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I am not positioning myself for presidency-Kabimba


JUSTICE Minister Wynter Kabimba
JUSTICE Minister Wynter Kabimba

MINISTER of Justice Wynter Kabimba has brought to an end all speculation regarding whether he is interested in running for president of Zambia in future.

Mr Kabimba, who is also the Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general, said his interest right now is to ensure that the PF grows from “strength to strength” as a political party and institution.

The PF chief executive officer (CEO) was speaking in a special Muvi TV premier programme The Assignment with Coster Mwansa on Saturday evening.

Mr Kabimba said sections of the political arena that have been suggesting that he harbours presidential ambitions are merely “rumour-mongering” and perhaps lack greater understanding of the job of party CEO.

Mr Kabimba said as party CEO, he has the responsibility to organise the party in the “best way” possible and ensure that its strength is felt country-wide in order to adequately prepare for future polls.

“I’m not positioning myself for the presidency,” Mr Kabimba said. “we have Michael Sata as a sitting President and so I laugh at those comments.”

Mr Kabimba said he will focus on mobilising PF without losing touch with the “grass roots” of the party that have kept PF running from the days of the opposition to the time it got voted into office through President Sata.

He expressed concern at the fact that there appears to have been a deliberate attempt to create a “caricature” of him as a person with presidential ambitions even in the face of President Sata being in office, when the story lacks accuracy.

This is the first time the PF CEO has publicly addressed the issue following unverified reports from some sections of the media that have portrayed him as a top contender for the top-most job in Zambia.

Mr Kabimba dispelled beliefs that there is a “cartel” that has held President Sata a political hostage and effectively exerts pressure on him as he runs the country.

“No one can hold President Sata hostage politically,” Mr Kabimba said. “He is more skilled than the entire Cabinet and all of us put together. He is a seasoned politician.”

Mr Kabimba said he is proud to have Mr Sata as President of the country because he (the President) abhors corruption and is “master at politics”.

Mr Kabimba added that not only is President Sata a “seasoned” politician, he is also a kind man who lacks emotions such as “vengeance” despite the humiliation he was treated to by the MMD as an opposition leader, which sometimes saw him jailed and tear-gassed.

Mr Kabimba pledged loyalty to President Sata and the PF central committee and grassroot structures, which he said are very important.


  1. Bufi,your goal is communism,mcs does not harbor vengeance?if that was true rb ‘s immunity wouldn’t have been removed without a majority in parliament.
    Mcs not upholding the constitution,disobeying court orders.
    Mcs is merciless,winter enjoy now but time will come faster than you think.
    State counsel without winning any case,but the only case he won was when winter was a client,kabimba vs Lcc.this makes sense when he say mcs is smarter than all of you,just yourself not all cabinet ministers.

    • You right, Sata is smarter than 70 Wynter Kabimba’s put together.

      There other Cabinet Ministers, that are par excellency.

    • Wow he even changed his job-title from Party Secretary to C.E.O, I think Sata & Guy Scott should realize that the vision of PF has been hijacked by Kabimba and those who think PF is a LTD company.
      What was the name of that PF commercial company again?

    • Ofocurse he is bound to say what he said

      The bottomline is his mindtrip and demeanour is one that is position their case for the top position, not that there is anything wrong with that

      The journalist asking the questions should be ashamed. How about asking questions such as ‘ “Do you see yourself interested in the party presidency should Mr Sata decide not carrying on in 2016? “?


    • @nostradamus
      iwe wakumbwa.. that is kabimba`s job-title C.EO. of PF!!…

      they only with kabimba is that he talks too much like a person who is about to die!!!

  2. There’s a lot of circus going on in PF, just admit it Kabimba! GBM goes to Kasama to launch Sata’s re-lection campaign 2 years in office and warns presidential aspirants in the party that the area is a no go area for them, the next day the SG of the party wakes up and says he has no Presidential ambitions. Stop the in-fighting and begin governing the nation – sha!

  3. Well Kabimba if your job is to organise the party then you are doing a bad job because you are sinking your party and 2016 it will be no more

    • Reading between the lines of this article, Wynter is the Party custodian and therefore holds all other “members” at ransom. He has clearly stated that MCS is the current sitting President (not Party Custodian). So, people just bear in mind that when the legal floodgates are opened, Wynter should be sued as the Party Custodian, therefore in all matters raised against the PF including cadre perpetrated violence, Wynter shall serve as first respondent!

  4. we all know wat kabimba is tryn to do definately he cant accept that on tv.who can say publicly that he wants to challenge the president no one.but believe you me when the time gets near you will see kabimbas tru nature he knows there is still 3 years remainig.He is such a canning and hypocritical person.Nowanda there is too much infighting within pf we havnt evn gon have way past they hav startd endorsmnts,honestly wat does it entail?CONFUSION BABA

  5. food for thought , the whole cabinet’s IQ combined can’t be equated to sata’s? cry my beloved country you are in a reverse gear!!

  6. typical of kabimba and his pf, when he denies something , then we know it’s true.
    Sata should deal with the two musketeers and traitors otherwise pf is finished. infighting,succession wrangles, losing by elections, the end is not far mark my words.

  7. Kabimba knows he will be dropped, he’s nomination revolked and appointment as SG reversed.

    He’s not helped build the PF, leadership knows that, the reason he’s trying to be everywhere to be seen to be working.

    It always helps to be Elected than Appointed.

