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Only Kabimba and Scott can help the president decide on the way forward-Edgar Lungu

Headlines Only Kabimba and Scott can help the president decide on the way...

Home Affair Minister Edgar Lungu
Home Affair Minister Edgar Lungu

Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu has said that only Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba and Vice-President Guy Scott can stop the stand-off and divisions that have rocked the party and help President Michael Sata make a decision on the way forward

“In my view as chairperson of discipline in the party, member of the Central Committee and Home Affairs minister,” Mr Lungu said, “only Wynter and Vice-President Scott can stop this stand-off and help President Sata make a decision on the way forward”.

Speaking a day after the Central Committee deferred the hearing of some petitions and complaints against Mr Kabimba, the Home Affairs Minister said Mr Kabimba – with the support of Dr Scott – made their bed of nails and now they must sleep in it.

“As a humble Home Affairs minister and chief of police, I would like to help if they have evidence of corrupt officials. I will gladly send our gallant men in uniform to talk to the corrupt,” Mr Lungu said

“As a humble Home Affairs minister and chief of police, I would like to help if they have evidence of corrupt officials. I will gladly send our gallant men in uniform to talk to the corrupt,” Mr Lungu said, “ the same applies to the allegations of indiscipline and tribalism…Mr Kabimba and Dr Scott have stoked this fire and, therefore, they must hand the list of the indiscipline and tribalistic elements so that we can deal with them instead of unnecessarily placing the pressure on the Central Committee and his Excellency the President as well as arming opposition with fire-power to annihilate us”.

Mr Lungu said it is because of the allegations made by Mr Kabimba and Dr Scott – of graft, tribalism and indiscipline – that the Central Committee took so long to close on Friday having started at 14:00 hours and ending just about 18:00 hours.

“The Wynter Kabimba issue was the most discussed issue outside the agenda as far as I am concerned,” Mr Lungu said, “we spent almost the entire meeting discussing the Wynter issue but the President did not feel it was right to proceed with action in his [Wynter’s] absence…that’s the issue every member had something to contribute to at length as it was the only elephant in the room. It just couldn’t go away”.

Mr Lungu said, without disclosing the details of the meeting because he has no authority to do so, President Sata promised that he would handle the matter once and for all soon.

Mr Kabimba and Dr Scott have stoked this fire and, therefore, they must hand the list of the indiscipline and tribalistic elements so that we can deal with them instead of unnecessarily placing the pressure on the Central Committee and his Excellency the President as well as arming opposition with fire-power to annihilate us”.

“But even as we await Presidential action,” Mr Lungu said, “the buck stops on Mr Kabimba and Dr Scott to excuse themselves from the pack called PF which is corrupt and tribalistic because you can’t hunt with the fox and play with the hare…PF members are dirty and corrupt and they [Kabimba and Scott] are clean, so they must make a choice on whether to stay in or out. You can’t eat your cake and still have it as far as I know”.

He said even after the meeting closed, anxieties remained among members who are infuriated at being labelled corrupt, tribal and undisciplined.

Mr Lungu said with the labelling coming from top members of the party, the PF has become a punch bag for the opposition.

“The opposition is now having a field day punching us based on statements from Wynter and Dr Scott and it is hard to defend such attacks as they come from inside without naming names,” Mr Lungu said.


    • H.E. Sata “will handle the issue once and for all soon”? He’ll end the works of the almighty Bwinjimfumu cartel? I don’t think so……

      …..it’s all too little too late. This what happens when you sell your soul.

    • never, learn to analyse issues.wynter’s expulsion is long overdue but he has a shield in the president thats why every one is disappointed and frustrated.so kabimba has won round one

    • Guys Kabimba ‘s expulsion from PF party will open a can of worms, and Sata wont risk that. So those who think Sata will expel Kabimba are just deluding them selves. That wont happen while Kabimba is alive. Mark my words, the only option Sata for getting rid of Kabimba is by going back to what he knows best;elimination. Sata will have to kill Kabimba to settle this matter once for all because he does not,kabimba will spill the beans once expelled alive.

      Only death will expel kabimba from PF like it or not. I mean Sata’s death or Kabimba’s. Mark my words.

    • Sata has lost his venom…how does Lungu speak out of tune…but yet again freedom of speech has finally come to Zed 😉 There is more then meets the eye…even Lungu wants the presidency, he has tasted the fruit as head of state and he loves it, can’t blame the brother though 😉 with WK out, fat Albert will be an easy piece to move or is Lungu working together with his bembe mbuya…exciting…

    • I have empathy for His Excellency the President in this context. If it is true that Kabimba is his son, the President is in an intricate position.

    • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Iam so very sure that this case is closed, he is history…….. too bad this week is heavy i could have celebrated till sunday!

    • I can help you bwana Edigar chakolwa with a list of tribal elements
      1. Chief tribalist – Sata
      4.nkandu Luo
      5. Chikambwili
      6.kakapata jeans
      Do u want me to continue ?

    • @ Dojo i see sense in what you are saying,Lungu may have interest in the presidency hence this kind of talk,he know that the elimination of Kabimba and Scott may increase his chances,you are right.


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  1. But why exclaim suprise at being labled indisciplined when you are taking your rants against your senior colleagues to the press in this manner?You are indisciplined that is why your cadres are a law unto themselves.I dont like Kabimba but on this issue he is correct.Didnt GBM tell the nation that he got into politics to make money?

    • i disagree with u Wanzelu..in africa i have never heard or seen any individual who can hold a head of state to ransom ..never.
      a head of state in africa is omnipresent – a god, therefore, whatever kabimba thinks he has on HE will not hold when he is kicked out. he will be bruised (not killed) so hard that he will wish he was never born and believe you me he will receive no sympathy from the public. why ? because, he is a self-destructive character with foolish pride and self-opinionated who has no PR. Edgar Lungu is delivering a message from the HE to Wynter and Scott ( don’t let the Guy for Scot free..lol) for the two guys to step aside on their own.

    • Ba Nostra, tamwaleka ulubuli nanomba? Awe wisdom yena kanshi tamwakwata. Mukala tukanafye ififine mubupuba bwenu.

    • Lungu’s message to Kabimba and ba Guy is timely.HEMCS should open his ears and listen to what Mr Lungu is saying.Mr Lungu is speaking on behalf of all the MIC who were terribly disappointed by the President’s failure to allow discuss the burning issues like that of Kabimba.Firing Lungu will mean doom for SATA and PF,the majority of ministers are sharing Lungu’s view on this one.

  2. Ati Kabimba to help yet he’s a source and a catalyst of the problem? You’re asking the fox to guard the chikenhouse Mr Lungu.

  3. With ur comments above. U jst fueling more trabo to the already burning house.No maturity and courtesy in your tone of speech.U are merely speaking like a cader frm inter City and not as Home Affairs Minister.Pls have some intelligencie skills

    • The other way for Lungu is to deport Scott to Ireland. How come only 2 people out of 14 million are seeing tribalism. Every Zambian is a bemba inside. Just check in town.

    • wendy my dear, you are an 1diot to think that it is only two people out of 14 million seeing the tribalism. simply say, as an individual, you are not seeing the tribalism in sata, may be because you are a beneficiary of the rot. I am seeing it big time and am not alone either, a lot of my colleagues have seen it too

  4. I said it and I’ll say it again. The President is weak- and has no leadership qualities. He is only fit for grass-root mobilisation not top leadership. You can’t blame the old man but us Zambians who believed his lies. Even The Post called him a “shameless old man”. And further said if it means Sata becoming a f.o.0l to go to State House he will do it. You chose a perpetual political grass-root mobiliser and these are the results-politicking, politicking, politicking 24/7/365. Sata lacks capacity to lead a nation.

  5. I said it and I’ll say it again. The President is weak- and has no leadership qualities. He is only fit for grass-root mobilisation not top leadership. You can’t blame the old man but us Zambians who believed his lies. Even The Post called him a “shameless old man”. And further said if it means Sata becoming a f/o/o/l in order to get to State House he will do it. You chose a perpetual political grass-root mobiliser and these are the results-politicking, politicking, politicking 24/7/365. Sata lacks capacity to lead a nation.

  6. What a confused construction site this is! Some are pulling down a newly erected wall, others are busy making blocks to extend the dismantled wall; a roof is being torn down while others are carrying new sheets and getting ladders ready to roof the house… meantime, there is dust all around from a lot of cement and sand being mixed in the front of the mess. That is PF for you.

  7. Freedom of speech from E.Lungu I have started enjoying the drama. The drunkard seem to be heading in the right direction.

  8. Hon Edgar Lungu is speaking in parables. Taking into account that the PF wrangle was deliberately started and fuelled by Wynter Kabimba in his quest to discredit the original founders of PF and tear apart their Chiefs, Lungu;s message is crystal clear. Kabimba’s Presidential ambitions started by his attacks on Given Lubinda.

