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Sata takes a swipe at bald headed ministers


President Michael Sata has taken a swipe at ministers with bald heads when there are a lot of combs being sold by women.

Speaking shortly before swearing in former Road Development Agency Board Chairman Benard Chiwala as permanent secretary for transport, works and Supply this morning, president Sata said it is easy to keep hair.

President Sata said this while greeting Ministers among them Lusaka province minister Obvious Mwaliteta and Transport, Works and Supply minister Yamfwa Mukanga who had short shaved hair.

The President said he will organize women for them to sell them combs.



    • Sata wants Rastas with long hair, people who smoke ulubangula. Ati I will rule by the bible, my ministers shall be Nazarene!!
      – I hope he is not against shaving amaso.
      – He is forgetting that some of his ministers are on medication, which shows with hair.

    • Doesn’t he know that some of us prefer to shave the whole head than have a receding hairline. You either have hair or no hair, you can’t be having both.

  1. I dont like men without hair, their brains seem to evaporate together with their hair, in the dark you would also mistake it for a third buttock! heheheheheheh kidding peopleooooooooooo.

    • @Cindy
      ati third fimofimo….kekekekekekekek
      manje ba presido ni chizimba cha samson from the bible!!!.. thats why he likes alot of hair,, power.. strength

    • Dollars, you have never heard of those jokes about Bald heads and B****ks? Sad this is LT i wouldnt go there.
      Ndobo funny right, We will sure miss this president when all is said and done, no one can ever march up to him.

  2. This explains why sata does not want to hold a press conference or to to provinces for fear of meeting alot of bald men. Perhaps if he sees alot of them, he will collapse

    • Have a sense of humor you Zedians!

      I also dumped my boyfriend when he started shedding hair like a poodle. He tried rogaine to win me back but awe sure! My new man has a mini ‘fro.

    • Confirms what I have always thought this Nubian chani chani is a shallow arse whose contributions are even less profound than the spewings from Ukwa’s rotten teethed mouth.

  3. Ha ha ha.This is just humor lost in translation.The man was just joking but our dear journalists have twisted it in order to generate more comments and likes for their websites and newspapers.

    • Only a fool repeats the driest of jokes at every fora, it be local or international. Are you still insisting he was just joking too?

    • No one voted Sata to go to state house to play chimbuya with bald heads. If he prefers chimbuya with bald heads, let him quit state house and join zambia comed one. We can’t pay him for turning bald heads into his traditional cousins.

  4. I think Mr Chiwala will make a good permanent secretary he is got a sober mind, intelligent and with good qualifications.

    • I remember when I was a little thug
      Weed really didn’t know what it was
      Then I took a puff and I realised I will always sty hi…

      The weed can’t get no better… No better baby!!!


  5. I keep on wondering why certain leaders poke theirs noses on petty issues while there is alot more impprtant issues to address.Anyway its………………………..

    • Ministers are encouraged to keep hair everywhere on their bodies meaning every part of the body including …………because himself has a dread down there and he calls boasts himself to be a rasta.kekekkekekekek

    • He compares bald heads to urune bags maybe that is why he is negative about it because he feels like urinating when he sees bald heads thereby making him uncomfortable sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry

  6. What is with our president and bald heads????

    But check Mwaliteta and Munkanga next month, they will have hair on their heads….George Chellah and Dr John Phiri once had bald heads but they fear the president so much that they now have Afros

  7. Only a fool repeats the driest of jokes at every fora, it be local or international. Are you still insisting he was just joking too?

    • Those with a brain can distinguish when Sata is joking and when he is not. On this occassion he was clearly joking. When he addressed UK Zambians, he mixed jokes with ridicule – he was more offensive than funny.

  8. Lol! This president will not stop at nothing! Anyways, I have good news for the bald ministers, you don’t need combs. I have wigs that I can supply you. Contact me.

  9. Uyu manje apena fye..what a useless person ,,we will also organize women to give him Colgate to clean his yellow teeth.

    • Lol! No comment….or should I say that the office of the president should move to Lusaka play house, because this guy is has jokes!

  10. We have kids still learning under trees,awful sanitation in Lusaka and our youths lack jobs yet this mofo only talks of bald headed men.Now you see why we’re poverty stricken.

    • Yes even Suba and Kaseba don’t clean amaso or else they are gone no compromise ,ask them to deny , lol!!!!!!!!

  11. I have never and will never keep hair. My sculp develops itchy ravor bumps when i allow hair to grow. Should i be denied to meet the man i voted for as my president on account of my medical decision to keep no hair.

  12. This man is very superstitious. Please Mr. Sata, the day God does not want you @ Plot 1 he will remove you whether there are men with afro around you or not. Honestly, how can a person be so bothered with people’s choice of the length of hair they prefer to keep. There are more important issues to address in the nation to be concerned about.

  13. Iwe chi-Banda, If it is a monkey that urinates on Rupiah Banda and is covered by the Post, to you, that is news, but when LT reports on bald heads, they do not know how to report? What do you know about journalism you maniac? Public figures should mind the way they conduct themselves especially in the public.

