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ECZ announce new date for nominations, will not accept applications from Dora Siliya and Maxwell Mwale


ECZ workers

The Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ says it will not accept nominations from candidates whose seats were nullified on grounds of malpractice.

This means that former Petauke Central Member of Parliament Dora Siliya and her Malambo counterpart Maxwell Mwale whose seats were nullified cannot re-contest.

ECZ Acting Public Relations Manager Sylvia Bwalya has confirmed this in an interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka.

Ms. Bwalya says the decision has been arrived at after receiving official notification from the high court.

Ms. Bwalya says aggrieved political parties should now seek guidance from ECZ on the matter.

The Electoral Commission of Zambia-ECZ yesterday postponed nominations for Petauke, Malambo and Mulobezi.

The nominations will now take place on Tuesday August 13.


  1. “Equality before the law, consistence and without double standards. Selective application of the law is dishonest and corruption in itself.! It leads to unjust society

    • I am happy that a legal precedent has been set and there will be no arguments on what happens next.

      This being the case, all those whose elections where nullified by the High court or Supreme court on account of corruption etc, but re-contested and won effectively lose their seats.

      Its time we stamped out illegality and restored sanity and confidence in our electoral system

    • We need to be careful not to torelate Mediocrity in our Judicially as it’s a recipe for Disaster.

      Instead of wasting our time with this Chimbwi No Plan Government, let’s start with Don’t Kubeba’s. Let’s start depleting PF Numbers in Parliament to not more than 20 please.

    • I hope we’re following he National Constitution’s definition of electoral malpractice and not that of the PF constitution. And If that’s the case I’ll wait to see what happens when PF candidates are affected.

  2. Yabicha makani Maxwel’s UPND & Bokosi soft balms amai Dolar!Anyway regulations re to follow!But Isacs & Sylvia & team must go.This is time to see who is who not relyng ong on corupt felows.Its time up!UNDP must celebrate now coz they ve no choice bt prove they re popular by usng their membrs not political prostitution UNDP ws masquaradng.Boast yr real positioning not thievng Hakahi votela Heka.Ve u seen the politcal arena practcal ideals?Yalikaba ci mwaice!Wakeup chap not adulteration u thought wud win u favours.

    • u sound like u are pf cadre. there is nothin to be happy about. these people are literary RAPING OUR DEMOCRACY, RAPING OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM and you have the audacity to make a joke about it. Time will tell. That chibesakunda woman sits in an office and makes a decision and u are happy. Go and hang yr self. Dora and maxwell have NO CRIMINAL CONVICTIONS that should have been the basis for barring the duo. U CHAPS LIKE SHORTS. Any way, suit yr selves.

    • Dada you are ignorant. You should be embarrassed to throw rubbish at an accomplished businessman/politician. Keep your jealous to your pathetic self.

    • When PF crashes in 2016 there will be no sympathetic voice for these useless paya farmers. It will be worse for PF than it is for both UNIP and MMD. It is just a matter of time. You can not take the people of GOD for granted for ever with greed, selfishness and misapplication of the law. God allowed them to be in power now and in a similar way the will be removed, whatever they do. PF watch out! It may just be General Miyanda or indeed HH for plot 1 and we the people will make sure every line of the law of the land is brought to the fore and PF made to answer for all their misdeeds, abuses and injustices. Be warned!

    • Who is playing political prostitution between the party for failures and the might UPND party? You should learn to learn how things are happening in society in order to add value to your arguments

  3. it will be nice to notify the public whats in the notification all this secrecy and rushed
    decision by the most useless supreme court will make people dislike that stupid woman, the next person in power should sort this woman out she is really abusing her powers,

  4. Am sure PF is nw very happy but believe you me days are numbered and wynter wynter wynter you will pay for this it may not be now BUT the same law and constitution you are abusing will one day bite you.WATCH YOUR BACK

  5. Agony is when you poach an mp from fellow opposition only to find that he not eligible for nomination. (Waloba ilyauma)

  6. … and you ka Isaacs, why were you braging about with those press statements? i told they were not worth it at were sleeping on duty

    so Dora Siliya has been rebased. and you ba UPND stop this nonsense of accepting every jim and jack, are you such desparate.

  7. I think this “looks like the best result” all round in a democratic dispensation. I will not criticise the ECZ as “bowing” to the powers that be. But I shall point out two errors in their considerations.
    1. They should have allowed Dora and Mwale to file their nominations yesterday. I say this because the LAW is clear and by the nomination date, a report from the High Court was not before them so they had no legal basis to stop the nominations going ahead.
    2. Having given the agreived the benefit by postponing the nominations, the ECZ should have equally given Siliya and Mwale the opportunity to be heard, as I believe the Law provides, and not rush to issue a new date for nominations on Tues.
    Although the decision leaves room for “assumptions” I do believe it is the right one if…

    • pf is panicking.this is the end of pf.
      when the head of the country living in sin,the is nation is affected.
      mark my words this time CHINA paid the civil sevants and this is how they are selling our birth right.these croocks have sold our birth right.
      Zambians open your eyes.

