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Internal bickering could cost PF in 2016 General Elections-Wynter Kabimba

Headlines Internal bickering could cost PF in 2016 General Elections-Wynter Kabimba

PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba,Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe and Provincial Treasurer Chomba Chipili shows a party symbol to the delegates after he officiate at the Party Provincial Indaba in Kasama
FILE: PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba,Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe and Provincial Treasurer Chomba Chipili shows a party symbol to the delegates after he officiate at the Party Provincial Indaba in Kasama

Patriotic Front –PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has advised PF members to avoid forming parallel structures in the party.

Mr Kabimba has also warned party members that the bickering that was currently going on in the party could cost the PF in the 2016 general elections.

ZANIS in Ndola reports that Mr Kabimba said this during the official opening of a two-day Ndola district PF consultative meeting at the Zambia International Trade Fair grounds this morning.

Mr Kabimba said it was important that party officials understood that they have to work with the members that have been appointed or voted into office.

“My advice to you is to avoid forming parallel structures in the party, work with party members that have been appointed or voted into office, if we are not careful the current bickering that is going on in the party can cost us the 2016 general elections, “ he said.

Mr Kabimba further called on all PF party members to exercise high levels of discipline so that they can maintain the confidence of the electorates.

He said the party and its leadership does not entertain any form of violence and that any party official found wanting in that area will be dealt with by the law.

“As your Secretary General I am asking you to exercise high levels of discipline, we need a crop of leaders that are disciplined and don’t engage in any violence acts, I can assure you the President Sata I know will at no time condone or protect anyone involved in violence, you will just end up in jail,’ he said.

The PF Secretary General further advised founding PF members not to be misled by the opposition political parties that are alleging that the party leadership has forgotten about them.

“Let me tell you, I can even bet my money on this, the opposition will not win in 2016, so they have resorted to misleading and misguiding you, we know our party founders we can never forget you,” he said.

Mr Kabimba further said the practice of embracing“outsiders” at the expense of founding members of the party should be discouraged.

“The practice of bringing outsiders to supersede long standing members is wrong,’ he said.

And speaking earlier, Ndola district PF chairman George Chisulo explained that the party had embarked on a mobilization programme in the area.

Mr Chisulo said the party in Ndola district had realised that party mobilization was an on- going process and that the party was very strong on the ground as could be evidenced by the wining of all the four parliamentary seats in the district and 26 out of the 28 wards.

The conference drew participants from all the four constituencies in the district and officials from other districts in the province.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba says the Patriotic Front (PF) does not have any enemies as it is a party giving leadership to all Zambians.

Mr. Kabimba stated that as a ruling party, the PF remains committed to developing the country adding that this cannot be achieved unless government officials work in unity.

He said this when he paid a courtesy call on Copperbelt provincial minister Mwenya Musenge, Ndola Mayor Davies Chiwala, and District Commissioner Rebby Chanda in Ndola today.

The Justice minister noted that government officials were appointed to their positions by the President whom he said expected them to work as a team.

Mr.Kabimba noted that in the past 20 years, the country has recorded very little development adding that Zambians must see change now that the PF is in government.

He urged Ndola District Commissioner Rebby Chanda to keep an open door policy and give residents a sense of belonging as his office was critical in the government set-up.

“Government is ready to develop the district and wants to see to it that things change in the city of Ndola because in 2011 Patriotic Front campaigned and people must see change,” he said.

Mr Kabimba also urged Ndola Mayor Davies Chiwala to work hand in hand with the Town Clerk in order to sort out any challenges the city council was facing.


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    • Did he say he is standing? Or are we reading different stories here? Give him the credit he deserves even if you don’t like him. He worked hard to help Mr Sata organise the party and win the elections. Nobody can take that away from him. Remove him from there and you will see how PF will disintegrate and get walloped in 2016. This is not a joke now, the opposition are now making serious gains all because some of PF leaders do not want to listen. If GBM and his campaign team did not harrass Andrew Banda in Mkaika, PF would have won that seat. But if you are operating in Eastern province and you violate the family of Rupiah Banda while his own people are voting, do you think those people are so stupid that they will abandon their own person and still vote for you? Kabimba is right.

    • Listen and learn. You know where you are coming from, you know where you are and you can predict where you are going. MUNSHEBWA AILE NAMASHINSHI KU BUKO.

    • PF and SATA should get rid of Kambimba, Mmembe, Grievous Bodily harm Monger(GBM), Chibesakunda, Matibini, and Libongeni in order to win back the support of the people even in major cities. He should also allow people to enjoy the freedoms and do away with POA.

