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PF Central Committee postpones discussions on Wynter kabimba’s case

General News PF Central Committee postpones discussions on Wynter kabimba's case

The Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee has postponed the discussions to determine the fate of party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

The Central Committee meeting which was held at State House today and started around 14:30 hours postponed the matter involving Mr Kabimba as he was out of the country on duty.

The Central Committee was today scheduled to put to rest the wrangling that has of late rocked the ruling party.

Mr Kabimba has come under fire for allegedly being involved in issuing disparaging remarks against his party leading to some senior MCC’s to write to President Michael Sata to remove him from the party.

The Party has seen heightened controversy over Mr Kabimba’s alleged misconduct with protests surfacing in the ruling party over mainly allegations that he had formed parallel structures.


  1. I said so. Kabimba remains the Secretary General and wait and watch those musketeers after him will be shown the door at the right time. FRA case will be in news soon. GBM, you are done bebe.

    • Given Lubinda was suspended while he was in West Africa and what is so special about this cry baby called Summer Kamimbi who is trying to play a tribe card to win sympathy from disgruntled supporters. He should be fired and besides he is on political duty not government duty attending meetings of brain washed supported in South America. ACC should summon him immediately for the oil deal and Ilunda Chalo corrupt

    • This is all about positioning oneslevs to take over in PF
      Wynter GBM, Lubinda Chikwelete and the likes suspend them all Mr Sata get rid of them and you will start afresh


    • Its just an excuse to say he is out of the country because even if he was around he wouldn’t attend the discussion for conflict of interest sake.

  2. It’s such a disappointment to have Guy Scott as a top govt official leading the cabinet and answering on behalf of the president of Zambia. There isn’t a statement that Mr Scott makes with out involving or passing the excuse to someone else or something else. Every time he is asked questions, challenged about an issue, he always looks for someone else to blame, NEVER himself or collectively never answers with confidence and efficiency. If this is what represents good governance then forget about replacing this government. Zambia will continue to drift into the unknown and became another entity that means nothing or simply not worth paying attention to. Zambians need to crack the whip and stop this show boating in the House that is responsible for making rules that govern the country.

  3. In PF, anything wrong goes. Why did you put it on the agenda when you knew the man was not around? Mufuna kumuchaya Kabisila?

  4. It will be suicidal to fire Kabimba ,he means well for .PF than the fat albert of this world who have turned Zambia katemba kao family business

  5. In addition, CHIKWELETE has been told by the PF Central Committee that HE WON’T BE ALLOWED TO STAND IN THE COMING DISTRICT CHAIRMANSHIP ELECTIONS FOR LUSAKA DISTRICT. It is a blow to that freedom fighter Chikwelete!

    • ‘breeders’ and not ‘bleeders’.
      except that both words can fit these good for nothing …………
      whichever way you look at it.

    • @ MATURE

      Sorry, I actually don’t mean to insult anybody. I was being ironic. I have no time for Chikwelete, especially for way he conducted himself against very senior people in the party who had sacrificed so much for many years until they won the 2011 elections and gave him the food on the table that is now going to his head. For all his wrongs, which in my view have not been proven and even Mr Sata has said that (see my post below), Mr Kabimba did not deserve to be publicly insulted by a ward counsellor Chikwelete; the country’s Republican Vice-President cannot be publicly and unnecessarily humiliated like that by the same ward counsellor. CHIKWELETE now has to lick his wounds and face the reality in the wilderness alone, while those who sponsored him continue to enjoy without him.

  6. Anti-Wynter petition sent to the dust bin as Central Committee rules that Chikwelete will not be eligible for election

    October 18, 2013 | Filed under: Statements | Posted by: ZIN

    “Sata-with-WynterThe Patriotic Front Central Committee meeting that was held this afternoon at state house resolved that suspended Chawama constituency chairman Robert Chikwelete will not be eligible to stand in the forth-coming elections for the Lusaka district chairmanship. On the petition against party secretary general and minister of justice, ZIN has been informed that president Sata just trashed the stupid document and categorically told members of the central committee that it was not on the agenda and further remarked that Wynter was merely human, in apparent reference to the shallow charges.”

  7. Parrell structures & addressing District Commissioners, in this day and age why would someone not record the SG when he is doing these things? All this is just hearsay. Next year and year beyond Mr. Kabimba will still be SG of PF and you will tell me that Oyaya told us so. All this we are seeing is just barking dogs who cannot even bite. Let us give credit where it is due Mr. Kabimba has done a lot for this party and is not as expendable as some of you think. Being SG is not an easy job and you cannot please everyone. Some of us who have met and known this man since the early 90s know that he is a good ordinary man. Why are people afraid of elections that all they want is to get rid of someone before he can face the voters or officials at a party conference? Bayopa chani?

    • Mr Oyaya which elections do you claim pipo are afraid of?Your Wynter is an appointee and has never won an election.Pipo like you who claim to be his friend are doing the man a diservice by not giving him good counsel.The man has an obnoxiuos character and the sooner this gets to his head the better.The problem is not the pipo complaining against him but himself.

  8. We used to call FJT CHILUBA the master-dribbler, after the way he snubbed HEMCS and instead went for Levy to take over from him.

