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Mangani asks Court to declare him winner, MMD candidate did not qualify to contest


Lameck Mangani
Lameck Mangani

Losing PF candidate in the last month’s Chipata Central by-election Lameck Mangani has asked the Lusaka High Court to nullify the parliamentary seat of MMD’s Reuben Mtolo Phiri saying his opponent did not qualify to contest the seat.

Mr Mangani has charged in his election petition filed in the principal registry on Wednesday that the court should instead declare him the duly elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the area.

This is in a matter in which Mr Mangani of house number 22 Jesmodine in Lusaka has petitioned Mr Phiri and the ECZ as the first and second respondents, respectively.

Mr Mangani wants the court to declare that having polled the highest votes he was the duly elected candidate and not Mr Phiri because he did not qualify to participate in the by-election as he was guilty of electoral malpractices.

He also wants the court to declare that the ECZ having had notice of the Mr Phiri’s illegal or corrupt practices failed to perform its statutory duties when it accepted his nomination and thereafter declared him the duly elected MP for the constituency.

Mr Mangani said Mr Phiri did not qualify for election to the National Assembly following the nullification of his election by the high court on April 12, 2012 which was upheld by the Supreme Court on about May 7, 2013.

He said that ECZ should in the first place not have accepted Mr Phiri’s nomination as a candidate because the declaration he filed was false for having suppressed the fact that the High Court had made findings of the fact that he had been found guilty of corrupt or illegal practice and that the said findings were upheld by the Supreme Court.


    • Sata and your cronies stop this nonsense. You are going to create problems akin to Zimbabwe

      Chi Mangani, Chintu chobe!

    • i Funeka,

      The democracy we’ve chosen as a Country works such that elections are won and lost on the actual Election day, and not through the Courts. Was informed you owe more than K200,000, please pay back. Quite a big sum for someone that’s even moved into a Servants Quarter of there own house, just surviving on rentals.

      Just doesn’t matter who stands against you in Chipata. We will not allow Donty Scotty calling one of our own (R B), a chat and let him get away with it.

    • Nick and I are not amused.

      In the beginning, I thought this was funny. I’ve now realised that we have a country to protect and although PF are my mother’s relatives, they are not doing things right.

      I’m sorry but Wynter Kabimba is not the right person to lead this country. We have a leadership gap.

      Someone somewhere’s punishing us for something. Perhaps for our hatred towards one another.

    • Nacimbusa to Mushota:

      Fimo fimo wila lumbula mo uyo Nick. Ubuntungwa twapoka mu sikiste fo. Nomba iwe, kwati niwe wabalilapo ukwenda no musungu.
      Ala bengi abena Zambia, abakuti bali ikala na abana Bali fyala. Nefyuma efyo iwe Mushota you can’t concieve. Lelo baliba classy.

      Kwata icilumba! Ule tuletela insoni.

      Your Nachimbusa

    • Mr.Mangani you should be ashamed of yoself,honestly you even have the gats to petition the election….you looser,you very greedy get a life people are suffering,GOD will not let you have that seat.

  1. The parliamentary system need more stability in Zambia. Our judicial system is still very weak and is prone to executive interference and control. We need the new constitution to put a stop to all this nonsensical by elections.

    Now it seems Kabimba is now the jailer and the jury as also the decider of when and how we should implement the constitution process. Pres Sata has gone to sleep and at this point he does not take these national issues to heart because he is obsessed with by elections.

    • @2201
      We all agree that the Law should reign supreme but that should not be selective against the opposition. The same PF have defied Court Orders and ignored the very Law you are now calling supreme. RB and Chibesakunda come to mind on that. Now Mangani is in a desperate race to join in on the spoils and wants to do everything and anything to get there. And it is his constitutional right. However, I think his challenge is the timing when he had an opportunity during and leading upto the filing as well as who was at fault for allowing him to stand. PF will point to ECZ (as Magani has done) and the ECZ will exonerate themselves by saying they were not furnished with a report from the High Court. Then would it be in the public interest to hand a seat to PF instead of another election?…

  2. Such kind of moves shouldn’t be allowed because it will make pf setting a very bad tendencies even for future leaders in Zambia both from pf and opposition who will rule in 2016.

  3. Mangani its better we go back for elections. People of Chipata Central do not want you! You cannot have the seat through the back door!

  4. President sata once, mocking lp the best president so far mhsrip once said “Umulembwe wa cipuba upwila muli tumfwe” Translation: The money for Zambians is being wasted or finishing on useless petitions, bye elections and wasting time debating clear laws. Parliamentary Fraud PF indeed.

  5. According to law,yes Mangani could get it because the other candidate was not eligible….simple and straight forward,However,the Courts have the last say.

    • That’s day dreaming. Lawyers will not be paid on winning the seat but for representing Mangani.

      In short, there merely interested in Money, which I hope they get in Advance. Mangani is BROKE!!!!

    • is that the PF law? …. beccause according to the Zambian law, you can only become MP when the majority of people vote for you

  6. This piece of shit called Mangani,he wants to continue wasting tax payers money,some people were better off not being Zambians

  7. The PF is so unashamed of their loses in recent by-elections to the extent of resorting to acrobatic liars. . If democracy is the norm of civilisation in the modern world, then PF is comprised of a gang of living fossils.

