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HH’s claims that PF has lost popularity is wishful thinking-Kambwili


MINISTER of Sport, Youth and Child Development Chishimba Kambwili
MINISTER of Sport, Youth and Child Development Chishimba Kambwili

YOUTH and Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili says assertions that the Patriotic Front (PF) had lost popularity were wishful thinking.

Mr Kambwili said the ruling party had not lost its popularity and that it was not in any way under pressure or in a panic mode.

The minister was reacting to statements attributed to United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema that the PF was under pressure after losing the just ended by elections in Kafulafuta, Solwezi East and Chipata Central.

Mr Kambwili, who is also Roan Member of Parliament (MP), said that Mr Hichilema was ‘day dreaming’ if he was thinking that the PF was under any pressure after the by-elections.

He said that UPND only won the Kafulafuta seat because of confusion in the MMD.

He said Kafulafuta constituency was an MMD strong hold and that had it not been for confusion in the MMD, the UPND would not have won.

He said that UPND was not capable of winning elections in the country unless in Southern province.

“PF only lost the past by-elections due to some internal problems which have since been solved, we have identified the problems that led to our loss and we have worked on them,” he said.

Mr Kambwili said that the PF had not lost anything in the recent by-elections, but stated that the party had gained another seat in Parliament which shows that it was still popular.


    • Ba Kabwili bukamushi too much, what internal problems? The problem are external, the PEOPLE, the Zambians have realised that they elected a wrong party and wrong leader…. ” we want Barabbas!! Barabbas!! Barabbas!!
      The storm is over, the boat is now USELESS.

    • Ci Kambwili your mouth has too much evil every time u open your mouth all u talk is crap, the other day u were attacking father BWALYA today it’s HH , yes UPND only wins in southern province because in your dull head solwezi,kafulafuta,mulobezi all seats UPND won in western are in tongaland

  1. No,no ,no Mr Kambwili its not HH thats having wishful thinking,its you ba PF having an unrealistic self image as a party.You’re having a bad dream soon to wake up to harsh reality.

  2. ….This fat man has just lost an election and being in is in a denila state says the winners are less popular than he is!! Same as Kambwili saying he is slim and wants to put on more weight!! He surely needs a witch doctor (not a medical doctor) to treat him!!

    • Tribalism is what has led Zambia to it’s current position.i HOPE YOU WILL EAT YOUR TRIBALISM AND PF at lunch and dinner.

    • How does Hon Kambwili explain the loss of the two local government elections to UPND in the 25-07-2013 by-elections if it is wisheful thinking? PF lost one MP seat and two local goverment seats on the same day, same region (CB) and to same party. Please explain well we want to hear more than just saying day dreaming, Minister Sir!

    • Hello Cris…………..if you voted for the pf to prove that you are not a tribalists, please vote for somebody else to prove that you are not an *****

  3. Ba kambili please! Don’t behave like young children. Ok continue denying but the truth remains, YOU ARE SLOWLY LOSING POPULARITY. I for one with my family voted for pf in 2011 but we are now regretting. My two other friends and their families too are vowing never to vote pf in any election. So, where is your popularity mr kambwili? Mind you, you are not the ‘people’ but we the people are talking. YOUR REMOVAL OF SUBSIDIES IS HAUNTING YOU.

  4. Kambwili stop overrating yourselves as PF. The die is cast, come 2016, you are back to the streets where you belong. People gave you chance you misused it.

  5. ci kambwili,vry soon u,ll swallow yo pride bcoz yo pf is going no where.yo illiteracy has made it 2 be vry unpopular amongst any sane zambian.i can proudly assure u that u,ll lose the 2016 elections bcoz pf is not inspiring 2 many zambian n don,t cheat yoselves that u,ll do the zimbabwean way of rigging those guys r docile.zambians,ll not allow u 2 cheat them.i repeat u,ll lose the 2016 elections no matter what.many of u,ll be behind bars wen the new govt takes over.

  6. Tribe-Tribe – Tribe please stop it….we are one people please…..Tonga,Bemba or any Tribe…please ba (Cris) be civil and mature dear………

  7. kambwili kambwili swallow your saliva first, iam sure kafulafuta and solwezi are not in southern province. you are a typical 1diot who cant see that your popularity is waning, f.oolish big ma.tako, your behind is far much bigger than your brains. make it vise-verse please! the opposition will soon be right there in mpatamato and win

    • He may be ugly but what has his tribe got to do with it? Anyway, since when did baboons have a tribe? Your education is in vain if you are going to be that shallow.

