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Man beaten in Kitwe for claiming to be Jesus

General News Man beaten in Kitwe for claiming to be Jesus

Irate members of the public in Kitwe on Tuesday battered a man for claiming to be Jesus Christ.

Mupeta Chishimba a resident of Mindolo Township in Kitwe was beaten after he was spotted going round town preaching God’s message claiming he was Christ and that all divine powers of Jesus had incarnated in him.

The man incensed members of the public when he said he was Jesus Christ who had come to put an end to all ‘political Governments’.

“I am Jesus Christ from the heavens who has come to save you from this world and I would put an end to the Political Government of this world and I will start ruling no one can stop me because I posses the divine power,” he said.

Chishimba claimed he fell off from heaven in 1999 with the sole purpose of initiating judgment for mankind and end political rule.

But when word went round that a man calling himself Jesus was in town claiming to preaching God’s word and healing the sick, people went to catch the gimps of the man.

As the man was preaching within the central business district, people gathered around him mostly traders from the streets.

He also denounced church leaders and urged them to stop deceiving people by saying Jesus is coming when he was already there, because he came from heavenly Kingdom.

People questioned his proclamation and also his authority by claiming he was Jesus and preaching the word of God.It was at this point that people charged on the man and pull him to the ground before starting to beat him.

They beat him with different types of objects attracting the attention of several other people who even mocked the man by telling him to save himself since he was claiming to be Jesus.

Some people started calling for the cross in order for them to crucify him to prove his divine powers.

An eye witness a Mulenga Bonnie said this man had been going round telling people lies of possessing divine powers that he was the son

[Times of Zambia]


    • Is it so hard for you to accept him as jesus because he is black?what is wrong with us, the man has his own right to proclaim whoever he wants to be.there was absolutely no need to inflict bodily harm on him.that is why i question religion,i think it has this power to brainwash most if not all the people that become believers.Matthew 24:1-51,Mark 13:1-37 and Luke 21:5-33 – in these verses,jesus says Verily I say unto you,This generation shall not pass,till all these things be fulfilled. but everyone that lived then has died already.does it mean jesus already came?i know the christians now will say,by generation he meant bla bla bla. so now they dont take it literal,but other verses,instances they take it literal. its all confusing,when is the scripture saying what its saying?

  1. He’s lucky they didnt kill him.Why didnt they beat him to death?why should a normal person be playing with God?he’s so lucky wasnt there.

    • Beat him to death? And you must be on God’s side? Claiming to be Christian I suppose? Check your faith and your holy book! You sound like a Pharisee incarnate!!

    • @God is God, what makes you think the man is normal. I strongly think this man is non compus mentis, INSANE in short.


  2. An australian manand his wife also come to one of the british tv channels proclaiming to be jesus christ. but i wonder why african resort to violence when such events happens how do they know maybe the person in question was mentally unstable.

    • Do Zambians even know what B.S. is? Those who know B.S. walk away instead of dipping their hands into it like Zambians do…

  3. This man needed and still needs mental medication and not beatings. Please understand those who are mentally challenged. It’s an illness just like malaria.

  4. This has got me thinking deeply. Didn’t the same thing happen to Jesus Christ? Born to a poor family and nobody believed him or took him seriously. He was crucified because people thought he had committed blasphemy by claiming to be the son of GOD. Can you imagine for a minute that the person we worship as Jesus is not real but a fraud just like the man beaten up in Kitwe. If this is so then the whole foundation of Christianity would be shaken to its very core. Just a thought!

    • exactly,finally someone is opening up. i would urge that you develop your thought further. A good start is to study history and try to get the actual translation of the bible from hebrew. not the king james version. Listen to the lectures of John Henrik Clark about the council of NICAEA 325 C.E,from there many ideas and books will help clarify your thoughts and questions.

    • @Kabamba kalende you need a Brain examination! Your analysis is too shallow. How can you think for a minute, to question your Christianity, something you personally believe in; including the resurrection and ascension of Christ as a Fraud! You should feel sorry for yourself and re-examine your beliefs in Christ. Pantu kutiwakana Yesu iwe if someone was to point a gun to your little brain!

