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BY Mwila dies in South Africa

Headlines BY Mwila dies in South Africa

Ben Mwila
Ben Mwila

FORMER Defence Minister Ben Mwila, 70, is dead. Mr Mwila, popularly known as BY, died in South Africa yesterday, according to the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation.

Mr Mwila died on Saturday, August 17, 2013 around 18:00 hours. Family Spokesperson Chanda Chimba the III has also confirmed.

BY was one of the founders and financiers of the MMD and he became the Defence Minister in 1991 the position he held for seven years, the longest to have served in that position.

Mr Mwila was also Uncle to the Second Republican President Frederick Chiluba. During the funeral of Chiluba, BY was the family Spokesperson.

After being expelled from MMD due to his presidential ambition, Mr Mwila formed his political Party that later merged with ZADECO became Zambia Republican Party (ZRP).

He contested the 2001 elections under the ZRP ticket with the current PF General Secretary Wynter Kabimba as his Vice president.

In the run-up to 2006 elections Mr Mwila’s ZRP, PF, PUDD and Never Mumba’s party formed an Alliance called National Democratic Focus.

The PF later pulled out after the Mwila and other opposition leaders refused to give Michael Sata the presidency saying a convention must be held to elect a presidential candidate.

At the Kabwe convention Mr Mwila beat Dr Mumba in a tightly contested election to be the president of NDF.

Dr Mumba then left NDF but Mr Mwila contested the 2006 elections as a Parliamentary candidate in Chienge, his home village. This is the only seat NDF won in 2006.

In the last elections he supported the candidature of President Rupiah Banda who lost to Mr Sata of PF.


    • When BY was in govt he should have worked to improve health care in the country. He would have died at home instead of wasting money seeking care in SA.

      Death – The great equalizer

    • There is a wise saying that goes : ” If you having no kind words to say for the dead, it is better not to say anything.” And so I will hold my Tongue!!!!


    Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba has declared that Afumba Mombotwa and other Barotse activists will be dealt with severely because they have committed treason.
    And Mwamba has confirmed that 45 activists have been arrested.

    Mwamba, Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu and Zambia army commander Lieutenant General Mihova rushed to Mongu on Saturday when they heard that Mombotwa has been sworn is as administrator General of Bsrtoseland.
    Mwamba accused Mombotwa and others of declaring a state within a state. He said it was treasonable and that once caught, they will all be dealt wit severely. He said the activists attempted to raise their own flag.
    And Home Affairs minister Egdar Lungu said…

  2. someone to remind the ECZ that elections for the three constituences should be held within 90 days from the date of nullification.

    • No if there is a legal injunction restraining that, it cant be held. Simple. That 90 days is where everything is normal and no challenge to it in the courts of law. We have to follow the law.

  3. BY knew who planned bringing down of the Plane in Gabon where our Gallant men died in 1993. In indicated that the fact that 2 of his Children were the only ones that died in that Accident at Arcades in the same year everyone realised we won the Africa Cup because the fallen Heroes played a hand should have been a lesson enough to be set free.

    Gen Shikapwasha, army commander at that time, needs to come out in the open, and set himself free.

    May his soul rest in piece.

  4. A galant soldier who found for the birth of democracy dies. MYSRIP.

  5. Yaba,poor minestone and wade adams employees who toiled to make this man become rich,can forget about their terminal benefits,shaya ukuya abashibwela.soooooori

  6. Twaimba ichimbo chamalilo
    Alale Mwila
    Twaimba nalelo Democracy yaya
    Impalume nalelo yaya
    Ati ngabalamonana
    Posheni Ba Chiluba,ponsheni ba Levy
    Mwipushe Ba Kapwepwe,mwipushe Ba Nkumbula
    Bebeni abana mu Zambia ba chula
    Yangu impalume alale ne mwine
    Twaimba nalelo ichimbo cha malilo Mwila, Mwila, alale Mwila!

  7. … Mr Mwila contested the 2006 elections as a Parliamentary candidate in Chienge, his home village

    BY Mwila came from Nchelenge and not Chienge, He was an MP for Nchelenge

  8. RIP BY, journey well and see your young ones. Any life lost whether we loved him when he was alive is a loss to humanity. Thank you for sponsoring the MMD and stimulating change in 1991. Your money did not go in vain. MYSRIP God’s child.

  9. RIP ba BY,we will surely miss u,I really feel 4 the Mwila family.they hav been faced wit a lot of tragedies.God be wit u the mwila’s

  10. May the good Lord take care of you in His Eternal Home. You contributed something to Zambian politics. MYSRIEP

  11. Too bad, this man was a business icon and he had a lot of employees who depended on him for survival. MHSRIP

  12. i think i remember BY threatening late Chiluba’s children with witchcraft if they continued questioning their fathers death.has the bewitcher himself been biwitched?Life ooo….na go kick you in the behind when you least expect it!

  13. Too bad MHSRP.
    He may had his own weaknesses as a human being, but was very creative businessman.
    At least some of his compainies known to me excluding those abroad and others I may not know in Zambia are as listed:

    (i) Investment holdings
    (ii) Gilmer Engineering
    (iii) Hume Pipes
    (iv) Titanium paints
    (v) Bird and tatilock
    (vi) Minestone
    (vii) Wade Adams

  14. I felt really bad when i heard the news may your soul rest in peace ba BY we know you are in a better place the people who knew how great you were are mourning you may God give the family strength Amen

  15. Kafikepo mwata !!! Memories of you will still lingers on, may GOD grant us favour mourning our beloved Father,Uncle and Granny… MHSRIP.

  16. I liked his political lifestyle though I knew little about his social side. Sad indeed!

  17. I think it is very hypocritical for people to start saying nice things about someone just because they are dead, been dead does not change who you where and what kind of legacy you built here on earth, if people knew you as a corrupt being so you shall be remembered. To his family he have been a hero just like any other parent, but he was a public figure and so to some he was a corrupt man and so he shall be remembered.

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