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TIZ demands Government action on the alleged $210 million single sourced contract


Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) has written to Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu asking government to take action and suspend all the officials who where involved in the alleged $210 million CCTV single sourced contact.

In a letter released to the media, TIZ has warned the PF Government to desist from engaging in wasteful secret procurement projects.

Below is the full letter.



    • 57 page dossier on the matter of single sourced contract? great work TIZ. how do you come about this information. I remember a similar dossier on Edward Tayali, the corrupt DEC officer how was fired based on your information. Great work!!

    • Write to the president, this Lungu is just a disciple with restricted powers

      And why is this letter with the press if it was written to the minister?

    • Zambia is a great country whose political culture NEVER allows it to be ruled by the right people. I dont think we’ve ever had a cabinet that was entirely good for us. Of course the country has been run down, but certainly not so bad as to be auctioned off or burnt. At the very least, it can only be closed down for renovations.

  1. goncalves,i agree with u we have a real problem we need an economist to run a country now it seems even the lawyers have thrown their code of conduct and just want to eat like hyenas,we are doomed oh my zambia

    • @need Economist to run the country. NOT ALL – because solutions that don’t address the problem compound it. The problem is holding our leaders and public officers accountable – just like TIZ are doing (great Job guys!!!). Only the Zambian citizens or voters can hold their leaders and public officers accountable. Solution therefore is to educate the people to get rid of the “bwana or azungu” subservient mentality. Leaders and public officers are public servants – employed to deliver service – and must treated as such (of course respectively)! There is a huge disconnect whereby the guy begging voters for their vote suddenly wins, gets into merc and becomes apamwamba and untouchable (loses touch). EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE!!!!! THANK YOU TIZ for the job well done!!!

    • I am now believing ZWD is genuine and authentic. I thought that cant heppen in the dont Kubeba government. Where is the paper that dig deeper.

  2. iwe ba TIZ why are you being selective? yes the govt must question over 210million dollars single sourcing contract..( LT please check again are we talking about Kr210million OR 210million dollars??)

    What about the Kr20million masebo UNTWO corrupt contract??

  3. Where is the transparency and accountability…put pressure on them to come out $210m is a lot of money to waste on corrupt parasites.

  4. Same technology that was at the centre of ZAMTROP and caused a lot of problems for many in the 3rd Rep. only difference is that in the former it was an American company and the later a Chinese one. Same stuff different texture and smell

  5. Somebody will run away and hide in south africa and hire AMSTADAm. And this lawyer will call us useful diots again.

  6. is it home affairs or ACC? let acc go on the ground and establish the truth, and not fools like ITZ to demand for an action when the truth is not yet out. single sourced and yet the are saying officials

  7. Zambia is a failed state with a failed leadership

    Failed states:

    Zambia : Ukwa (grade 3)
    DRC : Kabila (grade 7)
    South Africa : Zuma (grade 0) – fast becoming a failed state

  8. This is the banana republic the govt is enticing diasporans to go back to? You can be sure nobody will be prosecuted and jailed for this heinous crime.

  9. There are more illicit deals that will come to the fore once they are out of office. Mulandu siuola! One day we shall hear about the matrix of offshore payments especially on a lot of these Chinese deals.

  10. For those who know the true colours of this leadership, it is not a surprise. We were warned. We did not believe the warnings. This is just a tip of the iceberg. This government is rotten to the core. Allergic to corruption? Fake.

  11. This reaction by PF is part of being allergic to corruption…… what a strategy. Say one thing and mean the exact opposite.

  12. Two procurement methods are generally utilized by government Single sourcing or multiple sourcing. If guidelines permit single sourcing, then it is difficult and wrong for TIZ to call for multiple sourcing. It would be better to cite concrete examplesof successful contracts that are cheap and affordable in order to prove moral deficit. As things stand, the case against government remains speculative.

    • So you think we do not know? Why do you think TIZ has raised a red flag here and provided the evidence to ACC? Wa bwela futi natuma comments twako tulibezelu.

  13. Mr Goodwell Lungu, you worked for ACC for a long time to your adulthood, Zambia is tiny among many warring b-epeople, if Zambia’s cctv on roads are meant for national security, why not respect which you know. fck off ***** u r now making me angry

  14. there is nothing wrong with gov outsourcing for an individual specific contract. you want your company to set up cctv in zed? its even better that your cousin ted at hq police mans whole sysetm ***** nd fck u lungu. i am sad u can come out like so because of funding. a lot of people believed in u when were at ACC. NOW U R VERY UPSETTING AND FCK U, IS IT ALL ABOUT MONEY?

  15. Atually dr it is not the pants being bought, nor road being made, it is CCTV contract. Other Gov simply installs because it within executive powers to protect a people groping and those with hangover

  16. This CCTV is it really a priority in Zambia first of all? How much employment is it going to create against its expenditure?

  17. These contracts are very tricky, some one is gaining somewhere. we all the Chinese contracted to most of these gravel roads, but doing poor workmanship, look at the period of the contracts 5 years. It would be better to tar the roads, and reduce on fake maintenance we are seen on the gravel roads.

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