    • Good thought ,was actually thinking about the same .How do we even Know that really his not the real Jesus is it because of the colour of the skin .

  5. There is no proper acclamation by anyone from the crowd that he did not heal or preached wrong scripture, secondly no one asked the right questions hence both the claimant(Christ) and the public at large were wrong. The Bible has clearly warmed that such will come we should be alert so beating was wrong for all that claim Christ as their savior for participating in the beating. Romans tried in early centuries forcing people to believe in God even by imprisoning them but it was wrong way of doing it. On the other hand its classic indeed

  6. What if he IS Jesus? its not like any one of us really know the form that Jesus is suppose to come in. for how long are we going to continue rejecting the son of God?

    • “Every eye shall see and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord” meaning everyone on earth will see him and not just people in Kitwe.

    • I doubt anybody would even know if Jesus was staring them in the face. In the first place there is even an impersonation of what he should look like.

    • @YAKS,ignorant man. you make me sick to the stomach. how can you be so brainwashed. My my my,its so absurd that there are people who still reason and think like you do. i dont even know how to help you. engage your mind a little bit and start to question things, maybe there might just be some help if you tried. thats all i can say for now.

    • How does beating a man do him well? If he’s sick, then he needs help, mental health treatment that is, not violence.

  7. i respect moslems! they respect God’s prophets to the point they can’t even think of making Jesus’ move, all that is mockery.

    the qur’an calls the christians ”people of the book”

  8. Fell from the heavens……now thats a way to come again!! Was it painful when you hit the ground? What have you been doing the past 14 years, recovering?

  9. Christians and their intolerance. Since time immemorial, the Christian, Moslem and all types of movements have thrived on intolerance and killing those with opposing views. Us atheists don’t even think about these things, thats why we are not stressed out. One identifies himself to be a non-believer to Christians, they will insult and threaten him and call him names and damn him. A Christian comes knocking at an atheist’s door, we don’t really care, we will even indulge you but NEVER judge or insult or threaten you. You need to be more tolerant and respectful of other people’s views. Everyone is entitled to their beliefs or lack thereof. Religion has brought a lot of misery and suffering in this world. Now, commence thumbing me down 🙂

  10. In a civilised country, that man would have been ‘sectioned’ and sent to a safe psychiatric ward for treatment. beating him is the most barbaric thing i ve heard today.

    • Or he might have been ignored or thrown in jail. Mental health treatment is much better in some countries, but it still has a way to go. And technically, if he was just telling people he was Jesus and wasn’t putting himself or others in danger, or breaking the law, there wouldn’t really be a reason for treatment (at that time). But I agree with your comment.

    • true @ 24 Kay. A lot of these “so called christian’s” are so self righteous, do not forgive as the Bible instructs them to, & even if the Real Jesus had crossed their paths, they would have crippled him & run him out of town, or worse murdered him. SHAME!!
      Who are You to hurt this person?? The poor guy needed help NOT hurting. I’m not really surprised just look at the Violence, & Intolerance in our Country today.

    • @Keleni tasa akete mu 2011, you have just hit the nail on the head. Not to say I subscribe to this Christian doctrine, but the people who killed Jesus in Israel were so self righteous they couldn’t believe just any carpenter’s son could be a messiah. There’s no difference between those guys in 0 or 1 AD and these Kitwe guys in 2013 AD

  11. The second time Jesus will come will be the end of the world. Every Eye shall see him and every ear shall hear the sound of trumpet. The kitwe boy is mad bring him to chainama. The body of Jesus Christ is in spirit form. He should be the grandson of Lenshina. Lets not tolerate these nonsense. Why only Kitwe Kitwe!!!!!!!!!!

  12. The utterance that the fake Christ must be from this or that ethnic group is very senseless, insensitive and divisive. Clearly, the author of this biased allegation is a tribalist of the worst kind who hates Luvale and Lunda people. Is this how we are going to build Zambia, with such myopic views? I find this sort of view disgusting!