    Mangani has been ill-advised to petition his second defeat in Chipata. This loser publicly conceded defeat to Mtolo Phiri. In fact it was the PF that exhibited massive corruption practices in the Chipata by-election. The PF even went to the extent of corruptly engaging Chief Mpezeni to influence Ngoni voters, All these evils are on record in print and electronic versions.

    However, if the PF have lined up parasitic and deadly corrupt Judges to preside over the sickening nullification schemes, then Zambia will have been dragged into proverbial “KANGAROO COURTS”.

  8. Things change in life. This man was a bad ass when he was home affairs. He disregarded anyone and acted very stupid. today is begging. lesson, respect other people when you up there.

  9. U know awe twatendwa U just want to win iya back door.Please move on Pipo have rejected you Concentrate on running ur Unwise Donkey

  10. Whoever is representing Mangani better get there Money’s first. Was informed you owe more than K200,000, please pay back. Quite a big sum for someone that’s even moved into a Servants Quarter of there own house, just surviving on rentals.

    Elections are won and lost on the actual Election day, and not through the Courts. Was informed you owe more than K200,000, please pay back. Quite a big sum for someone that’s even moved into a Servants Quarter of there own house, just surviving on rentals.

    Doesn’t matter who stands against you in Chipata. Love this DONCHI KUBEBA. We can’t allow Old Donty Scotty calling R B, a chap and let him get away with it.

  11. Mangani u are a foolish Donkey!!!

    Just Continue running your “Wise Donkey Lodge” U mean Politics is the only thing u can DO??? It must be sweet then. SATA appoint all Zambians MP’s.

    • Foolish teacher, you are a disgrace to the people of eastern province. You want to reap where you did not sow. Banamikkana boss!

    Ailing dictator Michael Sata’s government has run out of cash and running on a serious budget over-run that salaries for May 2013 for civil servants were paid for by the Chinese government.

    Highly placed sources say the budget deficit is ever increasing to a point where the new salaries for civil servants in September this year may not be effected.

    “What is even worrying is that key donors have with held their budget support to this government because of serious financial mismanagement and the regime has now resorted to massive borrowing.

    Since PF assumed power Zambia’s external debt is nearly double what it was 2 years ago and in 2012 alone, PF borrowed a staggering 14 times abroad adding that the country is now paying…

  13. If PF can not accept defeat in simple by elections how will they accept defeat in presidential elections in 2016? I think we are seeing the rise of Mugabe’s twin in Zambia.

    • @ex-moma

      Frightening isn’t it. I’m also beginning to believe that if they were not elected in the General Election, they would not concede gracefully.

      I’m embarrassed for Mangani.

  14. eish..this man is sop bitter and dull…what is wrong with him..?find something else to do..people have rejected you..kekekekekekeke

  15. “declare him the duly elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the area” when people did not vote for him! day dreaming.

  16. The same FULL had had congratulated the winner today he changes. The name same fulls harrassin RB say they respect him.

  17. Mangani Mangani!!!!!! sure sungankahale cabe!!!! You lost the Chipata Central seat twice to the same man. and you still insist you are the winner. You are really living in denial. What so special about you? Niwauso mpando wamene wala?

  18. Please Mr Mangani just accept that you lost and do not create unnecessary headaches for the nation because of your personal wish to fill your belly. You are supposed to serve the people and not to be on a roller coaster to amass personal wealth and comfort.

  19. The question to ask is; if Manganite now claims that his competitor was illigeble to stand, why then in the first place did he accept to stand with him? Had Mangani won, was he going to go to the courts that his competitor was not qualified. What about the case of Masumba, how then should it be handled, do the courts have to nullify? Ladies and gentleman, I feel this is a ploy in trying to build Dora’s case????

  20. I am really disappointed with Lameck Mangani, why didn’t he first complain before the by-elections? Lets enact a law that will make leaders accountable to the people not to the high authorities, I doubt if Mr. Mangani really want to serve the people, he lost the elections and is now telling as the court should declare him winner, where on earth do such things happen with this modern day and era? With respect, our leaders are taking us for granted and it seems there is sometime sweet in politics that people go with bended shoes as a result of walking on foot and the next time we see is them driving luxury cars. Something really needs to change.

    • What corruption? Mangani obtained less votes, why didn’t your party contest the candidature of the person in subject? The law only applies when you lose? 2016 might be a desperate time for you guys really.

  21. Dear Sir, losing does not mean anything but the fact that you obtained less votes, you are less popular, the electorate practically rejected you. Are you so inconsiderate that are willing to govern where you are not wanted? Grow up, maybe become a Lusaka resident and contest here.