    Yet Kabimba himself is now openly linked to the formation of the “Federal Party” which aims to consolidate the independence of Barotseland. Which way Ba Sata?

    Current dynamics reveal that Kabimba is being supported by Guy Scott, Nchito, Mmembe, Masebo Dr. Mahtani etc, at the exclusion of GBM, Kambwili, Nsanda, Chikwanda. In this regard the end to the PF intra-party squabbles lies in getting rid of Kabimba and Guy Scott.

    • No Sir/Madam. Wynter never started any confusion. He simply stated his desire to be president of PF after SATA.

      Can anyone tell me if it is an offense or to aspire to be a president?

      Even my 11 year daughter wants to be president one day!!!!!

  9. The biggest problem that have besieged pf is a result of bad top leadership. The pf president is the cause of in fighting that we are witnessing in pf. Sata is caught in a web he doest know whether he is going or coming.

    Cobra has completely lost all its venom, it can’t bite, the cobra is tamed anyone can play with it. Image a cobra is now a toy even a babies are playing with it.



  11. Strategic tribalists using a f.o.o.l.i.s.h easterner to kick out winter. Me i foresaw this. The moment edgar was made to act as justice minister in Wynter’s absence i knew that soon we’ll read a screaming headline against Wynter from him. Attacks on Wynter from Kambwili, GBM, Luo, Kapata, Chikwanda, Mwamba and the rest of the Bembas in PF made tribalism look so obvious. Now they found new tools but zambians are not that dull now.

  12. What is this I am reading ?! Is this statement , really, from a Minister ! No inch of sense in it. Crap! Crap! Crap! Crap!

  13. Some crooked old man somewhere is strategising this. We have already seen that some people are only fearing to kick out Wynter because he’s backed by an extremely powerfull media man. They know that the moment they demolish Wynter, their destruction starts. Now they want to use this alcoholic earsterner. I’m starting to feel sorry for edgar already.

  14. Some crooked old man somewhere is engineering this. We have already seen that some people are fearing to kick out Wynter by themselves because he’s backed by an extremely powerfull media man. Emotional tribalists didnt help matters at all as they made the tribalism in PF look so obvious. They know that the moment they demolish Wynter, their destruction starts. Now they want to use this alcoholic earsterner to avoid the tribal tag. I’m starting to feel sorry for this edgar already.

    • Ati “Now they want to use this alcoholic earsterner to avoid the tribal tag”. You’ve really cracked my ribs…. Lol. True though.

    • @ Lucas
      Your analysis from a tribal point of view misses the reality of the whole issue. Kabimba has cleverly used it to cover his real motives with the media man- Fourth Republic Party and its possible link to Barotseland. This issue is deeper than the mere tribal pronouncements.

    • @Jungle Boy, Barotseland again? Is this the red herring the PF tribalists will use against their PF opponents? We know the biggest supporter of Linyungandambo is no other than Sata. He publicly declared his support for Linyungandambo and the Barotse Agreement during his 2011 elections campaign . Please stop muddling issues!

  15. Well said Hon.Lungu, Dr scott and Hon. Kabimba should not just be making blanket statements about some corrupt leaders let them mention them and report them to the relevant wings that fight the graft.As for the issue of tribalism it is very sad that these leaders sunk so low to make such a divisive statement.I challenge them to resign if they are upright.Let them also leave the party.we want to see what they can do.

  16. I do not like kabimba, but on this one, you have got it wrong ba pf. mwamba(PS) is linked to originating a fax talking about fourth republic party on zambian intelligence news. this is a resemblance of the ‘zero option’ of 199o’s. kabimba toiled to organize the party to win elections and then you turn around and say he is failing the party. it doesn’t make sense. look at the list of people against SG, kambwili, mwamba, chikwanda,nsanda, mwamba(PS) so what does it tell you?

    • Where did Kabimba get the money to make pf win?hes just a bastard who thinks Zambia is a small village which can make him presido, Sata come from long way before the weekly post and some greedy little embersiles.

  17. Edgar is saying Wynter and Scot to resign so that the president can quickly look for other people to appoint. My question is did they discuss Road Contracts remaining for them to share? Since Willie Nsanda was in the house the RDA Board Chairman. These guys are corrupt Wynter told us.

