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MMD Die Hard will not die -Lusambo


MMD Die Hard Youth Wing Bowman Lusambo
MMD Die Hard Youth Wing Bowman Lusambo

Leader of the MMD Die Hard Youth Wing Bowman Lusambo has vowed that the organisation will not die even if he is expelled from the former ruling party.
Mr. Lusambo said the MMD Die Hard Youth Wing is a huge movement of young people in the MMD that is determined to protect the integrity of the MMD constitution.

“Our role as the Die Hard is simple, we have to protect the constitution of our great party and the Presidency against those that want to assault our constitution and the party President,” Mr Lusambo said.

He said organisations such as the Die Hard are provided for in the MMD constitution although there is no structure in the current party set up.

“We are not operating illegally, we are working within the MMD system. Our constitution is democratic and gives us the powers to operate as a part of the youth wing. As the Die Hard, we report to the party National Secretary through the party National Youth Chairman.”

Mr. Lusambo who is currently serving suspension denied allegations that he is a hired gun for party President Nevers Mumba.
He also denied accusations that he is funded by Dr Mumba to carry out certain activities for him.

“Die Hard is a voluntary movement, we raise our funds from voluntary contributions from our members. We are not funded by Dr Mumba or anyone from the MMD.”

Mr. Lusambo also disclosed that the MMD Die Hard has been in existence since 2009 during the presidency of late President Levy Mwanawasa.

“This movement was born in 2009 when a group of concerned youths from the MMD met in Kabwe at Misuku Lodge and decided to form a movement that will protect the Presidency of Mr. Mwanawasa from numerous attacks. We then worked closely with the late Benny Tetamashimba and continued under RB and we are still here. Die Hard will not die even if they expel Mr. Lusambo,” he said.
Mr. Lusambo was speaking in Lusaka last evening when he was featured on a live Sunday Interview programme on ZNBC TV.


    • I only believe in that group/movement when Lusambo face Judge Ngoma mu bar!! If Lusambo wins, then I will trust him that he there to protect people.

  1. Bowman don’t relent,just go on.MMD is an Institution and should out live this current crop of Leadership which seems to be retrogressive and fear the so-called new membership.These so-called Senior Members are no longer Insipirational.Bowman,go on and energize the Party,especially the Youth,whose so-called within structure persons are not functioning,like Kafumukache,depite his siding with non-functtional and non-insipiring Leadership.

  2. Your movement is a funded gang which attacks anyone who opposes your party president’s views. Believe me you will do the same to Mumba on the day he not be on the driving seat.

  3. Ma rubbish, as a youth why cant you involve yourself in more productive activities that will improve your life, than engaging your self in politics of confusions. Go to the bank and apply for a loan and set up your own business, stop this MMD die hard thing its not gonna take you anywhere, leave MUMBA to protect himself.

  4. let us know support upnd. am pf member but am actually mobilizing youths for upnd because we pf have failed to run the country its dont kubeba

  5. Lusambo I like your thinking,not these docile useless bloggers commenting without thinking .We need youths with a vision.Youths who are ready to die for a good cause,youths who are ready see the real Zambia that our forefather wanted to see.We are tired of the same lies we have seen with our leaders today.Ubufi twa kana!

    • Ba Lusambo, you are just another stupid *****. I can not understand what you want in life. You are talking about Levy in 2009, you must be dreaming with your Mumba and sinking MMD. lEKA FYE HH ENGILE!

  6. The so-called Youth structures in MMD are non-functional(The Kafumukache group).Please leave Bowman alone.I remember after the MMD loss in 2011 Elections,no Senior MMD Members talked-Not Kaingu,Mutati,Chituwo,Simbao etc.But at least Bowman spoke and when Dr Mumba returned from Canada and later on won the MMD Presidency,then,there was activity in MMD.Let’s face it,the so-called Senior members in name only are cowards,they can’t speak.They fear being nubbed by the PF Police.

  7. Sometimes some UPND Cadres are really in a mess.I don’t know why they seem to be troubled by seeing MMD come back,and also Dr Mumba.Please leave MMD Party and Dr Mumba alone.Concentrate on your own UPND Party and HH.Your hatred and jelousy for Dr Mumba is as good as witchcraft.This kind of spirit makes you victims instead of victors.If you love your Party and HH,please start to love and embrace other pipo,not only those who’re joining UPND.

  8. lusambo b, die hard for your party,its are a good example to the youth,Leave him alone, MWANDI continue to speak out for your country.

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