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Zimbabwe shock Zambia to qualify for CHAN

Sports Zimbabwe shock Zambia to qualify for CHAN

Zam 5

Zimbabwe upset hosts Zambia 1-0 in the second leg of their African Nations Championship (CHAN) tie on Saturday.

The 1-0 aggregate win means Zimbabwe have qualified from the Southern Zone for the CHAN finals to be held in South Africa next year.

Charles Sibanda scored the only goal of the tie after 65 minutes to shock Zambia, who had been tipped to win the game and reach the finals of the tournament for locally-based players only.


  1. Sad result. Looks like a 20-year revenge after Great Kalu nailed the Warriors and Bruce Grobbelaar in the early 1990s.

  2. after zimbabwe scored, our tactless coach started substituting strikers for strikers thereby balancing the all game, to zim’s advantage, instead of packing the front line.
    useless coach that we have….

    • sorry, meant to say ‘balancing the whole game’.
      yaba,… naba coach bene twakwata, lets hope and pray that in ghana, ghanaians will forget to pray for a win……. LOL!

  3. let’s just be politiking, insulting Sata and the barotse pa side! how can we win when the couch wears hipstars.

  4. Great relief to the nation,the boys had no single determination to win in all the games they have bin playing ever since they were assembled since Cosafa. Let them rest in peace forever and never find a chance in the senior national team.

  5. Zambians let’s learn to accept a loss. It has nothing to do with Renard. Even if we can insult him has has delivered AFCON and COSAFA. If Zambians think we shall get a better coach than Renard, ………Kaya!

    • Has any blogger insulted Renard here and is it true, by extension, that he (HR) is not responsible for the loss? So because Renard delivered AfCON and COSAFA then soccer fans should pour unstinting praises rather thoughtlessly even after a team has lost. I find your point of view fundamentally flawed. Why participate and compete then if the mentality is that when we lose we will derive bliss from the AfCON and COSAFA.
      Granted you win some and lose some but shouldn’t mistakes be pointed out? Don’t pass the buck here. Renard himself has already accepted he is to blame. In fact in my view, those that offer constructive criticism are the ones that like him more because they want to him to succeed.

  6. I love both teams,zimbabwe and zambia is one country. Ystrday it was zambia we suported and today its zimbabwe zambians must do like wise.

  7. SMH…let the excuses keep coming in…I wonder where the PE teacher and the Great King is? In Zambia its all bravado, Zimbabwe prepared for the game and deserve the win. Congratulations Zimbabwe its about the present and preparations not about what you won in past. 🙂

  8. @OldRugsOUT, you are just familiar with mediocrity that’s y ur happy wit national soccer team’s performance. These boys should be serious wit their career. Herve is not a soccer coach. He plays game of chance 2 thru it all. The boys aim at nothing. They just push the ball. Mediocre …, mediocre…… mediocre!!!!!

  9. ….it could have made alittle sense if we drew at home and lost in Harare…anyway nothing makes sense other than qualifying……I have just bought a lottery ticket…lottery draw to held on 6th Sept. in Kumasi. I have kept my fingers crossed…..I’m on my way to see a family doctor. It seems i’m the only one who feels this way when we lose…I can’t describe or explain the feeling but two symptom always resurface….no appetite for ANYTHING and I mean anything and very agitated, temperamental,,,,,eish!..kuntu waapooleka

  10. Go warriors go!!! Dats Y soccer is such a beautiful game. Its because of its attrocious unpredictability hey.

  11. as much as i’d like to rejoice,if it were anyone else,surely i would stick it on their nose!!But Zambians are a humble bunch of people,no ways im going to lose my senses.I will wait for those that call us makwerekwere rather.Tough luck our super neighbors!!

  12. I love Zambians. They are for real our true neighbours. We are one people. This match was a battle between brothers so lets rejoice together nomatter who won

  13. I am humbled by the character the Zimbabwean soccer fans have shown on this blog. Instead of directing words or actions intended to evoke contemptuous laughter or feelings toward us, they have extended an extraordinary great amount of neighborly love coupled with respect. Congratulations Zimbabwe – The better team achieved the victory.

  14. Thank you Warriors. You have done your part as a national team. ZIFA shld support you in all your efforts to raise the Zim flag. To my fellow Zambians, tough luck, naimwi munatenga COSAFA paja. GO WARRIORS GO

  15. The Shona nation defeated the Bemba nation bcoz we’re tribally divided….and that can only be a good thing for Shonas.

  16. Zimbabwe comprises 2 main tribes, shonas and matebele (ndebele) while Zambia comprises 73 including malozi.

  17. I have been working with some Zambians who came to Zimbabwe during the 70’s, i like these guys we are brothers and all of us would like to congratulate the warriors.To all Zambian fans, i say its only a game of football.

  18. Im happy we won,but l remember how painfull l felt when zambia was beaten at Afcon 2013 and how happy l was when chipolopolo won Afcon 2012.To my neighbours zambia,l want to support you at Brazil 2014 so come on,knock the lights out of Ghana.

  19. Guys these things happen. Thats why sport is a love-hate relationship. Like that girl you love so much but fight with all the time, but you cant leave her because she is the love of your life. Chipolopolo are the love of most of our “sporting life”, we have to deal with the disappointment too, sad as it is. Even Mancity were beaten by cardiff. There are no minnows in soccer any more. its about who wants the win more badly. Zambian became african champions because their desire and belief was greater than their mightier opponents. What kills teams is complacency, over-confidence, poor team selection, lack of team work, lack of self-belief and lack of faith. Put all this in and you have a Spain or a Man U. Big names dont win games, 11 players and a coaching staff working in tandem does it.

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