  18. I think this Lungu was drunk when he was speaking. This fool is being used in the same way foolish Kabimba was used to mad slain pool HH. Hapunda and many others who were used as tools to wipe Kambwili as he said Mwinshinda nshilanya. They will do the dirt work while Kambwili alenya quietly

  19. Attacks on BGOCA, on Chipimo (twice), beating up fellow members, Hon Kabimba bullying ACC etc. What do you call that Hon. Lungu? It is called undisciplined behaviour.

    Sorry PF guys, you just have to do more to convince Zambians that your party members are law abiding.

  20. Am Bemba but I cannot allow such schemes to remove Wynter.It requires little or no intelligence to tell it is tribalism at work.I have come now to believe that Wynter is presidential material.

    • Hope you are saying the truth.

      My dear what is happening in PF is far fetched and not about tribalism.

      It’ road to Plot 1.

      If you force the cobra to bite you, surely
      it will.

  21. “I will gladly send our gallant men in uniform to talk to the corrupt,” Mr Lungu said.

    Slowly, I am beginning to respect Edgar Lungu. The guy is becoming wise at astronomical rate. Keep up that spirit Edgar. You are becoming reasonable and my suspicion is that you are cutting down on drink and probably reading a lot. All of a sudden you have become the voice of reason in PF and government. But beware, The Post and Kabimba will come after you. They don’t like anyone who appears more intelligent and capable of overiding them and their heniuos private agenda. Kudos bambo, many kudos and thambs up!

    • He maybe called a drunkard; but I see a lot of intelligence in him all the time he is handling a situation. He is very sensible.

  22. PF and President Sata is playing with fire by not addressing internal squabbles now.
    Now they have a chance to address them and reorganise before 2016. If they leave them too late, it will be a disaster as 2016 approaches. Leadership is about confronting tough situations and not postponing them. Not making a decision is often worse than making a wrong one.

  23. Hon Lungu did you take ka brown bottle to say that ? read todays Post newspaper comment and you will learn something.Chikwelete telling off the whole Veep in the press,is that not indiscipline ? Dont you know that GBM is corrupt ? Certain statements are made generally for whoever is concerned to stop it.Thats diplomacy man.

  24. It is becoming more and more interesting.What is clear is that Winter is going.However,the president could not make a judgement there and then because he would have been viewed tribalistic.
    Remember he is the President for all and so he has to look for a softer response to this matter.Sata cannot fail to sought out Winter,remember he has the instruments of power in his hand.The media man cannot do anthing to the architect of third term.
    Just wait soon Winter will go or PF will be distroyed because the agrieved are not just many but powerful.Guy Scott is fearing for his life because of his status(white).He feels if he sides With Winter in fighting the Bembas then he might become Lenje or Tonga.Let’s accept it, all in zambia are Bembas.If you are proud of your tribes,then use your…

  25. It seems Guy Scott does not understand reason why he can not act president when Sara is away- it is this stupid habit of taking sides when he does not belong to any tribe in Zambia all he can do is cause trouble and run away to England. He must be careful because sooner than later the heat will turn on him. i now believe why he is called the most stupid white man In SADC!

    • iam sure sure you were born ten years ago.scott was born in zed and is a founder member of mmd.scot is not the first white politician in zed.don’t sound like a racist swine iwe.

  26. lungu r u denying bemba tribalism in the pf government? be serious, look it started with the top.

    we dont want a cartel to rig elections in 2016, so Guy n Kabimba must stay.

    tribalism, nepotism, regionalism, r the cornerstone of PF rulership. we see it all , even in parastatals.

    we r sick!

  27. Guy and Wynter said the PATRIOTIC FRONT Ministers are corrupt. Is it possible for someone to open a docket for the all cabinet. Then each one must be investigated and cleared one by one. Tribalism. I hate it. My mother is Tonga, my dad is Bemba, am married to a Ngoni, my brother is married to a Nkoya, my elder sister is married to a Luvale, we will be wedding our youngest sister to a Bemba. So what tribe are we???? Can someone tell me? Sata must appoint people from every corner of this country and leave his deserving relatives not every Bemba and every Bisa should run the government. SATA isn’t Bemba but BISA, Chikwanda is Bisa, Nkandu Luo Bisa, GBM is Bemba,

  28. Only dummies I mean mentaly incapacitated ones because even the blind can tell that there is TRIBALISM in PF begining with H.E
    ‘Amenshi yakonka umufolo.’
    The tale goes. For the PF party members to be corrupt, tribalists, indisciplined & confused it is a crystal clear indicator that the leadership is the worst when it comes to such issues. Men be realistic even for once. Zambians why do we always accept that this is wrong only when that party is out of power. So we just waiting for PF to be out then we will accept that has done more harm than good to this nation. That is useless. It is high time you opened your eyes & removed wax from your blocked ears. Tribalism in PF is real no questions about it.