    • Not at all corrupt is evil.How come you can support corrupt elements .ECZ is to be blamed for this they should have sort audiance before hand.Police do not wait to send some one from prison once judgment has been made.MMD don’t cry foul this is the law you had in acted

  8. What is Mr Hichilema saying about this? He is extraordinarily quiet for a person who wants to be a President of this country one day! His kind of politics is not what we want right now – he comes for a short time and goes into hiding for WEEKS just like SATA. We want leaders who are there for us ALL the time not PART TIME not his mickmouse business!

    • HH is a smal factor in this issue,, but this move has made Sata even more unpopular in eastern province and in mulobezi,,,, dont forget lozis still have issues with those baroste agreement promised lies… wait and see PF go down

  9. Its no longer about candidates its about BUFI.
    Zambians don’t vote on candidates popularity but political parties performance or promises.

  10. Now ECZ directors are trying to save their skins due to gov’t intimidation…its a flawed system…its no wonder we don’t have strong independent gov’t institutions…if only the gov’t put the selfsame energies in fighting corruption and good governance Zambia would be a jewel. Where is my madam Justice?

    • ECZ has weathered the storm. ZP, DEC and AAC are far far from being independent. They carry out instructions from PF cadres.

  11. Why re u blamng Wynter,fr wht anyway?Ths shud time fr UNDP to celebrate.I mean prove politcal positioning not fr frm those botched politcal adulteration u braged! Comeon UNDP celebrate cezela til dawn!Prove u re penetratng countrywide victory & now very ready fr 2016.Fornteen chaps.Shibukeni & stop baseles insults.Leav Kabimba,Edgar Lungu,Chumbwe the man not forgetng patriot PF membrs.

  12. The country is is going a wrong direction,surprising all the Zambians are ndweee Koma uku kuba docile cha chine.Kapoli in state house should be shown red card otherwise you all be rebased as there have done to Dora and Max.A word of advise to the opposition with this decision don’t expect fair elections conducted by ECZ.

  13. Let it be known that from now onward that ECZ stands for Easily Controlled Zombie with a brain the size of a mustard seed and a body of a dinosaur.

  14. Sata & his followers are abusing power, tell them we are here in angola making huge money to come and sponsor the opposition, they will soon pay for it

  15. @ Dada, I’ve marked your name and would really want to see your name after the elections. Do u kno wat, pipo lie to u wen they tell u that u r very popular. Pf WILL NOT win both the Petauke n Malambo. Mayb Mkaika by luck. Here in Mfuwe, we don’t want pf that’s all.

  16. Candidates with a record of violent conduct; domestic or any other form, should also be disqualified from public office. This should also be extended to candidates with supporters convicted of perpetrating violence during previous elections. Such a law would bring sanity to Zambian politics.

  17. These tactics are simply making PF to be unpopular. We worship God who is fair to all mankinds. PF has just set its own trap and will fall into it. People right now in Eastern Province have received this news with shock and they ready to wage a revenge. Unless PF rig the election otherwise they will terribly loose in bye election. Its not the strength of candidates they have barred but people have lost hope in PF government. This will be a real litmus of what PF should expect in 2016. PF you can’t continue to fool us. Ubufi bweka this time around we shall be careful.

  18. Dora am advising you to form your own party,you may just be Zambias first woman president, PF has already made you popular you could turn your ball around, dont let this burry you, remember when one door closes, another one opens, also remember this always, “IT IS DARKEST BEFORE DAWN”, dont give the enermy what they want, take this as a blessing in disguise, you are a woman, you can do it, we are stronger than men, common get up and show them dont give up and this time you will be a true solder because you have been through a commandos training.., you know what i mean, get up gal us women will support you, even bill Clinton failed at one point everyone does dont let the campaign words haunt you, a woman gotta do what a woman gotta do, show them gal they cant stop you, you are born to do…

    • @cindy
      you know what cindy? Dora might not be a very big `thing` in zambian politics, but someone or some people in PF are behaving like they were turned down by Dora after they went her to seek sexual favours or a sexual relationship , so they became so bitter that they want to show her who is boss

  19. All I know is that a candidate whose seat has been annulled due corruption would not be allowed to stand again in the UK. Somehow in Africa, anything goes. PF were not complaining about this while they were winning. Now that they are on the defensive, they are concerned because they are scared of Dora. Laws must be applied consistently, not only when it suits the government of the day!!! Let’s hope PF lose again in Petauke.

  20. Ati Dada??? some Zambians really surprise me. no wonder Zambia is miles away from development. Blind following and cheap politicking all day.

