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Interview with Eleftherios Mukuka

Headlines Interview with Eleftherios Mukuka


KAPA187: Who is Eleftherios Mukuka?

Eleftherios: Eleftherios Mukuka is a young, vibrant and passionate Zambian-Greek
music producer, composer and film scorer.

KAPA187:  What was your motivation to pursue music seriously?

Eleftherios: My love for making music is my motivation. The happiness music gives
me is what I look forward to the most every morning when I get up.

KAPA187: You are currently studying at the Berklee college of music in the
USA . Was your family in support of you being in the field of music as
opposed to something more traditional such as law or engineering?

Eleftherios: Yes. My family has been extremely supportive. However, in the
beginning my dad was probably a little skeptical about my decision to
peruse music. I was pretty young when I decided to pursue music. Music
is a very challenging subject that many people often underestimate.
Moreover, the music industry is very competitive and dominated by only
a handful of artists.

KAPA187:  How important do you think it is for artists to actually study
music at school?

Eleftherios: It is vital for an artist to have a profound understanding of music.
Concepts such as melody, harmony and rhythm are key for all genres of
music. Raw talent is great and can get you places, however, mastering
your craft, whether it is composing, producing or playing an
instrument, is priceless and profusely rewarding.

KAPA187:  What inspired you get into Electronic dance music.

Eleftherios: I began producing music when I was 11. At the time I was into
rap/hip-hop. By the age of 17 I had slowly began to branch out into
classical, world and electronic dance music. This development was
mainly due to studying classical piano and music theory. My love for
electronic dance music (EDM) fully blossomed after hearing Edward
Maya’s 2009 summer hit “Stereo Love.” A big reason for leaving rap
music for EDM was to spread a more positive message through my songs.
I wanted to make people dance! I wanted to write about love and peace
and I wanted to fuse elements of my rich traditional music into my
dance music.


KAPA187:  There are a few Zambian artists that do electronic dance music; do
you feel that the genre of music will increase in popularity in Zambia
in the near future?

Eleftherios: Yes! Hopefully soon! The Zambian music industry is about to expand and
become more diverse. House music has been huge in South Africa for
many years now. It will definitely make its way here!

KAPA187:  Being of both Greek and Zambian heritage, do you fuse the two
cultures into your music?

Eleftherios: I have begun to. It is my ultimate goal to fuse together the music of
my two cultures! I am very passionate about both my Greek and Zambian

KAPA187:  Your debut single “Heart” has been well received, I personally
enjoy the song a lot. What is the song about and what was the concept
for the video.

Eleftherios: I am glad you like the song! “Heart” is an uplifting song about love.
The concept of the video is predominantly romance. We aimed for
something simple, genuine and romantic. The majority of the video was
shot at Chaminuka Lodge and captures some of the beautiful scenery
that Zambia has to offer. Both the song and music video are proudly
Zambian products!

KAPA187:  Do you have any hidden talents?

Eleftherios: Well, I have a Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and I have a sharp nose!

KAPA187:  Where will you be in the next 10 years?

Eleftherios: Only God knows! I have set many goals for the next 10 years and I will
work hard to achieve them all!

KAPA187:  Any last words for your fans.

Eleftherios: Thank you for all the love and support! I am most grateful to everyone
who is supporting me. Please continue to share my music and stay tuned
for upcoming releases! I have a lot in store for you!



  1. he should just concentrate on his shotokan and increase on dans otherwise he is just wasting his time on music.
    too much pirating…

  2. Keep On Doing Your Thing Left-Terios – You will Go Far! Zambians are good at discouraging and fear what they have not conquered before…

    We need Breath of Fresh air…

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