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Given Lubinda reacts to Wynter Kabimba’s claim that he was given a fair hearing

Headlines Given Lubinda reacts to Wynter Kabimba's claim that he was given a...

Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA
Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA

Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda has broken his silence and spoken about his disciplinary case which led to
his suspension by refuting claims by party secretary general Wynter Kabimba that he was given a fair hearing.

Mr Lubinda said he was compelled to break the silence following Mr Kabimba’s comment in the press that he was given a fair hearing when he was charged unlike him who was allegedly being persecuted.

In a six paged letter also coped to Party President Michael Sata,National Chairperson, chairman of the disciplinary committee and deputy secretary general, Mr Lubinda has also demanded a clear judgement or ruling from Mr Kabimba arising from what he referred to as a civilized way of hearing a colleague, and has also demanded to know what the evidence that was relied upon in arriving at the conclusion of the trial panel.

“From the outset let me make it clear that my remaining silent ever since the start of the period when I was humiliated arising from your accusations has not been my weakness on my part. It should also not be construed to mean admission of guilt.

“My silence was motivated by the fact that it had come clear from the start of the whole episode that I was a victim of a well orchestrated scheme to hound me out of the party,” he said.

He said even if the many allegations against him including the letter Mr Kabimba wrote to him charging him were done through the media, he refused to respond through the press or any forum.

He said he did so in the interest of the party and did not want to fall into a trap to bring the party and its leadership into public odium and disrepute.

Mr Lubinda has since demanded for a clear judgment or ruling arising from what Mr Kabimba referred to as a civilized way.

He demanded to know the evidence that was relied upon in arriving at the conclusion and a clear sentence or sanction meted against him with all the terms and conditions.

Mr Lubinda has also demanded a clear statement of the recourse that is available to him in the event that he was not satisfied with the ruling or sanction.

He said the failure to make official communication to him on the matter had kept him in the dark on his status in the party.

Mr Lubinda said this had in turn made it difficult for him to participate in the activities of the party for which he invested a lot of effort, risks and personal resources to help build.

Mr Lubinda also charged that Mr Kabimba had made it difficult for him to contribute to the enhancement of the PF’s popularity and defend it from both internal and external adversaries.

Mr Lubinda said he looked forward to the communication from Mr Kabimba on the matters he had raised in the letter.

“Given Lubinda’s case went through the due process of the Party’s disciplinary procedure… I think he was given a fair hearing. So I think Given received the most civilized way of trying to tell somebody ’you are wrong’ Mr Kabimba was quoted in the press recently when complaining on what was happening to him.


    • The only problem is that he is a Zambian, but NOT very Zambian to stand as president following our Constitution unless they amend it. Same as Guy Scot. No wonder Guy does not act as president when Sata is not in Zambia

    • Both Fred Mmembe and Wynter Kabimba know Given will be the next PF and Republican President.

      How on earth do you explain all machincation against Given orchestrated by the Post. However Wynter MUST BE FIREDN regardless of anything.

    • Both Fred Mmembe and Wynter Kabimba know Given will be the next PF and Republican President.

      How on earth do you explain all machincation against Given orchestrated by the Post. However Wynter MUST BE FIRED regardless of anything.

    • Given Lubinda was humiliated and suspended while he was on duty in West Africa in a most uncivilised manner. Can some one in the PF make a decision and st least suspend Kabimba: ACC is still waiting for instruction from Sata to investigate his antics in the oil deal and also Sata and Kabimba for registering Ilunda Chalo company in their names while cheating poor PF cadres as a political fundraising venture. Sata and Kabimba are birds of the same feather.

    • kwena i really get amazed at the level of thinking here. You always seem to follow blindly without analyzing issues. What makes you think given Lubinda is the next president of Zambia? Ask yourselves these questions. why has Lubinda decided to air his views now when the pf party seems to be at its weakest since ascending to power,yet he claims that he stayed quiet so as not bring disrepute to the party and its leadership? isn’t his coming out now making the party even weaker as all hell seems to be breaking loose? How do you strike a perceived enemy or system when hes/its down. that’s weakness whether he likes it or not. And you say he is the next president. anyway, teti mpape kabili abena zambia natumishiba nomba,ni chi vote vote fye without critical analysis of issues.