    • 2021govt
      President current in Zambia
      Minister of health current in UK
      Agric Current Aussie
      Finance Current in Canada
      SPORT current in Zambia
      Labour SA
      Justice former chizzy mental
      Education former DK
      lands and mineral Ucrist

    • Yes Please, give him big ones, he deserves big insults. I don’t condone insults but for Wynter I give you 100% go ahead.

    • At supreme court level, a single judge cannot make a ruling alone.It has to be a minimum of three judges. I am not a lawyer but based on my observation of court proceedings in Zambia and at international level ie ICC, if a party of a court case appeals against a judgement of a lower court, the other parties are expected to present counter arguments to the submissions of the appellant. In order the other parties to submit counter arguments, they need time to study the appeals arguments and make their case against the appeal. Taking into consideration that the Attorney General submitted his appeal slightly after close of business yesterday, the other parties could only have seen the appeal arguments today, therefore it will not be reasonable for the court to expect counter arguments.

  1. Interesting??? See who is talk? The Man who brought the same Bickering. Wynter, you started this fire and I am sure it will truly burn you. PF are a disappointment. Zambians, enough with these PF liars. Good they are losing all By-Elections. We need serious people to transform our country. We are tired of the same stories. We need real strategies and measure that will move Zambia forward. We are a rich Nation with all resources to elevate poverty in our communities. PF should be out in 2016 period??? SATA don’t stand to save yourself embracement. You have wrong people like this liar called Kabimba??

    • How did Wynter start the bickering?Like it or not,Kabimba(WK) is a very good organiser though himself may not win an election.Pf will never have a better SG other than WK.When WK was organising candidates for these by election,PF was winning.When GBM and his henchman Lungu started getting involved & sidelining WK,PF is loosing elections.If you are a proper PF member,analyse these issues properly,you will discover the GBM is distroying the party.GBM’s thinking is limited to money,he thinks he can buy eveyone.Even those supporting him are after his money.GBM should remember that the late BY in 96 campaigned heavely using money but got nothing.At BY’s nominations day,the high court grounds could not contain his “supporters”.GBM and WK are not presidential material,but WK is a good…

    • Levy Mwanawasa was the best president Zambia has ever had… with KK being a close second. Sata and Chiluba are tied for the worst.

    • I agree with the Bricklayer. Levy was the best. The man believed in the rule of law. He respected the courts unlike the anarchy we are seeing now.

    • KK the one who left us with the biggest per capita debt in the world! RB is my man. It is under Mwanawasa that Membe and co got the dubious loan from DBZ which now dont want to pay. Mwanawasa is only lauded simply for the fact that he is dead. His family tree was only slightly smaller than Ukwa’s forest.

    • Best is Levy by far, second place KK, third RB, fourth Chiluba and fifth we don’t know, between Sata, GBM, Wynter,Scott, Mmembe, Chikwanda or Edgar Lungu.

  2. Well said sir.out of the topic now, it is a pity that the opposition is celebrating after winning a seat that belonged to them.I find it a problem understanding why the opposition should celebrate for something that belonged to them in the first place ? Its like celebrating the breaking of virg-inity after mastur-bation(one shouldn’t celebrate the use of his or her own things).Win one seat in a PF stronghold then we will give you that thumbs up

    • @saulosi, this is sour grapes. Any electoral victory is worth celebrating because it could have gone anyway. If PF retain power in 2016 you honestly think there will be no celebration? And you tell me that PF MPs who retained their seats in 2011 did not celebrate? I like when you are more objective.

    • hahahahah…. aleisa aleisa aleisa and NO Sata 2016 must have been coined in by the oppostion. GMB vs mmembe and kabimba fight must have been caused by the opposition. AND All the endsorments fights must have caused by the opposition..

    • As things stand, PF will loose in Mansa Central, and will make sure they do.

      The way Chiluba was handled and later killed by these PF bafoon’s cannot go unnoticed, later on abandoning Kennedy Sakeni in Hospital. PF should forget about Luapula Votes now.

    • iwe kasaulosi styopet !!!!!!!!! why did u participate in the elections???if u participated and u lost it means that u are a looser………. alaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The philosophy of the PF has been never to leave an enemy behind. The strategy of buying Mps and inducing by-elections was intended to destroy the MMD in particular and the opposition in general. This was intended to give Mr Sata and PF absolute power. The Mkaika result has just comfirmed that MMD and the opposition are very much alive and this should be very good for Democracy and for the long term future of our country. From now on PF will be forced to spend money on Agriculture, on Medicines, on roads, on job creation, on poverty reduction and on all those things that matter to ordinary people. This is why MMD is celebrating and is why all Zambians including you Saulosi should be celebrating Mkaika.

    • @flag Nkole wa Mapembwe umfwe Milandu…I like that.I like people responding to my posts with good data and intellectual abilities.I love that bro.Keep em coming.