  8. I love my party PF but Winter Kabimba is a pain in the ass I don’t even know what he has done for the party for the president to place so much interest in him to the extent of giving him a ministerial position.

    He is among those who may contribute to the fall of the party. I wish Sata could open his eyes and see the crap existing in his (Winter’s) mind.

    • Winter has been Sata’s ongoing project from his days as Director of Legal Services at LCC. Sata fought for him to be appointed Town Clerk for LCC and protected him even when another MLGH minister tried to transfer him to Kitwe on a swap with Ali Simwinga. Even when Winter bought the TCs official residence on Independence Ave it was done with Sata’s blessings. He paid K4 million for a house that the council had just renovated at a cost of K11 million at the time.

  9. Summer you have been told Northern is no go area, just change your name you may just be accepted in that area.

  10. It will not be long before we witness full scale in-fighting for the presidency in the PF. GBM, Kabimba and others are harbouring presidential ambitions and their loyalty to Mr Sata is not genuine. Mr Sata himself knows them well and what they are up to. Kabimba cannot f.ool anyone but himself.

  11. “More intelligent than entire cabinet put together”, I believe most PF members cannot answer but this the highest form of insult. It means all ministers are dull. Maybe this could be the reason for poaching MPs from the opposition because those that are there are merely cadres.

  12. President? Dream on. That is when Zambia will become a bigger joke than it currently is with Sata and his constant scorn of the international community.

  13. Winter, u have never won a court case as a lawyer, never won an election as a candidate, never won a live debate or presented convincing aguements etc. YOU ARE NOT PRESIDENTIAL MATERIAL NOT EVEN PUBLIC OFFICE MATERIAL BUT AN EXCELLENT CADRE. It will be good if you NEVER EVEN DREAM OF PLOT 1 Pantu na Chama Chakomboka will be far far far much better

    • @Kafupi, Kabimba and GBM to be fired so that UPND can run to adopt them. We know them. They are desperate for anything. Mwanya!!

    • Simaata is not pf that has been poaching opposition MPs to cause uneccessarry by-elections and by-passing sitting PF MPs? We all know PF are fantasists and thrive on bufi but sometimes it is better to base one’s argument on facts.

  14. Who is in a better position to puncture the boat? insider or outsider? just thinking and requires an intelligent and honesty answer?

  15. Politically Sata out smarts them o including tu opo- tu hh na tusekwila. That’s normal where normal human beings are. lt is not upnd where tu mps are held hostage by the dictatorship in it.kabimba look out 4 traitors in pf.Go on they are jearous ofu.

  16. Since when did we begin referring to party hierarchy with terms from the corporate sector? I don’t like this idea of calling Kabimba CEO when we have know him as Secretary General all along. Is the new terminology support to insinuate that he has executive powers, powers higher than what the Secretary General position would confer? Is it supposed to make us think PF is a professional entity, like a corporate as opposed to a mere political party? Would be great if someone can clarify this

  17. The old generation won us independece so came 2016 they should step aside for the new generation.All am trying to put across is that president Sata should leave the stage now.

  18. If what the CEO said is true then Hapunda had found comfort with what Winter maize was dealing with.This is just alarming to the nation that something is wrong with the presdo.GBM mentioned something the other day and now its Winter?

  19. Even small children are known by their actions, if their conduct is really pure and upright. Proverbs 20:11

  20. A Secretary General of an organization is like a CEO of a firm. In other organisations they are called “General Secretary.” This does not mean that they are above the Board (in PF’s case the Central Committee). SGs/GSs manage the day-to-day affairs of the organisation. Then there is the President who is overall head of the party like the Chairman of a Board of Directors of a firm. Winter was made a minister because he could not formally attend Cabinet meetings and was not humble enough to just be known as the guy running the day-to-day affairs of the party. Remember even Sata, while MMD SG lobbied to be made Minister Without Portfolio and formally recognized as 3rd in hierarchy.

    • Yeah, he’d better recognize he ain’t presidential material, and no one wants a President Kabimba. No way, no how.

  21. Kabimba! Ur arrogance wiill kill PF if not dead already! Bakabimba, ka vote eko abantu bakwete kalikwatisha amaka. Moneni efyo RB ashele. Know that very soon it will be u kabili mwalitusambisha “DONCHI KUBEBA”

    • big ups!!! we will teach them, 2016 !!!

      Huwafwa Haleisa HH 2016 !!!

      from Kopala Swag to Eastern Power – it’s HH 2016 !!!

      Luzberg naimwe uko muchiinje !!!

      Huwafwa Haleisa HH 2016 !!!

  22. Is there no law in Zambia to take men like Kabimba to court for infecting young ladies with HIV?
    He knows his status and does not declare that to unsuspecting ladies and pushes them to slow and painful death.

    Kabimba’s latest victim is coloured girl.

  23. lubansenshi MP is the only person positioning himself for the president in 2016 Kabimba and GBM are not that is good let us wait and see. remember in 2001 in kitwe when FTJ chiluba then republican president did, everyone thought it was for Sata and chiluba appointed Mwanawasa. I know Sata will do the same people will think it will be for GBM or Wynter Kabimba and he will announce Mpezeni to become president of this country who knows this is politics people have died of heart attack because of the same

  24. No one can vote for you even if you stood.

    I doubt even your wife will for having Infected her with HIV. I presume she’s very bitter with you.

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