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    • @sonny saulosi,again not fully analysing the situation. you decide to focus on kabimba. is it kabimba or the party pf that lost the recent bye-elections. even losing on the copperbelt which is the stronghold if i may say of pf.


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  1. PF is a party of Confusion indeed. Just in 2 years we have seen a lot of confusion and no direction. I think Sata is the problem. No wonder Nevers calls Sata the master of confusion.

  2. There is no way Given Lubinda can be next president. He is weak, spineless, and a back-stabber!

    Where has he been all these months for him to respond today so timely with Kabimba’s case that was being heard today. Some of us have always known that the real brains behind the commotion of attacking Kabimba is actually LUBINDA who then ganged up with GBM. We all know that. At the recent PF funeral the same cadres who were calling for Kabimba to resign went over to GIVEN LUBINDA and started cheering SG! SG! What LUBINDA doesn’t realise is that they are the same cadres who previously forced him out of office.

    LUBINDA is the brains behind Kabimba’s troubles. The reason it has been a tough struggle is because Lubinda and GBM are friends, but also GBM has a bone to chew with Mmembe.

    • in silence theres strength mr mwembeshi.LUBINDA has bin given much respect koz of his silence during the persecution.

    • Mwembe – Conforted that Zambia is a democracy, and that Given dfoesnt need 100% votes to make it as the next PF and Republican President.

      Majority of Zambians will vote for this Lozi guy. GIVEN LUBINDA FOR PRESIDENT in 2016

    • @mwembeshi.i agree with you boyi.infact iam very disapointed with LT,iam expected to hear news on whether kabimba has been fired or not.Not this old story from perves musharaf’s son.

  3. Tell them, his eleventh hour is nigh, no one and nothing will change his destiny, delay all you like it is sealed, WK is gone!

  4. @Mwembeshi. I disagree with u. Kabimba is the one who wanted Lubindas blood @ all cost. Don’t implicate him. Kabimba is a snake in PF!

  5. there goes styoped and parkistan blood lubinda,the time i wanted to hear the other side of your story you were so silent until most us believed that you were guilty.you only came out of your cacoon during the removal of RB’s imunity and even then you only wanted to apease wynter.and what are you doing now?is this not answering through the press?what wil your fake party benefit from your answer other than adding petrol to fire?shut up and let all powerful wynter solve his problems.ati presidential material,nxaaa!maybe in kashmire.

  6. I also like this dude,but the allegation of leaking info to the press was alarming,coupled with his silence we all thought he was aware of the charges,can we start from here and move forward.

    • Don’t fall for Fred Mmembe’s tricks. Given purported treachery was all but a scheme by Mmembe to position Stupid Wynter.

      All percieved favourites to succed HEMCS were scanderised. The PF will be a much stronger Party without Wynter….. VIVA GIVEN for Party SG and President.

  7. A fair hearing only means victors justice in accordance to whatever biases a wolf like Kabimba might have.Lubinda was not given justice but whatever went around is now coming back full circle towards kabimba for a head on collision.

  8. Lubinda can never be president of zambia stop dreaming,for starters his father is probably israeli ex solei boneh worker or from the far east ex kobe steel worker.g.so stop deluding yourselves.he is a very nice dude,but that is all HH has a nice cv jelous down.

  9. Puungwa you are very funny! Ati father is ex solei boneh worker or from the far east or ex kobe steel worker. I think Lubinda could make a good President as he seems very grounded. I have heard he graduated from NRDC back in the late 80s and was even student union leader. If wishes were horses many Zambians would vote for this man but the fact is that our constitution would not allow him just like our current Veep.

  10. Shut up Lubinda!Don’t take advantage of the situation.Are you not the one who admitted that Winter is better than you?

  11. There’s a certain quality that is in this man Lubinda.Guys like him who can go quietly achieving things and are not too loud to always be distracted by politicking is exactly what zambia needs.