  21. Dada has forgotten that Politicians are slowly demarcating this country tribally and PF’s fortunes are dwindling. It started with Tongas closing Southern Province, Andrew Banda came asked the Easterners to close Eastern Province, GBM announced that only Sata and PF will enter Northern Province. It is known fact PF cannot win Western and N/Western Provinces. PF should start working hard now, other wise time for Sata to start attendinqg courts is coming in 2016.

  22. comedy of erors. pafyabupuba. equity is broken. We can’t continue like this as a country this is true hatred. Zambia why?

  23. All this could have been avoided if the ECZ were not lazy and did their job. They should have been following up issues concerning election petitions and anything to do with elections. They have blundered in many areas in the past years, if people raise an issue they should investigate not wait after the election. They are the guardians of our electoral system and should be pro-active and not lead from behind. If someones elections are nullified then their is something illegal he did for the courts to decide that way and ECZ should pick up from there and bar that candidate from elections. If an ‘illegal’ candidate is elected as MP, then he should lose his/her seat since the MP seat is a fruit of a poisonous tree because he was not supposed to contest that seat in the first place!.

  24. Power belongs to the people. Where is Mahmud amadnajan. Where is Sadam Hussein. Where is Mubarrak. Where is Gadafi. And then you hear a usless PF councillor ideot saying Boma ni Boma.

  25. The constiution has been followed. letters of malpractice have been presented to the ECZ albeit in a suspicious manner. That goes the affected individuals are not eligible to be nomination for MP. The oppositon should have plan B but they can still use the populariy of the same to win the seats for their respective parties..

  26. The strategy should be to beat PF at their own game. Dora Siliya should endorse who ever her party choses to be their candidate. Go all out and tell the people what PF is doing. MMD will still win the election and the same for Mr Maxwell Mwale. Work flat out to retain these seats. Elections are a peoples choice not the judiciary.

  27. I hope the law should apply to any one. Those who found wanting law should resign like a masumba, Chongwe girl etc

  28. ECZ that’s very good of you to rebase this useless woman. Thought she can lure us with her flubby figures, far from it. Dora sucks, someone pass the puke bucket!

  29. ECZ that’s very good of you to rebase this useless woman. Thought she can lure us with her flabby figures, far from it. Dora sucks, someone pass the puke bucket!

  30. If Hastings Sililo, Dora Siliya and Maxwell Mwale are very popular, let them be in the campaign teams of their party’s alternate candidates. And, please opposition, edit what you say about the ruling party esp personalities so that you get undecided voters on your side. Some of the undecided voters may be supporters of other political parties who are starting to doubt the credibility of their parties.

  31. if you think Masumba, Namulambe, Taima or Masebo engaged themselves in malpractices during elections and you are sure of that go to court don’t wait for ECZ do it for you. am not in support of PF but i think that is the best way to do

    hope on monday or tuesday one or two opposition parties will present a petition, i hear Chipimo is a lawyer

  32. ECZ and High Court ‘dropped the ball’. The law is clear. The two institutions should have implemented the law disqualified those convicted of corrupt and/or illegal practises regardless of party/popularity. Big lesson never to be forgotten by the ECZ. I now advise as follows: dont throw the baby with the bath water. Keep Mambilima and Isaacs at ECZ.

  33. Please opposition,first thing monday morning,let Sakwiba Sikota,Eric Silwamba,Patrick Mvunga and others go to court to apply for a stay of execution so that Dora and company can file in on Tuesday! As for Mangani,please remember that you used Chief Mpezeni in your campaigns,which was an abrogation of the electoral act so you also do not qualify to be MP!!

  34. Dora Siliya is Big time blood stained knicker who deserve not to be entertained in our politics for fuc.king everyone in Parley. Rebasing her has really worked good 4 her.

  35. Interesting turn of events in the political arena. It is really good to see corrupt people being barred from re contesting the seats the lost through the courts due to their corrupt activities. I hope this trend the courts and EZC are setting will be respected by all interested parties. It is though sad to see how the whole issue was carried and pushed by Kabimba and company, this is why Kabimba should relieve himself of his ministerial position because it compromises many issues. We know for sure he is simply interested in his party retaining those seats and not promoting the tenets of democracy and he is using his position as minister of Justice to influence such activities.

  36. Yes a precedence has been set. I know UPND petitioned Mpongwe and Livingstone. Let us demand speedy hearing and disposal of these cases. Secondly I will just humbly ask the three Ms Siliya, Mr Mwale and Mr Sililo to give support to the ones who will be adopted by their parties. Its our draft constitution we want to protect now. We know these dishonorable men and women want to rape the constitution with their uncircumcised appetite for power. Let us defend democracy, sanity and national development irrespective of region, ethnic group,gender and sex. Its our struggle.


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