    • You are a fool there is nothing tribal if the allegations were false why did Wynter and Scott rush to blackmail there friends

  29. there is time for everything. GBM made three million profit from sale of FRA maize to Zim. That money belongs to FRA. Is that not plunder, corruption?

    He was forcing Zesco to buy wooden poles from him at 7 dollars per pole more than the lowest offer. Is that not corruption, misuse of authority?

  30. 3 million dollars profit on sale of subsidised maize he got from FRA and instead of milling it and selling in local market, he exported maize to Zim.

  31. Everyday its this “Wynter Kabimba” name in the news, this cringe inducing parasite is not even an elected representative.

  32. Wendy is an ***** tribalism is there in PF. I am an educated bemba who does not want to be part of it. Wynter and Scott and everyone who is smart should be commended for standing up. This Lungu chap is very dully, all those Jean, GBM, Kabwili are the guys who are corrupt, these are the chaps who are stealing from the government. Contracts from the government, mines etc. Wake up Zambia never let the elite tribe steal from you. Sata is okay, if only bad eggs can be fired the party will come back to normal. Leave Wynter and Scott alone, fire that Lungu, GBM, Jean. I am proud to be Zambian

  33. Its a pity that those in towns and the so called elite always play tribal and make pronouncements as though its what is in the towns and villages.The contrary positions is that all tribes men in villages and towns donot even see the tribal element.If you have toured enough villages and towns in luapula,southern,western,central and eastern provinces you will understand how people of Zambia have united together and no one is identifiable by tribe except for the lazy and cheap people who what to play petty.

    I know every village and people and places in the above thanks to my company and never ever ever I seen tribal elements only from cheap and misplaced few trying to play to masses

  34. Chiefs Villagers and headmens are very sincere and honest people and often receive and embrace every Zambian the same is the locals who often have some elements of inter marriages .

    The only observation I can have on recent recruitment of gov workers is to deliberately post people not biased on names and tribe but with a deliberate effort to foster coesion check the daily mail of employed the postings are biased that ought to change.

    So those in town ask them where they get the courage to say tribal when villagers co mingle and live in harmony amongst tribes and friends

  35. Namwala at recent mungaila ceremony was ever friendly as before without the tag of tribalism Look at the places from Namwala all the way into choma mazabuka Kafue etc the areas are full of mixed tribes and marriages of all provinces.You will always find a translator.

    The same is the northern central and muchinga including eastern,people are not tribal and will receive you well. Only the disgruntled try to play tribal.
    Villagers and there leadership people are not tribal and often are very sincere as can be seen from many traditional ceremonies for those who have the interest to attend only few disappointed and often failed people want to play to there political cheap methods
    simply Elect…

  36. Tribalism is tantamount to corruption. The father of tribalism in the entire Zambian history is Micheal Sata. This simply means he is also corrupt. So Mr Lungu what answers to you want?

  37. Then you simply cannot blame people who formed and established there party and won elections in that few inclination Unless others come on board and render and dilute that participation then issues of tribal will always be at talk.Change the way formation of parties and make them all national and you will not complain.you simply cannot blame the coach on his selection when players are not forthcoming make your self available and you yourself break the tribal barrier and set an example

    Namibia had the same problems between those in the west east south and north.But leadership quickly desolved that emerging tribal direction.See the extent of tribal in Namibia and how its been resolved

  38. @carrs, enjoy the loot that your brother is making with Kabimba and his friends. Who does not know you and your husband stealing from church and running away. Watch your steps. Clock is ticking and hour is about to come. You will not be able to buy HH or Never.

  39. looking at the parliamentally structural representation,unless you change into nationally represented party and people chose leadership regardless but quality,other parties will have the same criticism as above because their inclination is simply that of the opposite.

    A sincere relook is to change they we people are being chosen to be elected and be all inclusive regardless of regions

  40. It’s Guy Scott fighting SataN through “Kamimba”. Guys Scott thinks Sata is too dull, uneducated and uncivilised to be a president which is actually true.
    However, remember, it is people like Scott who start civ.il wa.rs in Africa and if we are not careful Scott may be even sponsoring real wa.r in our country through Kamimba!! You can only completely trust a muzungu to your peril and I entirely agree with Lungu here!!

