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Sata has betrayed us over Kabimba-PF Youths


The Patriotic Front youths demanding the resignation of their party secretary general Wynter Kabimba say they feel betrayed by President Michael Sata’s shielding of the embattled Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba from expulsion and have since challenged the Head of State to explain his agenda for the county and the party.

Lusaka district interim secretary Julius Komaki told the Daily Nation that the youth leadership was disappointed with President Sata’s failure to address the concerns the youths raised in their petition to have Kabimba expelled because he was working with people inimical to the interests of the country.

Komaki, who was flanked by other PF youths, warned that President Sata risked losing credibility and support if he continued shielding people with hidden agendas and had created divisions in the party.

He said that they had given a Monday 16:00 hours ultimatum to have the matter regarding Kabimba resolved, but that it was now clear that the President was also playing double standards.

“We are challenging the old man, the President himself, not to betray us the electorate in order to keep Wynter Kabimba; Kabimba is not bigger than the PF, the membership demanding his expulsion is more important.

Let President Sata come out in the open and tell us his agenda because our colleagues across the country are now accusing the President of having a hidden agenda over what is happening in the party,” Komaki said.

He said that the youths were deeply disappointed that members of the central committee had decided to keep a distance from the Kabimba 2016 debacle at the expense of creating unity and resolving the leadership crisis.

Komaki said that the PF needed a critical political cleansing as it had more serious and deadlier moles in the party whose desires were to take the presidency of the party through crookedness.

He vowed that the youths would not cower down in ensuring that their demands were met and those playing double were sorted out.

“We are not violent, we don’t want to disrupt the PF growth but if they ask us to do that, we are very much determined to stop people like Wynter. We know that his allegiance is to the President but that is the same man he is busy scheming against day and night. These people have betrayed us and we shall not sleep. And to those being paid to return to the secretariat at Millennium offices should try our patience, we shall deal with them. We have already employed party security officials to maintain order at the office and if they want to open that Pandora box let the President keep the matter the way he has behaved.They will not like us, what we want is all those that are undermining the leadership to be flushed out of the party, we don’t need them now and forever,” said Komaki.

[Daily Nation]


    • ….at least if Wynter became president, playful people like Saulosi might have a chance of becoming d/ministers alongside:

      – Masumba
      – Mwaliteta
      – Anna Mwitwa Mwewa
      – Fr Luonde
      – Chellarh
      – E Mwamba

      …the sad thing is that our Lady may not realise her dream to be come Minister of Health, Child, Gender & Social….

    • Sata comes all the way from the dictatorship of UNIP and has the same mentality as his UNIP colleagues, who became MMD and now PF. Wake up, all these so called politicians have been painted with the same brush, same stigma and same sense of selfishness and lunacy. The only way out is a tsunami to come and deep clean this once promising country. That Tsunami is on its way, not even Sata’s rhetoric will stop it from reclaiming the country and placing it back into the hands of the rightful owners…the Zambian people.

  1. That is too string a language to be directed towards a Head of State. PF has wrong people in its ranks and file hence there is no order. PF needs to re-examine its approach to party and national matter. It was just yesterday when a branch chairperson in Chibuluma said he does not know his area MP and was demanding that he be seen.

  2. there is need to control these cadres. The language is too strong to be directed to the Head of State. PF needs to watch its cadres.

  3. Yeah thats Sata for you and just busy attaching HH instead of sorting out Wynter as requested by the Cadres – Bravo Halaise Halaise

    • Pease,this Bemba talk is cheap.Sata is NOT BEMBA but Bisa.He just learnt how to speak Bemba Language as he came from Tanzania and settled in Bisa- Land.He has really messed up and misrepresented the Bemba Tribe and the True Bembas.That’s why the Bemba Royal Estanblishment ignored him and went ahead to instal the True Bemba Chanda Sosala as Chief Chitimukulu.Sata may not get the desired votes from true Bembas now come 2016 if he will be able to stand.

  4. Sata must be careful.The cadres. An do him a ka Egypt.They will camp at State House and the Army will move in to clear the cadres and himself .Ukwa smell the coffee!!

    • U are dreaming my friend. What lead to the uprising in Egypt were issues affecting the entire nation hence lead the people to rise against the head of state. Its not like these cheap issues withing a single political party (PF) which are not in the the interest of the Zambian pipo.

  5. Are these cadres now THREATENING the President??? They should be very very careful.

    Number 1: These cadres are only in Lusaka. They cannot determine the future of the party for the rest of the country. Then, let the president call for a party conference then, to elect new office holders. But I know he won’t do that becuase he knows that these illiterate cadres might vote their fellow i.d.i.o.t who will just come and destroy the party.