    • U r too serious man . learn to take a joke. He is probably some mbuya of the tribes mentioned. During this whole Kabimba saga we need some hunour as a country. Please laugh a little otherqise u will sraet dropping bombs on each other.

    • Tribalism will KILL Zambia!!
      We are all Zambians irrespective of Tribe. One thing positive about Kenneth Kaunda, was he left a country free of tribalism. We are the envy of African nations & the world as a whole, ask Congo, Rwanda, Kenya. So Zambians please ABASH Tribalism!!!

  13. They should have prayed for him, next time he should claim to be Nervous Mumba they will listen to him and not whack him! Poor pente

  14. The bible tells us that no one knows about the end of the world neither the son of jehovah God nor the angles nor the son of man.consequently jesus christ gave us the signs that will be seen and these are found at Matthwes 24:1-50,especially at 24:23-28, 2timothy 3:1-5.so never be cheated brothers and sisters.

  15. the fake jesus is a desperate poverty striken who needs financial understanding.Dont just beat such people, they know they are not jesus but because of wanting to have money.they do it the wrong way.God forbid.

  16. This chap is fake. The bible clearly states how the Lord Jesus will return. Not this chap. I watched him on Chintobetobe programme a Bemba TV programme on ZNBC. He is just some crazy character.

  17. When you hear that Jesus is in Kitwe or is Durban or Washingston, do not go there. Christians have understood the Bible so well that events leading to Christs’ second coming will include fake prophets claiming to be Jesus. Whether the man beaten in Kitwe town centre was insane or demonic is subjective. However, Jesus’ second coming will not be a secret, “Behold, He will come with the clouds and every eye will see Him and the whole world will mourn because of Him” (Rev. chapter 1).

  18. mamamamamama mauma imfumu ya yuda mwafwa imwe how do you want to see him because jesus christ translated in bemba is mupeta chishimba and jerusalem is mindolo kitwe.

  19. Now I understand why it was so difficult for the people in Jesus’ time to believe the son of Man. While this one is fake, it gives us the perfect scenario of what happened when Jesus walked the earth, it was so difficult to believe that someone who looked like them (Skin colour), eat the same food, talked like them, dressed like them and obviously from an underprivileged family could be the Messiah. It must have been easy for those people to believe Jesus was insane. These indeed are the last days.

  20. They read nonsense in a 2000 year old book about Jesus and miracles and they believe every word…..they see it in person and they attack him.

    Crazy Christians.

  21. In future dont beat him bt asist at times its lacking material support.This world is dificulty & has diversity chalenges.Avoid beating he can curse you in Jesus name & he may be privileged by God.

  22. Most of tyou are wrong and this is very sad. The signs are clear for all to see. The poor man has got delusions of being the Christ. He has delusions of having supernatural powers and beliefs of grandiosity that he came to put an end to political governments. He is also paranoid. I shouldn’t go far, he is SCHISOPHRENIC like one political leader I know. Chainama case. Period.

  23. Well, no need to beat such a worthiless masquarader. He will soon, albeit late, learn that the true Christ is awesome and dreadful in power, splendour, majesty and wisdom. Haven’t we read that these worthiless and inconsequential fellows claiming to be the Christ must appear first before that glorious appearing of our great God and Saviour Jesus Christ?

  24. Ignorance at its highest level. Why beat the man? And where is the police? If someone were to even whisper something against the Head of State the ubiquitous shushus and their counterparts would have been on the scene in no time to arrest the offender. Am not saying it is alright to insult leaders. It is the partial manner the law is applied that disgusts me. Are we misguided moslems?

    Who gave power to people to beat others in this country? Why is the law so selective nowadays? If you slap a provocative wife you are arrested immediately if reported. Beating a man in the central business district and no security personnel intervene? Suppose, as someone has pointed out, the man is mentally sick? This stone age behaviour is so disgusting. This Zambian deserved better. L

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