  12. He who laughs last laughs the best. So its high time 4 Given Lubinda to laugh the best against the outgoing PF SG Wyntet Kabimba

  13. Lubinda is the Best option, considering all the scheming vultures that have been circling even before Sata is down.

  14. GBM did not play it well. He planned it well but underestimated the resilience and muscles of Kabimba group. He thought by supporting Sata for 2016, he was going to be made successor of Sata, not realising that Sata has seen through his design and scheme. GBM schemed this after visiting State House in the evening of that fateful day when Sata was not quite well.
    OP has confirmed dark corner meetings GBM has conducted with some Members of parliament to position himself when the time comes. One MP has confirmed that GBM cited Sata’s sickness as the motivation to position himself. To ensure that whenever Sata is out of the country it is Chikwanda who shall be acting president, just in case something happens to Sata, nobody from rival camp shall be in seat of power to act for 90 days…

    • @ yandadi, u ve wrong data hence yo shallow analysis. GBM discovered da scheme 2 install WK as prezido wich is very bad 4 him if it occured coz his business can suffer. Thez 2 r sworn enemies. So all he wanted was to frustrate dat scheme & 2 me he has won. WK has bn exposed & holdin on to his position w/out legitimacy is day dreamin wishfu thot.

    • The Party is riding itself of Fred Mmembe’s influence.

      Got nothing to with with Shallow Minded Wynter Kabimba’ whose found himself on the wrong side of the Party due to his shallow way of thinking.

      Wynter thought MuMmembe will help position him, aitaya.

  15. Lubinda was suspended when he was out of the country, Winters case can’t be heard because he’s out of the country, that’s how powerful Winter is.

  16. Mr. Lubinda, you might be the only person in Zambia not to be aware that principles of NATURAL JUSTICE have been abrogated from the moment your party “won” election!!!
    Appointment of Mr. Kabimba as a Minister of Justice it shall go in the history as beginning of the end of the Constitutional safeguards. The law of informal militia is the current “rule of law”.

  17. The Chinsali government on the move. Have we finished constructing the University and government offices?.

    Given you are wasting your time. The conduct of the PF politics in the recent past have destroyed the party and divided Zambia. I can’t trust you being in the camp of GBM.

    If Wynter goes, I can assure you with Given at the helm as SG (wishiful thinking) then GBM will get favours for his businesses. This will result into massive corruption Zambia has ever seen.

    Given will have to impress his masters GBM and others which I believe Wynter does not accept. Watch the space.

  18. PF Central committee can you put things straight urgently,because justice delayed is denied,i didn’t like winters outburst over tribe and corruption charges againest his own party,hence he to learn to term his mouth and reduce on arrogance.

  19. Given Lubinda and GBM are behind all these confusions in PF.Fortunately Sata is a wise President and is able to see through their manouvers to use cadres and weaklings like ba Jean Kapata for their selfish motives.I have respect for Sata because he is a visioary leader.

  20. musiye ayende!the bible is not unwise 2 say,”do unto others”!alimbe nayo nkhani,cant wait 2 hear his unceremonial depature

  21. Given you are my man, I respect you for immense work in Kabwata and PF at a cost of incalculable material and human sacrifice.

  22. lubinda, poor timing. you thought you would influence decision of c.c. with you outbursts. I used to think lubinda was intelligent but am now reversing my perception about this 1diot. abasungu say; silence is golden. rumour has it that whatever gymnastics you will play, your fate in the pf has been sealed, no more position for you zayelo

  23. If any one has the number for mr lubinda please forward it to me.mr lubinda people gives you respect bcz of the way how you behave as we know today that pf is mr sata and after mr sata Zambians are looking forward to see u in,how ever I will ask u to follow mr sata,s steps and do not talk or respond any how weather you have been insulted by your fellow party members.plz we love pf and remain humble for u to lead the nation in future always listen to what the president will tell u to do.

  24. Imwe lekeni chongo. Tamwikala na mu Zambia but you are busy making choices for the people. Balekeni abene bakayonawile.

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