    I know that this saga is far from over, at least for now, may be until we hear the full story of what happened in tomorrow’s publications. However, at the end of the day, we will be wondering who is the master-dribbler in PF. In the end this will be a “BRAWN versus BRAIN” warfare between the warring factions. What I have just read is totally different from what I expected to hear as the outcome of the meeting. But if what I’m reading now has truth in it, then we probably won’t hear people throwing accusations at each other again for a long time. But that is not the end, the troops will just go back and re-group for the 2016 presidential candidacy.

  9. This PF party is a self destructing party that gets by thru management by crisis.A party of foxes and imbwas always fighting over carcasses.

    • No they have just choose not to look at winters case,the rest is stage managed.discipline is very important don’t tolarate lawlessness deal with it while its in bud.shame

  10. Winter is an intelligent and ordinary person. To hate him because of his tribe and fear of his position in PF is not progressive. He has weathered more than those who opposed have ever done under the MMD. Those against Winter are themselves campaigning. We have to raise the BAR of leadership with people like Winter. Zambia always wins with a minority tribe leader the case of Kaunda and Mwanawasa

  11. You can clearly see the cowardice that characterizes most of the stinkers that populate the rank and file of the PC so called Central Committee, just how could they plan to expel someone in his absence? You bet most of them would not dare tell it to Kabimba in his face. The war is over, you will see the degree of recriminations against GBM and his goons bound to follow shortly. The stupidity really stinks to the very heavens above.

  12. The PF central committee failed to discipline mr Kabimba.Hon.Lubinda was punished while he was away.How can they fail to discipline a party official who described his party as most violent in the history of zambia,he made very serious tribal remarks when he insinuated that it was a tribal clique that was calling for his resignation.Let me put it straight to the PF top leadership mr Kabimba cannot make a good president not even winning constituency as an MP he cän’t. Just observing.

    • @mwelwa….yes some punishment will put discipline on the table don’t expel kabimba but put him where he belongs so he can watch his big mouth.even Scott was qouted with similar sentiments he too should be cautioned.Hon kapata is spot on.

  13. calling bembas tribalist is an insult it has made mr kabimba very unpopular in bembaland i really like this man but i dont know what happened to him i did nt want him to leave politics soon

  14. Mwelwa K.
    Are you saying the destruction of furniture and building at Nothmead School was not violence?

    The stripping naked of PF officials in Katete was not violence?

    The taking over of offices by Chikwelete using matchets and pangas was not violence?

    The matching of cadres to state house without police permit was not vioelence.

    Viva Kabimba for telling the truth. Tell the truth please even if the truth will lead you to death.

    We will support you inside or outside PF? Some of the PF chaps want their businesses to start flourishing at the expense of starving Zambians. The president has all the intelligence and knows what is going on that is why he cant agree to fire Kabimba. Woe to Jean Kapata my sister.

  15. Im the happiest man. Chikwelete Savage is not standing. Good. I was worried that land grabbing in Lusaka was going to start. The chap was even challenging the president. It is better to lose elections than to have the likes of chikwelete in your party.

  16. Long overdue, Kabimba has to go period. If they (PF central committee) don’t get rid of him now, the party and Sata will pay a price. Mark my words, this guy will bring more confusion in this already confused kantemba party. Ba PF bushe muli fipuba? Can’t you see what is happening? Wake up………………………………………………..

  17. I am disappointed with my sister Jean Kapata.How do you agree to be used like a condom by GBM and Lubinda.We thought you were a wise woman but alas ! You are hopeless.What is it that Winter has done for you to demand his blood ? Are you not able to see beyond your ugly nose ? Open up your eyes and be realistic to current trends pa ZED.Why do you want Winter fired….just to weaken our Party PF ? Go to UNZA and do some political studies.

  18. Jean Kapata very dissapointing indeed. She even went to the extent of attacking Masebo that she was brought in by Kabimba.

    I’m ver dissapointed with my sister. I’m in Masebo’s constituence. She is a very intelligent woman. Jean be like her. Why are you scared of her. Don’t allow manure to use you like that.

    They made sure that she was pushed in front to present the petition at the Central Committe so that the whole SAGA doesn’t look tribe.

    Back home you are not welcome.

  19. I am dumbfounded to learn that there are actually some people who like Wynter Kabimba, really? The man’s character is repugnant enough to force his party members to want him out. He is arrogant, disrespectful, pompous and proud. The earlier the PF gets rid of this obnoxious weed the better. Forget about the excuse of tribalism, even if he was my tribesmate, I would still want him out.


    • As a matter of fact my dear Kavuyi, I dont like anyone in PF. They are a group of lying and conniving bastards. PF is a fraud which ascended into power through lies perpetuated by Fred M’membe

  20. Time is coming when truth will come out of a cocoon concerning Kabimba. Truth is so powerful to an extent that you can suppress it but one day it will show the wrong side and the right side. If my bro. has betrayed the President especially with the two powerful positions he has been given, then truth will show unless he is positioning himself with H.E `s consent then its fine. But if he is doing it behind his back God will not allow that. Not good.

  21. Kabimba is supportive of the President and can never betray him.Those scared like GBM and Kambwili are the ones with presidential ambitions in 2016.SG is not arrogant but they are scared of his intelligence.Period.

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