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MMD victory should be a reminder PF to concentrate on promise delivery and not by-elections creations-Nevers

Headlines MMD victory should be a reminder PF to concentrate on...

L-R: Kasenengwa Member of Parliament(MP) Victoria Kalima, Chembe MP Mwansa Mbulakulima, Newly re-elected Chipata Central MP Reuben Mtolo Phiri and MMD leader Nevers Mumba waiting for the final election results at Chipata Municipal Council
L-R: Kasenengwa Member of Parliament(MP) Victoria Kalima, Chembe MP Mwansa Mbulakulima, Newly re-elected Chipata Central MP Reuben Mtolo Phiri and MMD leader Nevers Mumba waiting for the final election results at Chipata Municipal Council

MMD president Nevers Mumba has said that his party’s landslide victory in the Mkaika parliamentary by-election is a clear signal to the Patriotic Front that the people of Zambia are upset and want action and not mere talk.

Dr Mumba told QFM in an interview that if the PF had doubts following its losses in the Solwezi East,Chipata central and Kafulafuta by-elections, the loss in Mkaika should remove every doubt that Zambians are upset with them.

He said that the people of Mkaika have handed the MMD a landslide victory because they have realized that the PF cannot perform.

He added that the MMD victory should be a reminder to the PF to concentrate on delivering on the promises they made to the people and not creating by-elections.

Dr. Mumba says the Patriotic Front should go back to the drawing board and put their house in order before things get even worse for them.

He said that despite the MMD victory he believes by elections are unnecessary at this time.

The MMD president said that he hoped the losses suffered by the PF will make them realize that the induced by-elections to prove their popularity are not helping the Zambian people.

And United Party for National Development (UPND) deputy Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa has said that his party is happy with the victory of the MMD.

He said that the victory should send a strong message to the PF.

Mr Mweetwa has since congratulated the MMD on their victory in Mkaika, adding that the victory is a clear indication that the people of Zambia are fed up with the PF’s poor governance style and stagnant economy.

Meanwhile, MMD has said its victory in the just ended Mkaika constituency parliamentary by-elections was a lesson to other political parties in the country.

MMD Deputy National Secretary Chembe Nyangu said Mkaika constituency and Eastern province as a whole was its stronghold.

Mr. Nyangu said what has happened in Mkaika was evidence enough that the former ruling party stood a high chance of bouncing back into power in 2016 which he said was just around the corner.

“This is just a warning signal. MMD will no doubt bounce back to power come 2016. Zambian people have seen that it is only the former ruling party which is able to bring development for their benefit,” he said.

He said MMD was a peaceful party which does not subscribe to violence adding that even during its heated campaigns, the party conducted issue based strategic campaigns.

And deputy Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kapyongo, who was one of PF campaign team members in the area conceded defeat in the just ended Mkaika parliamentary by-elections in Eastern province.
Mr. Kapyongo said his party accepts the verdict of the people in Mkaika constituency.

Meanwhile, Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi said the outcome shows the will of the people in Mkaika.

Mr. Chipenzi said the result was good for a democratic country such as Zambia where people were free to exercise their right to vote for their preferred candidates.

“The people of Mkaika have spoken. This is good in democracy in a young nation like Zambia,” Mr. Chipenzi said.

He said his organization will be looking forward for peaceful campaigns in the future Petauke Central, Mulobezi and Malambo parliamentary by-elections slated for September 26, 2013.

And Ant-Voter Apathy Programme Director Richwell Mulwani said it was good that the people of Mkaika have again ushered into National Assembly a Member of Parliament of their choice.

Mr. Mulwani said his organization was impressed with the voter turnout during the Mkaika parliamentary by-election.

He urged electorates in the three in future by-elections in Malambo, Petauke Central and Mulobezi constituencies to emulate the people of Mkaika and vote in large numbers for their preferred candidates.

The opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) won the Mkaika constituency parliamentary seat in a by-election that was held yesterday with its candidate, Peter Phiri getting 9,054 votes against his closest rival, David Phiri of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) who trailed with 1,712, representing a difference of 7342 votes.