    According to what I learnt in Journalism, unusual events make news and between me and you, you know that it is unusual for the president to talk about bald heads and women with combs at such a fora. Stop behaving as though you understand journalism better than people trained for it you zombie!

    • No, he reflects himself. I have hair and I love keeping it, but what right do I have to criminalize baldness when am busy sharing national cake with chinese contractors?

      These are jokes of a fool.

  14. Maybe this is cold language. In the under world it may mean something. This is not the first tme the presdo is commenting on the bald heads. Bob also said ‘we gone chase those crazy bald heads’ for eating up our corn.

  15. The statement should be taken in the context of humour. It is not anything anyone should be raising a spine for. Keeping hair is good. Removing hair leaving a bald head is also good. Icunsu and ulukuso are both head styles which have been in practice since the time of Adam and Eve.

  16. Wasn’t that really supposed to be a some usual joke from Sata? It is really strange how Zambians react to this Sata. I do not think he wants everyone to look like him, perhaps we should not even report such kinda information. Anyway journalists will report anything that they hear without analyzing whether it is worth news or not!

  17. Dull journalists indeed. So u don’t want him to lough with his pipo? Tell us more important things that he said u bufis.

  18. This is why the Nigerians call him jobless. He has failed to hold a press conference but can only belittle his staff.

  19. why not firing Kabimba. Kabimba has destroyed PF but our big man is not seeing this by the time he will notice it will be too late. Kabimba has been campaigning PF

  20. Iam calling upon my fellow bald headed voters to ditch the PF. We should vote for a party led by a bald man.! now that I’ve said this I cant think of one! These Zambian politicians are all good business for shampoo vendors! Lets just start a bald headed men’s party.

  21. The sweetest men in bed are bald headed. Ask the women and they will testify. Doing with them is believing!

  22. Mr. Bernard Chiwala is not former Board Chairperson of the Road Development Agency but former Director and Chief Executive Officer. Just thought it was important to communicate correct information.

  23. At least PF now has a development plan – they’re going to get women to sell combs…

    Come 2016 I foresee more combs in your pocket!!!

  24. This is what it means having a mad man as head state. Ne fyakwikata ikata fine! Alaa filapenya. Imwe ati fishimba kanshi you are on your way to chainama. The sooner we chuck this lunatic out of plot 1, the better.

  25. Surely of all the brilliant people in Zambia, and this is all we can have as republican president sure!!! Chansoni sana. This explains why Zambians are also like that. And explains why Zambia is still lagging behind even when the country is blessed with natural resources. Like somebody said, Sata is a true reflection of the Zambian people.

  26. I read that the Justice Minister Hon. W. Kabimba said that our president HE M.C. Sata does not drink bottled water because most people in Zambian do not have access to clean drinking water. I was really motivated by this gesture. I hope those who give him water do not transfer it from the bottle into a glass but that they get it to him straight from the tap. I hope that Ministers can follow this example and drink water from the tap or well when they visit constituencies. I also hope that this gestrues can be shown when it comes to health issues such that when those in power fall ill they visit the local hospitals or clinics becuses many Zambians do not have access to good health facilities and can not export theselves abroad for treatment. Mandela is in a hospital in his own country.

    • Drinking dirt water immunizes some people. Drinking water from the tap does not save Zambia a ngwee but flying a chopper each time one is going to the Lusaka International airport..a chopper he promised would be sold once in power…tantamount to stealing from the poor and wasteful indeed.

  27. I THINK PEOPLE MUST START APPRECIATING WHAT A SENSE OF HUMOUR IS?i dont think da president was talking about bald heads but people wu have removed all thrir hair so that the head looks like its bald.I think the president was joking and LT dont blow jokes into something serious.Chose what to publish please!!Cant the president joke?Is he nit a human being like all of us?Mulesala ifyakulemba and the headlines of your articles should nit be too sensational withut substance!

  28. Southern Africa has been infested with serious mental diseases reflected by thousands of mentally sick men and women carrying bags of garbage along Zambian streets. But some variants of mental disorders are extremely difficult to explain by Psychologists trained to diagnose and provide lasting curative remedies. God Help Us.

  29. Zambians?? The Man was joking?? Have a sense of humor and don’t get everything so serious?? Fact of the matter though?? Mr. President some of your Ministers like Shamenda look very dirty with their untied grey hairs & Beard?? Get them Young Girls to clean them up?? They are an embarrassment.

    • “…look very dirty. “I take it this statement is from a lack of good command of the language. The guy may look scruffy. He doesn’t look dirty inall senses of the word.

  30. I have known Sata for many years as a man of humor. However, he had never joked about having or not having hair. I am afraid, we should prepare for a presidential by-election before 2013 closes. It’s surprising that our MPs (both opposition and PF) don’t see any thing strange with Sata’s behavior. His brains need scanning otherwise one day he will order the army or police to slaughter will be too late. Never allow a mentally sick man to rule….a mad does not distinguish between PF and non-PF. This is a timely warning.

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