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Shamenda says PF has created 316, 089 jobs from October 2011 to July this year

Economy Shamenda says PF has created 316, 089 jobs from October 2011 to...

Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda
Labour Minister Fackson Shamenda

THE Patriotic Front (PF) government says it has created more than 316,089 jobs since assuming power in September 2011.

Minister of Labour and Social Security Fackson Shamenda said the 316, 089 jobs were created in various sectors of the economy between October 2011 and July this year.

Mr Shamenda said at a press briefing in Lusaka yesterday that the jobs were created directly and indirectly through effective implementation of policies, projects, programmes and activities under the PF government.

“This, indeed, is testimony of hard work of the PF government towards fulfilling its pact with the people of Zambia.

“The 2013 national budget, whose theme is “Delivering inclusive development and social justice”, has for the first time put job creation at the centre of the country’s development agenda by explicitly targeting the creation of 200,000 jobs in 2013. Sectors targeted for these jobs include agriculture, tourism, manufacturing and construction,” he said.

Mr Shamenda said of the 316,089 jobs, the tourism sector accounted for 218,344 jobs, the electricity, gas and water sector accounted for 27,369 jobs while the services sector had 13,470 jobs out of which 13,463 were directly created by the Road Development Agency.

He said the education sector has seen 10,099 jobs while the finance and banking sector has had 5,481 jobs. The community, social and human development sector had 4,136 jobs.

“The rest of the sectors, including transport and communication, health, agriculture, forestry and fishing and others, each accounted for less than two percent,” Mr Shamenda said.

He said the tourism sector is one of the sectors targeted for job creation. Mr Shamenda said the figures will drastically shoot up after the United Nations World Tourism Organisation conference, which Zambia will co-host with neighbouring Zimbabwe this month.


  1. Mr Shamenda – Where can I go to have these statistics verified. That is more than 60% completely new Jobs created in 2 years, phenomenal.

    But then again, I doubt there will be any supporting evidence, other than hallucinations. BUFI.

    • This is simple to confirm that these are not real jobs. If they were real jobs our PAYE would have jump by over 40%, or may be close to 100% fold increase. Facts are easy to support but hypothesis is a difficult thing to support like is the case with this one from Shamende.

  2. This number is too high, its impact would have been felt by many people. I take this number with a pinch of salt, no make that a salt cellar.

  3. Well done. But it could have been better if what has gone into by-electiions alone was given to fund business start ups. What must this PF govt do to stop this money loosing through by-elections? By-elections issue is so practically active and money draining at the expense of many other equally important areas. The constitution must provide a lasting solution on by-elections. Create even more jobs. The employment figure is still too low in this resources rich nation.

    • Floyd, do you still live in denial and believe that PF are delivering? Or is it in hope that they will deliver?

  4. loading………………………….error,try again
    loading…………………………..error,try agin
    loading……loading…………..error and shot down.
    pf ni non starter.

  5. PF and ubufi…. Sata is on record saying they have created 650,000 jobs (labour celebrations) since coming into power. What has happened to the other 300,000? Govt has no policies that can contribute to job creation in the tourism sector. The growth if any is from the forever growing number of hotels and lodges that are on the back of mining expansion. Tourism growth has been on the back of the mass exodus of white Zimbabwean who fled the wrath of Mugabe and now the UNTWO which undoubtedly will create temporary jobs. So spare us your usual none sense and preach hat to your jobless cadres who blindly accept your lies.

  6. I never thought we would need someone to preach about these developments. They should be out there for everyone to see for them selves. Next someone will be telling us they provide three square meals to us daily.

  7. These jobs are unsustainable no beneficial conditions of service – short time jobs are not sustainable jobs. Lekeni HH ateke!

  8. U are sick in da head….Labour minister of a Banana republic…..BUFI GO HANG!!!!

  9. 316,089 pf related jobs. 1 minister needs a driver pf cadre, a maid pf cadre, a garden boy pf cadre and a gate man, times a number of ministries times two. District Commissioner needs a driver pf cadre, a maid pf cadre, a garden boy pf cadre and a gate man times the number of districts in Zambia.

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