    • I’m glad you said a “bebmba” and not Bemba. I would have had to tell you about your love affair with your mother’s darkest orifice had you said “Bemba”.

  8. i want some one educate this kambwili man that kafulafuta is not in southern province and the idea of always southern province negatively being talked about will one day bring trouble to this country.i thought it is one zambia one nation but we are constantly being reminded others are southerners who can only vote upnd my advice to kambwili is reflect before saying something that will make people doubt your intelligence as a minister not as a cadre

    • Kafulafuta may not be in Southern province but ask yourself what policies make UPND (HH) most popular in in that province and the answer is tribal policies!
      If you care to know, HH has become a specialist in tribal politics and will rush to areas like, Western, N/ Western and Lamba land.

  9. New film release in cinema near you:
    “DISASTER OF 25-07-2013”
    Main role played by seasoned failures and failed demagogues; Kabimba, Lungu and Kambwili with walid supporting roles of Masebo, Scott, IGP and others

  10. Membez Post is capaigning for HH every single moment the same MMD capained for Sata by tryin to fruztrate him. HH was never ever on our mind most of us neutral voters but now we shall vote for him to shame Kambwili and Winter

  11. PF is on the way out the door, if Kambwili doesn’t see that, then I am afraid he will be taken by surprise. People are totally disgusted with PF’s call-boy leadership style. No foreign head of state has ventured into the country other than fellow dictator, what does that say about PF leaders, especially the head honcho? Zambians must pray and repent never to repeat the same blunder and vote for vipers into office. This is the saddest chapter in Zambia’s history.

  12. Why does everything involving PF and UPND ( Sata and HH) trigger tribal insults? People should realise that Zambia is bigger than Sata and HH or even Bemba and Tonga. Just be civil with each other because you are lumbered with one another for good – you fools! I am proud to be an objective Umubemba Nkonko who loves every Zambian.

    • Sir, Given the chance to live in Southern province, would you be prepared to learn to speak Tonga and be proud of it? If the answer is ‘YES’ then you are a true Zambian and congratulations!

  13. Life is becoming hard each day for majority zambians. No money in the pocket as promised. Pf is losing it,very fast anso!

  14. Tribe…..tribe…. its sickening.Those who can not realize that Zambians will no longer buy the tribal card to lynch opponents will be in for a rude shock. Please look for other innovative approaches, Zambians are sick of stone age politics.

  15. Really the Kafulafuta seat was MMD. Untill PF loses one of their strong hold seats will we say they have become unpopular.After all HEMHEMD helped UPND to win that seat when Mss Mwanawasa withdrew. Had she participated, UPND wouldn’t have made it.

    • It would be folly indeed at this time to think HH can win the elections. Simple mathematics. PF is still very strong don’t be cheated. It is in a better position to win than it was in 2011. In 2011 PF in Eastern, Western, NorthWestern and Southern provinces got around 5% of the votes cast. Lets apply rational thinking here, PF is likely to get 20% or above in these 4 provinces and expect PF to get not less than 30% in Lusaka, Copperbelt, Luapula, Northern and Muchinga. Be sure PF will definitely take the day. The fact is by end of next year, people will have been adjusted to subsidy issues and with 50% of PF plan implemented I foresee PF 65% and the rest share 35%. Watch and Mark my words I work with statistics not insults.

  16. Ba Lion & Eagle. PF did not lose any MP seat on 25th July. MMD lost 3 seats. PF gained 1 seat. MMD retained 1 seat UPND garnered 2 seats from MMD because of CONFUSION in MMD.

  17. Kambwili ask David Silubanji the Kabwata Youth C/Man. He told the whole country that u Kambwili gives Youth Empowerment funds to Girlfriends. That U are corrupt.

    Stop being a big baboon!!!!!! that u are!!!!

  18. kambwili your dressing and personality doesnt inspire at all,ask kalusha for dressing lessons,you are never dressed like a minister,your tummy is something else and you are always having an oily thick face,pep up may be you might say something sensible,as for southern province leave the peaceful and hard working tongas you nyamulenge.come 2016 you are no more.