National Restoration Party (NAREP) candidate, Nigel Mpakateni came third with 161 votes while Nelson Mwale of the United National Independence Party (UNIP) brought the rear with 136 votes.

Mkaika constituency has 34,174 registered voters but only 11,305 voted yesterday with 242 votes being rejected.

The Mkaika parliamentary seat fell vacant after the then area MP, David Phiri resigned from the MMD to join the ruling PF on which he re-contested the seat.

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  1. Didn’t I tell Sata that he has added misfortunes to PF, by abandoning holy-funeral to go and campaign for PF?
    God is great!!!!

  2. Let the PF lose as many contests as possible so that by 2016 they will be just like the ruins of Greece.If my goat defected to these party of losers i will promptly disown it too.

    • PF has their strong holds as well. Mkaika is an MMD strong hold and it was not only PF who had entered to contest but there were many others. However we are sorry for David who left MMD and Lost. but it is good to loose that stay with a party which has no discpline.

  3. Pf please STOP these By elections if you dont want to loose the little credibility left, if any. Poor strategists. Surely dont know when to stop???



    • Going by your argument, if PF knew this was an MMD seat, why did PF spend all that money and mete out all that violence? Just for the fun of it? Learn to be objective!

    • Mansa central is definately for UKWA and His Kolwestans like you mambala. Ukwa has failed to use Easteners to satisfy his inflated ego. Just wait ba swine, 2016 will be much worse than this. The writing is on the wall…..swine!!

    It is not heard nowadays not even in the minibuses as I used to hear it before.

    I last heard it in March when one of the Minibus driver tried to put it on, but was told off by the passengers that we do not want to hear this song anymore.

    Is it time for kubeba or still Don’t Kubeba through by-election? help me I want to hear it again please.

  6. The arrogant Wynter Kabimba, blabbermouth Sylvia Masebo and the Fred Mmembe – Nchito cartel have managed to destroy and finish the PF.

    Apparently, Sata is still blind. He will only wake up in October 2016 when he is no longer president. Shame

    Bufi, Weenye, Ulabeja, Booza, Lies – they destroy

  7. Congratulations pastor Mumbwe but you shouldn’t be celebrating. That seat after all belonged to your party.Why should your celebrate for something that belonged to you in the first place ? Its like celebrating the breaking of virg-inity after mastur-bation.Win one seat in a PF stronghold then we will give you that thumbs up.Akuna continua !!!

    • @Tom if anything it is you who needs to grow up.Pf has only been in government for 2 years.The demographics for electorates don’t change overnight so it is naïve of the opposition to be celebrating.Let them nick a seat from PF(in a PF constituency) then we will be talking ,not a seat which is already in a place where PF couldn’t win in the last elections.

    • baguy mulibe nzelu. im sure you are one of those who dine at the same table with the opressors. ulichikopo sana swine iwe…

  8. neverlands (nevers mumba) by now u know that pf does not rig elections like yo mmd used to;thats even a party led by a simple pastor can win. As for the mkaika pipo am sure ignorance could ve caused this loss for pf.

    Chipenzi from fodep, hope next pf wins u ll say the thing.
    Mmd can celebrate but not for long.

  9. It was a deceiving song and those who were wise, did not vote for Don’t Kubeba. It has come to the mind of many people now that it was a hypocritical song and you shall never hear it anymore. My own cousin through it out of his house and burnt the tape some months ago when he found children playing it. He said it is irritating now.

  10. Uko, Uko fili uko tuleya.
    Congrats to the winning party and encourage the party in power to try with better promises next time.

  11. Bwana moderator wats there to moderate?/? Am saying the worst is yet to come for PF coz next is Petauke, Malambo and another seat which they cant win in northwestern…. Wats your problem moderating comments owez like the shut DOG

  12. I guess this is lesson to who would be defectors. As for PF, you can fool some people some time but you cannot fool all the people all the time. PF needs to deliver on its campaign promises rather than fighting amongst themselves because it simply shows how disorganized they are.
    MMD lost because they stopped listening to the people who put them in power, PF will lose because they have also stopped listening, as already evidenced by the bye elections. Mukose ba PF Fr bwalya warned you, he said and I quote,”abantu nomba nabacha tebakubepa, teti ubabepe bomfwe pantu nabacha”, end of quote.
    As for Mr defector Phiri, you have lost people’s five years contract and am sure you are regretting sir. You deserve it because you betrayed your people. RIP

  13. Munganda umwali batata lelo mwalila akoni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, One day it will happen.
    Not only Mtembo, Kabimba, and Mmembe even Shamenda is also a contributor.