    Number 2: I think we are reaching a point where cadres are beginning to think that they can actually determine the future of a government. This is interesting to see how the president will respond, but I think especially this Komaki guy has over-estimated his influence. You don’t threaten a republicn president.

    • cant you see that these are hired f.ools by the….. you know them.
      am sure they opted to talk to that paper alone for fear of the obvious if they had talked to all dailies.

    • U are 100% correct my bro, these thugs found at bus stops have become big headed. SATA is bigger than all of then, BOMA ni BOMA.

  6. Seriously this is the most damning indictment on the president unleashed by none other but his own cadres. In other words they are telling him that he must obey their orders otherwise……………
    I am not sure if any of Mr Sata’s predecessors ever got such a scathing rebuke and dressing down such as this. At this rate we can expect total anarchy sooner rather than later.

    • Please don’t fall for this !!! It is a scum ! Somebody already briefed the President that these cadres are going to match and demand stuff like this !! It is all a hoax, planned by yours truly to discredit Kabimba !!!
      I don’t like Kabimba, but the chap doesn’t deserve to be played like this just because they want to squash his presidential candidate ambitions !!!! This is all a Hoax !!!!

  7. Nonsense! You cannot address a statesman in an imprudent manner like that. You can imagine what will happen in our world if minds like that were given their demands whenever they needed something. We need prudent and mature youth leaders to handle critical and vital issues affecting fellow youths and the general populace.

  8. This cadre must be locked up. He is behaving like he owns the party. Like you are saying, how can a cadre give orders to the Head of State. Is he really a PF cadre or hired thug who can’t respect the president. How many members has PF party for this chap to think he can make decision for all of them.

    Anyway these are the same chaps the police spoken person has praised for being peaceful. We have warned SATA that GBM is dangerous especially that he is in charge of the Army. That chap can do harm because these cadres are his supporters.

    In an interview despite the president’s stopping the indorsement the chap went ahead and said that he does not regret.

    This is the statement which cost Nervous Mumba a job of vice president when he contradicted Levy’s directive.

    • What do you you expect when you have a non functioning cabinet.No one speaks,because they are afraid of the President.Imbwa ya mukali………

  9. You betrayed yourselves, are you not the ones who teamed up with Weather boy in calling for Given Lubindas resignation not so long ago? Good riddance… now sort yourselves out for all i care!

    • True Cindy- These Cadres thought all was signed, sealed, & delivered. Problem with politics is it can be a game of 2 halves- as the cadres have now discovered they were celebrating a first half lead & harassing Lubinda. Now this saga is in the 2nd half, & they are finding out their first half lead has been overturned.

  10. For all you small thinkers who are saying party caders should not talk to the head of state like that, I have a small phrase for you: The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Tree.
    In other words, disrespectful talk and bullish behaviour in PF is genetic. And we all know where to find the original PF gene!

  11. This is now very interesting. Sata is being attacked left, right and centre.
    The population is accusing him of betrayal regarding his election campaign rhetoric of ‘more money in your pockets’ and many other unfulfilled promises.
    On the other hand the PF cadres are using even stronger language against him, a ‘traitor, has hidden agendas and playing double standards’.
    More interestingly some PF ‘faithfuls’ are trying to save face by claiming that the cadres are hired but they don’t say who the hirer is. Let’s face it the PF is collapsing very fast.

  12. Things are fast getting out of hand. What a govt! Fanatical cadres are now incensed with the president! This is a real low down.

  13. Please finish yourselves quickly! Fight yourselves and kill yourselves quickly! I love it when you are busy attacking someone outside your house when you need to settle things in your own house! Sata is afraid of firing winter because he knows he will lose most of his lusaka plots and houses!

  14. Komoki, the youth: typical of the people sponsored by their financier, neither respect nor regard for anybody in the party. Here is Komoki, using unpalatable language against his own party president. What kind of party is this to allow, nay, to tolerate in its ranks, such scum?

  15. I wished you people followed international politics. Youths are a problem every where. Let the big guys wake up and start resolving their issues now. Its politics.

  16. What do you expect the party boss is not sure he has senior party members support.Hence no grip,but president office should be above the party nonsense and the sata I know will get back to that ganja smoking komoki boy, let there be dissipline bwana winter.

  17. Mr Komaki says, “it was now clear that the President was also playing double standards.” The report again says, “He (Komaki) vowed that the youths would not cower down in ensuring that their demands were met and those playing double were sorted out.”
    Eish! Now the PF Youths are threatening to sort out President Michael Sata! I think this indiscipline in PF must be controlled before things go out of hand in the ruling party. Are the PF Youths claiming to be the ones in control of the PF and MUST be listened to whether right or wrong, and not their leadership?

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