  19. If it were meaningless, you would ve let the comment go by. Honestly, the PF has lost its popularity, but that is what you would logically expect from a party whose president is no longer physically vibrant enough to face voters, let alone, the press. 2016 will be a real scramble for votes.

  20. “UPND won the Kafulafuta seat because of confusion in the MMD”. What a statement! Mister Kambwili, who caused the confusion in the MMD camp in Kafulafuta in the first place?

    Wasn’t it Kabimba and PF? Come off it Mr. small hall! Your party went and ‘convinced’ (with a brown envelope) Evelyn Mwanawasa to feign sickness hoping to reap from the spoils. But you failed to watch your back side of a ‘third force’ (UPND) in that particular race, and whoooosh!!! upnd passed you by!

    Swallow your saliva Minister and deal with your dwindling fortunes.

  21. I like the argument PF did not loose seat. They are now in power so they must not loose an election. Thats the point.

    Don’t rewind to what seat they lost or won in 2011. That is history. How many seats did they win. that is todays question not 2011.

  22. The prblem HH ‘ntanyonwi’.The man has ego & always very poor at analytical forecastng.Who else apart frm his regional aproach can vote fr ths selfcentred Privatisation agent.First tel us how mow much u stole fr yr ZPA liquidation manager.Now u want to privatise Zambia!Wailasha kabolala.

    • You are obsessed with HH. Seek help, it’s abundant in the US. Judging by your writing you can’t be earning a decent living. That may be the real issue you have with an individual who seems to have excelled where you haven’t.

      Like I said, seek help.

    • @Dada, in 1992 Sata deposited money for the Merzaf Project and kept the interest instead of returning it to the Government. Was that not stealing?

    • Ba DADA muli ku America sure? For you America ni zina chabe. Even some guy in Kalingalinga is better than you. Your argument is very shallow. Are u still buying that sata story that HH stole money? You seem so jealous of HH’s money. Please find something positive to do in the U.S than working in a nursing home. maybe you can make a good living and be happier with yourself, because (from your statement) you are not.

  23. Ba kambwili ask ba MMD . This is the same way they used to say . No matter good committees u may ve at different levels ,people can not be cheated any more . It has not taken long for zambians to realise u ve fake promises and i can predict that u are a one term gvt . U are by far less popular than u were in 2011 . Be ready to hand over power like the way u got it

  24. Mr minister , u are not on the ground or ur shushushus are not telling u the truth . Surely u ve lost popularity in compounds and the earlier u admit the better so that u correct urselves . Things are now bad for PF survival in 2016



    • @BORO YEN, You are right my man. Never get into self deception that PF is gone. Be sure 2016 PF 65%, the rest 35%.

  26. Internal problems! My foot! Undress another women and you will lose again. You do not beat up and undress innocent people and expect them to still love your party.

  27. LETS GO TRIBAL 2016.


  28. I can see some lads here do not understand politics .PF is still in Govt.Issue on subsidy is nothing to propel change of Govt.Trust me this is a strategy to confuse the opposition majority of voters are not rich to benefit from subsidy so its just a matter of time to award this group an incentive

  29. there are 2 ways of lying in this world, lying to yourself and to other people, usually people practice one in every given situation, ba kambwili is doing both.

  30. My mother is tonga, my father is half tonga half bemba. My wife is bemba and my son is married to a tonga while my daughter is engaged to a bemba. We are all happy and wealthy. We see no evil and hear no evil. Isn’t it alarming that you have a minister this day and age alienating the public in a multi-ethnicity Zambia? Whose policies are veering to separatitism? PF. How do you expect me to arm myself and go and slaughter my father’s village or my wife’s family let alone my daughter’s fiancé’s village when we all love each other as one big God’s family? PF you are now seen for what you are. Shame on you as you have abused our trust. I voted for you but now that is history and I can no longer cry over spilt milk. All the major missions are full of people from just one side of my…

  31. Lets face it bane. Without southern province there would be no democracy in Zambia. From 1964, they have provided the only opposition while every other province especially northerners are muselela kwakaba. They were UNIP till 1991, MMD till 2011 and now PF till 2016!

  32. May be the president knows his situation ,circumstances ,status very well .May be he intends to retire from politics and has to liquidate his company PF .May be he wants to move on …..may be

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