  41. Mmembe has been trying to put someone close to him into state house. He tried very hard to support Magande but failed with flying colours. He changed and tried to put Wynter but it is more than likely that he has hit his head on a rock once again. You coud see his admission that Wynter is no longer in the plans of PF By the way he cried foul in his editorial of Saturday…

  42. Now now now, Kaminamisa has spoken! This man claims to be the Chief of Police and yet he claims the police fear the ruling party cadres. Here is where the crux of the matter arises, we are talking of a man who has acted as the republican president before here, if he has seen as he claimed in parliament that indeed the police for which he is chief fear truant PF cadres, why hasn’t he corrected that anomaly? Is it right that permit-less naked PF cadres should be dancing on car bonnets in front of state house while he sleeps on his laurels and blames it on Kabimba? A Lungu, kupusa awe sure!

  43. It pains me whenever i meet my uncle who is in UPND always ask me “what is happening in your party PF ?” this question brings shame to me. Now answer me using yo brains. who has brought all this? Who started it? Who has injured,brought more shame to PF.

  44. Get rid of ambitious drug dealer GBM.
    Ged rid of Emmanuel Mwamba
    Ged rid of Anthony Mukwita
    Get rid of Willie Nsanda
    Get rid of Jean Kapata
    Party will be strong and vibrant again.

  45. Yaba twalichula mu Zambia even drunkards now have voices to speak about the VEEP? Anyways we will forgive the man since he is speaking under the influence of tu jilijili….

  46. Lungu thinks if Scott and Kabimba are fired,Sata will then consider him.Forget Mr beer man ! Why are you insisting that the corrupt elements should be publicized at this stage.You speak like you are not a lawyer.You must be a hypocrite…are you the only jew who does not know ? Wake up from slumber man !

  47. Claiming that kabimba issue was not on the agenda but took most of the time discussing it outside the agenda, it amounts to one thing the issue was adequately addressed and wat remained was kabimba’s rebuttal! Pf cannot deny corruption,tribalism,indiscipline including nepotism

  48. One does not need to be a genius to understand what our dull minister is saying. He has disclosed it all “without disclosing” it because he is allowed “to not disclose it”
    Look at this…..
    ‘You can’t hunt with the fox and the hare’
    “Let them leave…..” Waaaaa!

    All we can do is wait for the “PF alpha and omega”-HEMCS

  49. (1) Lungu you told Zambians that there was clique of corrupt elements who wanted to bribe you at your office.

    (2) You reported that some even tried to bribe you but you refused. You were asked by Transparence International to name those people but to date you have never mentioned their names.

    (3) Has any one called for your blood to mention the culprits you reported attempted to bribe you?

    (4) Why should it be so on Guy and Wynter you hypocrite? Before you ask Guy and Wynter to name those people first tell us yourself the people who attempted to bribe you.

    (5) In fact yours is more serious than Wynter’s and Guy’s because theirs are allegations while yours is factual. There was a person you know who attempted to bribe you. Jean ask your friend Lungu to tell us.

  50. MR Lungu what are you trying to achieve? if you do not know, that is undermining the President. The President has called for a reconciliation, regardless of what transpired or what ever some one said, it’s time to call it over and shake hands. Now you Lungu you want to challenge the President, and what makes you the spokesman?. Shame to you, you say you can not work with the His Honor the Vice President resign then!, that’s indeed insubordination of the highest order. Please we are tired of you guys, let Wynter continue to perform what he knows best.

    • Well said. Its like you read mind. I was also going to say the same thing. If Mr. Lungu feels he can’t work with these guys, the most honorable thing to do is for him to resign first, otherwise there is no difference between him and the people he is aggrieved with. ‘One can only speak like that if they have been told what to say and not speaking their independent mind. Principled people resign first.

  51. What annoys me is the fact that MR Lungu is the chairman of disciplinary committee, in all truth he should be the last person to exhibit such indiscipline. The President has spoken, it’s finished whether you are aggrieved or not, if you want to continue to belong to PF, please hands off MR Wynter.
    Let the man continue running the affairs of our beloved Party, please let go my Wynter has his hands full, he needs to consolidate our Party machinery. Therefore MR Lungu if you are still aggrieved resign and join other Parties. By the way did MR Kabimba mention you as the corrupt or tribe list, so what’s the matter and what is the issue here. Please leave him a lone. You are just exhibiting insubordination to the President, to the Vice President and to the Secretary General.

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