  22. Mangani is probably right when you consider the foregoing:

    “Supreme Court Judge Marvin Mwanamwambwa has upheld the High Court’s decision to nullify the election victory of MMD’s Mtolo Phiri in the 2011 Chipata Central parliamentary election.
    The election result was petitioned by losing PF candidate Lameck Mangani.
    Delivering judgement this morning, Judge Mwanamwambwa said the High Court’s decision to nullify Mr. Phiri’s election victory was not a misdirection at law.
    He said there is credible evidence that the MMD candidate involved himself in activities that breached Section 93 sub section 2 C of the Electoral Act of 2006.
    Judge Mwanamwambwa ruled that by making a cash donation to a Church organisation in Chipata where he also introduced as a candidate, Mr. Phiri involved himself…

    • Mangani was rejected by the electorate and that is evident. The defeat was a gaping defeat and only a man without shame can want to rule people against their will. If the PF had legitimate evidence of malpractice, it should have lodged a complaint before the voting began, but it did not because it was certain of victory. Sometimes it’s good to count your losses and employ new tactics, recruit new men.

    • So which part of the law says that “as such Mangani should be declared winner of the election?” If such was the case, by-elections would not be held at all.

  23. …..Mr. Phiri involved himself in electoral corruption.

    This may thus be a justifiable case! Problem for Mangani, is that the Chipata Electorate have swung from PF. This seat will have to be nullified a second time. The court may not necessarily install him, rather they will lambast ECZ for accepting an ineligible candidate & advise for another bye!!!

  24. Hi Ba Mangani. Have you just suddenly found out the Mr Phiri was not elligible to stand after loosing. Before your being wired, he was elligible ka?

  25. Isn’t this the same Mangani who conceded defeat and even congratulated Phiri?
    For sure this is Kindergarten Politics not worth losing sleep for!

  26. Is this the new strategy of PF to represent people without being endorsed by the people’s vote? What a strategy indeed, it all falls in place now, Dochi Kubeba for sure. We shall not allow you Mangani to destroy our democracy in this manner.

    • Mangani should be ashamed of trying to represent people who have rejected you TWICE in a space of 18 months!!! The PF strategy can lead to uncontrolled political anarchy…

  27. pf , accept defeat with dignity because there is tomorrow. you don’t have to embarrass yourselves so much. it just shows how the whole party is breaking down after losing by elections. grow up and move on. in chipata central, the people have spoken period. no need to show your bitterness in this way like kids.

  28. Chisiyeni chizende! Mangani is not doing this on his own accord. He has been advised to take this course of action by the powers that be. He knows that the High Court will uphold the election results and then appeal to the Supreme Court where Super Cadre Chibesakunda will hand him the Chipata seat. This is a man who a few days ago was a gracious loser and congratulated Mtolo. What has changed between now and then? The powers that be throwing their weight around. Nauseating!

  29. Why didn’t the PF raise these issues of ineligibility before the election. May be they thought they were going to win……. If they had won; what would have been the case? And Mr Mangani should realize that he cant represent people who have clearly rejected him….. Should he force himself into parliament!!! This is clear desperation. I don’t think he has the interests of Chipata people at heart; all he wants is to be in parliament!!!

  30. Power hungry f.ool. If you LIVED in CHIPATA and; had lost by a NARROW margin, I would have PROBABLY sympathised with you. As it is, just go to hell.

  31. So disgracefull mischief written all over his face, am glad he lost, please keep him far from the public office, just looking at him somehow makes me not to trust him. Shame on you big man, you just want to chew, serve you right!

  32. Bwana Mangani, I feel sorry for you as the people of Chipata continually refuse to have you as their representative, there comes a time when you just have to call it quits.

    MP’s are not installed they are voted for, maybe you just have to go back to the drawing board and spend some good timr there

  33. Good move Mangani. Atleast ka Chipata Central seat will soon be a delicious take away. Am sure, natumbi tulenunkila. As PF, we are allergic to corruption. ala imwe!

  34. It is you Chiduku who is retarded because you don’t want to accept the fact that Mangani has a right to be heard by the courts of law-If Mutolo was erroneously fielded,its logical that the number two was the winner…Period ! no need for anybody to insult cos it wont help you.You will develop BP for nothing.

  35. Mr Joel why is Chiduku insultng u?Wht wrong ve u done fr such unpalatable inuendos?U ve merely expresd yr views & re made to b insultd so recklesly buy ths individual who has no respect fr others.Aftral the supreme has finaly isued a statement & chiduku must be shameful.Leav him go on bro u ve the right to put yr views.Viva supreme ruling!!

  36. Brother Dada,thank you for your wise counsel.Chiduku is a bitter man and may require to go to UNZA to do Philosophy .A course in logic may help him. The social media is there for people to debate freely and not insult.

  37. I am feeling pity for this man. That ABX Prado he retired with is constantly giving him problems. The man is broke like hell. Yamunyokola Njala Mambala. He even lost all the shame. His belly is empty. He wants to enter Parliament at all cost to avoid starving. I am told he has moved into a servant quarters and surviving on rentals.

  38. I am no judge, as yet. The jury is however out on this matter and I hear them dismissing Mangani’s prayer and granting ECZ the right to conduct fresh elections. And now this is mere speculations; Kalaki type. Mangani loses for the third time and announces retirement from active politics!!!! ki ki ki…….

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