabimba said that the numbers that ZANU-PF had amassed were good for enhancing economic and social strides’. Mugabe has run the country into the ground and this muppet Kabimba thinks his fraudulent re-election is good for enhancing economic and social strides. The bottom line is that Kabimba is just speaking works he does not understand the meaning of , and he thinks he is presidential material. What a pillock!! I wonder why Zimbabweans bother to vote after all these years of being suppressed by that sadist Mugabe. The writing was on the wall and will remain so as long as he lives, so stop wasting your time standing in queues and listening to more Satat-like fake promises because your situation will only get worse, and Zambia is catching up faster the Usain Bolt!

  12. Normal protocol expects a congratulatory message to originate from a Republican President or Head of State after having taken into account all aspects of diplomatic relations with a relevant foreign State. Kabimba sounds too ambitious.

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