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Stop running the party like a company, Chief Chimbuka tells PF leadership

Rural News Stop running the party like a company, Chief Chimbuka tells PF leadership

Chief Chimbuka of the Bemba speaking people in Chinsali district has advised the Patriotic Font Leadership to stop running the party like a company.

The traditional leader who himself said he is a staunch PF member observes that this has led to many people who were sympathetic to the ruling party leaving.

He says the ruling party should work at getting back to the people especially in rural areas if the party is to survive.

Chief Chimbuka who opted to use his native language in an interview with QFM says he is speaking from experience having seen what is going on in the ruling party.

Chief Chimbuka adds that the people on the grassroots are not with the ruling party because they feel abandoned after voting for the ruling party in the 2011 elections.

He says he feels very sorry for the Patriotic Front, urging those at secretariat and the provincial to work extremely hard to move the party forward.


    • The Chief is very right.Sata stop listerning to kabimba,mmbembe,masebo,nchito.these thugs are distroying what you’ve worked for.How can you become so unpopular when your back ground if full of achivments.You have torch with the pipo.But when ever these thugs open their selffish mouths,it irritates everyone.This was the misstake RB made by listerning to pipo like kachingwe who have always wished you dead.

    • …. Lets see if Chief Chimbuka will be fired from the company like once-upon-a-time Sosala was fired.
      We have said it before, I wonder if Chimbuka reads what we write here. If PF is not LTD company, then its an NGO.

    • This is what we mean when we say PF is for Bembas. Even the Chief has admitted being a “staunch” supporter of PF. Look at the make up of government and you will see the Bemba bias. Sata’s cabinet meetings are held in Bemba. People from other tribes are being fired left right and center (Hapunda, Lubinda, Lungu, the list continues to grow). This is giving a bad name to good Bembas out there. PF you are a bunch of crooked tribalists to the core. I wouldn’t piss* on any of you if you were on fire. Sha!!!

  1. You are sport on chief, PF is loosing popularity faster than a bush fire in july,and its oblivion will be drastic as it is full of viscious and ruthless heavy weights, think of characters like GBM, Winter, Nsanda, Father in the main house ….

  2. So their own is admiting that those who voted for PF are no longer on their side anymore. Winter, Sata can’t you get that and change for the better by channeling our govt resourses to need areas and not by-elections and biggest cabinet in africa?

  3. Is this the same traditional ruler who was dethroned as chief Mwamba by MCS and later picked by bashilubemba to be paramount chief Chitimukulu? Avoka finally ka? I smell a rat here but I don`t know where the smelling rat is. Has his appoitment been approved and gazetted by government? Interesting!

    • Of course it doesn’t – to you. He wasn’t speaking to those whose mental capacity has been severely diminished due to the loss of blood flow to the brain (caused by the tightness of PF’s sphincter muscle).

      Get your head out and take a breath of fresh air.

  4. I think the Chief is right, but don’t get the company reference. What “company” would survive by (a) taking on massive unplanned debt; and (b) insulting its customers?

    ……on the other hand (c) predatory behavior to wipe out the competition maybe does fit the PF story.

  5. There is No one runing the Party. Chief Chimbuka is very right and he has made this observation bcoz he loves the Party.

  6. History repeats itself! Well country men, such patronage is similar to the praises Hitler used to receive in Nazi German. You have got to pay obedience to the leader and his chosen people (tribe)! The Church obeyed him too, and he showed them with gifts or blessings as the Catholics in Zambia see it.

  7. Pipo ni 10 commandments ilebomba apa manje, but am sure these are not the bible 10 commandments we all know…. may be PF 10 commandments.

  8. I am sure one more election loss will bring the PF leaders and cadres down to earth. We may get back our fast vanishing democracy. We want PF to compete fairly, that is all. Not to use the state to finish off the opposition. The state should be used to develop Zambia, to make Zambians walk with their heads high.

    • Absolutely. But, additionally, since the likes of Kabimba do not see any kind of sense but are in a one-track shallow mind, he will now plot to punish the chief for his wise words rather than heed his advice.

  9. IF ONLY THEY CAN LISTEN BECAUSE PF LEADERS, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT, HAVE GROWN SO BIG HEADED AND THINK THEY OWN ZAMBIA. Good Leadership is about being a good listener, should take criticism as an opportunity to improve than intimidating / firing who ever does not agree with Sata.

  10. What has this got to do with the Litunga? Why should he be advising the PF to win back support? He is non partisan and he cannot do that. The Bemba Chief is PF and he is worried that his PF is in the dustbin!

  11. The chief is very very correct, this is what made MMD to loose the 2011 election becouse of listening to selfsh people. Be wie our president as you have been before.

  12. Wait and see the upcoming outbursts from Winter Ka-bimbi. pipo who don’t read in between the lines, instead of being thankful to the advise, he will come shouting back the his Royal highness

  13. Corection bwana Chief. You r right, only PF would never know how to run a company. PF is run like a kantemba owned by an old man somewhere.

  14. i woudn`t waste my energy advising vi pf…
    giving advise to these thugs is the sme as
    talking to a deaf person using vocal language.

  15. l love Sata with all my heart and soul but he is mad and this makes me mad as well! All of us in PF are mad now as this chief rightly puts it.

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