  3. Beting money is the boy winter not imformed about the 9054 votes again 1700 please brief my boy pf of 2011 is no longer there

  4. But the Mukaika seat was an obvious thing that it belongs to the M.M.D. There is really nothing to talk about.

    Easterners are conservatives. They take time to change. Even under Levy it took long for them to change from U.N.I.P to M.M.D.

    It will also take them long to change from M.M.D to any other political party no matter how vibrant that party will be.

    • Sometimes it is good to be Conservative, what has PF brought to Zambians?? big thumbs up to Mkaika people, they don’t like betrayers like David Phiri. all he want is money for his pocket. They tought him a lesson. Well Done mkaika people, we are proud of you.

    • @ The Prince, I totally agree with you. It is better to be conservative than to be blown all over the place like a feather in the wind. PF has brought nothing but tribalism and nepotism to Zambia. This is the legacy of PF. In 2016 PF will face an uphill battle. Zambians will definitely give PF a taste of donchi kubeba.

    • If that is the case then it was highly styopet for pa fipuba to get the MMD MP to defect to their party if Mkaika was such a stronghold for MMD and Easterners are conservative buffoons. Then it makes the wastage of money, personnel and man hours even more lamentable given the high levels of poverty in the country. Shouldn’t the pa fipuba have been concentrating on providing ARVs to those who need it than electioneering and causing actual bodily harm to citizens in Mkaika? If Eastern is such an MMD stronghold then why are they fighting tooth and nail using your tax dollars to try and stop Dora and Maxwell from standing?

  5. Just out of curiosity. Last time Elias Chipimo tried holding an in-door meeting the police pounced on him. I am sure the Police as ever had no problem granting PF the go ahead to meet. Just wondering…

    • It is “Animal Farm” @Mfumu. They hide under the veil of being Ministers doing Government business even when it is a purely party program.

  6. If you have a chick who is being courted by a Sugar Daddy and she chooses you,does that not call for celebration you bitter losers? Ati it was an MMD seat,we all knows that and its still theirs albeit 9054 to 1700

  7. We are gunning for Mansa Central, that is when the Poor Finishers will really get embarrassed!!!!!

  8. Ba Kabimba you made me hate you more after that live debate with Gen. Miyanda the great man. Remember you are a Lawyer that has never won a case

  9. Well solution to this problem is everyone involved in this Hunt for State house Plot 1, before the sitting tennant, has even contemplated leaving should be SACKED with immediate effect!! That includes You Mr Kabimba. Then axe should fall on those who’ve declared “They are only in Government to eat, & secure their businesses” Family forest should be axed & burned down – (Chitemene), as if Government officials are NOT selected on merit, productivity & development suffer. Then maybe 2016 may be a sail for P.F. At the moment Not looking good!!!!

  10. The soup is already spoiled bwana summer, your party is full of play men, good at talking too much and forgetting to develop Zambia. the remaining 2 yrs is not enough for you to catch up. 2016 unless you go the Mugabe way, otherwise mukatamba amatako ya sonka. my vote will no longer be for pf

  11. @Mwanivudemwani – if they knew all along that Mkaika was an MMD seat why did they cause the by-election, and indeed all the others?

    PF lost. Period.

  12. “Respect elected or ‘appointed’ leaders”. Here lies the problem in PF. Kabimba knows he relies on being appointed, this makes him a lame duck. Who wants to give 101% loyalty to someone who hasn’t earned it in the ballot box?

    Further he talks about “founding” members and “outsiders”. Folks the man is calling for discipline in the party whilst simultaneously segregating and drawing the lines between “true” PF and “Chancers”. This is absolutely ironical!

    My question: Which group can you place GBM? What about MPs who defected from the opposition and are Ministers? Is he indirectly condemning Sata for appointing “outsiders” at the expense of “insiders”? There’s a BIG problem in PF and it won’t go away anytime soon.

  13. To all you poor bitter wound licking clowns (Soulosi and co.) who are saying MMD shouldn’t celebrate a seat that was theirs, can you answer this?
    Why did your party bribe and accept David Phiri if they knew he wasn’t going to win? Why did your party even bother campaigning there? Why did your party send high profile loud mouths in the name of Sata and GBM there if they knew it was an MMD seat? Why is your party (thankfully) very quiet about the results?
    Some of us think!!!

  14. Ati “PF is losing because of internal bickering” NO – it is LOSING because of “uBUFI”. The Zambian people have just realized they were duped into believing the ‘inaction’ man was gonna change the world in 90days!!

  15. Is LT part of the opposition? They have blocked liking/disliking for PF followers. I ve been blocked for over two months. I can only read.



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