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PF dissolves the Copperbelt and Eastern provincial executive committees


A woman of Chisitu cast her vote during the just ended Chipata Central seat parliamentary by-election on Thursday
A woman of Chisitu casting her vote during the just ended Chipata Central seat parliamentary by-election 

The Patriotic Front (PF) provincial executive committee in the Copperbelt and Eastern Province have been dissolved with immediate effect for displaying poor leadership.
Patriotic Front (PF) secretary general Wynter Kabimba confirmed this on Saturday when he appeared on a special Muvi television assignment programme themed, Governance.

He said this was in a bid reorganise the party structures after it lost in three of the recent four by-elections.Mr Kabimba said the recent loss was caused more by internal issues which the party needed to address by dissolving the two committees.

Meanwhile former PF Information and Publicity Secretary Masuzyo Mwenda said that the executive comittees had been summoned to State House for a meeting.

Mr Mwenda put the blame on the By -election loss in Eastern Province on the former PF Eastern Province Chairperson Mike Tembo.He accused Mr Tembo of failing to monitor the just-ended Chipata Central Constituency by election.He said Mr.Mwenda mislead the youths within the party and failed to mobilise support in the province.


    • Just dissolve parliaments so we can have fresh elections, plain and simple.

      PF over estimated the popularity of the boat – the few first wins made them believe Zambia had gone to sleep again. Awe ni ndonchi ukubeba, drink all the beer they are buying but when voting “ndonchi ukubeba” ha,ha

    • As one of those from the Sata academy…Lupososhi to Kantanshi “We the owners of the party” can know where we are coming from. It is true,we have welcomed a lot of people and all of the sanden we even make them leaders.Mumbwe aita impanshi awe nasho shamububa……

  1. Its not about organisation… its all got to do with PF having lost popularity … the worse is coming

  2. Sata’s leadership is pathetic,he should humble himself and invite people like Magande, Mutati, and Miyanda not these Lungu, Kabimba, Yaluma, and mandevu Shamenda these won’t take this party any where.

  3. Next up for disslution is provincial executive committee from Southern Province sfter the losing the Siavonga and Itezhi -Tezhi.

  4. News like this is posted on LT site 3 – 5 days after it has appeared on ZWD, guys try to get to the news early and not censored news from the TV set.

  5. Does PF know that in an election there is a win or loss? Why don’t they want to accept the loss. Its sad that they still have so many provincial committees to dissolve. Now they will dissolve the district committees in Petauke and Mambwe since the provincial committee is already dissolved.

  6. Please dissolve North Western Province committees as well who have specialized in threatening the PS and not organizing the party. FP in the province have failed to win a rural constituency. Chase them like dogs as this is your culture.

  7. I was the happiest person wen PF disloged MMD. Jst a year later am the saddest person becoz I don’t know where we are going. A/way, I jst ve to keep my voters card safe as it has power to reduce the powerful to nothing like RB. “PF twanakanenu bwangu”

  8. PF will be the first ruling party in Africa to be kicked out after only one term. Zambians were thoroughly duped into voting for PF. But I think they will emerge out of this nightmare smarter and more resolved never to make another colossal blunder we are enduring now. It’s so clear this party is going nowhere. How so shameful smart Zambians blundered into this choice.

  9. Fulu pakufa amamwaza moto. PF ikupanga ciani popanga dissolve executive mu Two provinces? Iam worried this might be the beggining of the end. Munaluza mavoti so what? PF ifuna kukhala eka mu govnt. Bwana this is an era of multipartism, we need brains in parly no matter the party.

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