    Shamenda is de-campaigning PF by saying we go for 65 years as a retiring age and then a retiree shall be getting a 60% of his Salary from his pension and not the whole package. What does this mean to me? When am I going to eat from my sweat with world of sorrow as it is at now? TWAKANA, TWAKANA. Retirement must come even less than 55 years.

    • Fwalanga my brother the problem with the pf is that whatever they dream they implement without consultation. We need someone else to come and reverse some of these obnoxous decisions.Otherwise this time is retirement at 65 years and getting only 60% of your pension earned at that very old age

  14. David Phiri shud be arrested for sending his thugs to try and kill his blood brother just for political power it is very shameful. David never won in any polling station what type of politician is he, even at his village he lost where are his relatives uncles, nieces, brothers, inlaws and even his old school friends, this guy is a complete reject he is just known by SATA his brother in marriage

  15. Those hallucinating about party strongholds and demographics must take a closer look at Kafulafuta;-).Is it in Monze the stronghold of UPND?

  16. Good effort MMD at last, instead of complaining to foreigners about “dictatorship” you have started to get off your back sides and campaign.

  17. The Mkaika parliamentary seat fell vacant after the then area MP, David Phiri resigned from the MMD to join the ruling PF on which he re-contested the seat.

  18. this is indeed welcome if it’s meant to teach defectrs a lesson but I’ve a feel pf cud also be paying a price for their strong stance against corruption.we’re coming from a culture of vote buying perpetrated especially by the party in power.if it’s about development pf should surely have won,but without handouts they shud xpect it tough among the poor voters.i hope they ll remain strong and keep a tight hold on the envelope despite the odds.

  19. Lets get back Petauke Central and Malambo constituencies.Retain the planners that worked in Mkaika, they good at their job. Any news about Mulusa`s whereabouts?

  20. I ‘m congratulating MMD for scooping Mkaika with such a land slide. It is unprecedented. Eastern Province has always stuck to their endeared political parties like hungry ticks. First it was African National Congress of Nkumbula at the expense of progressive UNIP,then they embraced UNIP when it became moribund and for along time they clung to UNIP with an old ticks’s endurance. When the wind of change was blowing for multi-party change the easterners were reactionary and continued with UNIP even when a new progressive party MMD was formed. Again when MMD became loathsome to many Zambians, that’s when they realised that MMD was good and they have clung to it like starved ticks oblivious of yet another progressive party PF which is in power. For them to start embracing PF I don’t know…

  21. Since PF is not yet ready to become useless so soon for easterners to start feasting on it. PF for now should just forget about penetrating eastern province with MPs. Let them be with their backward political mentality. However, give them the needed development and let them never find opportunity to feast on rotten political parties. After all there are some very good progressive people in Eastern Province like Paramount Chief Mpezeni. Zonda uzalema.

    • They should stop bye elections and penetrate all these areas with massive development. Work quietly and let the results talk for them selves. If they do as I say, they will see their political fortunes turn around to favour them.

  22. I think SATA is a dead man walking. In his hey days he would have acted to sack all these guys causing the PF problems. The sooner they admit that their leader is seriously ill the better for nation to advise them on the next step.

  23. PF cadres are still in a denial stage,very soon you come to grips with reality.In the first place u knew Mkaika was MMD strong hold.But you went on to poach their MP just for u to test your popularity.You have been proved wrong PF is still unpopular in zambia.

  24. Where is David Phiri now. He and Mangani are the wrong Chewas. Why do they want to behave like Mpezeni and George Zulu?

  25. Thank you my people of Mkaika for the 9-1 victory over PF. You have done us proud as Zambians who hate lies, deceit, thuggery being exhibited by PF. Thank you again for your invaluable vote!!!

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