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Sunzu, Kalaba, Sinkala get their passports back

Sports Sunzu, Kalaba, Sinkala get their passports back

The state has returned Rainford Kalaba, stopilla Sunzu and Nathan Sinkala’s passports bringing to an end the five-day ordeal.

Home Affairs minister Edgar Lungu said the trio has been found with no case to answer.

This is after immigration authorities could not find sufficient evidence that the three illeagally crossed the border back into DR Congo on October 12.

“If our officers had wanted they could have gone to DRC to verify but there was no evidence to warrant that action,” said Home Affairs spokesperson Moses Suwali.

“Arising from that report, the minister this morning ordered the release of the players’ passports and that they return to their club and continue enjoying their careers.”

Kalaba, Sunzu and Sinkala allegedly left Zambia after a failed attempt to secure their release by FAZ for Chipolopolo’s October 15 friendly against Brazil in Beijing.


    • you are the one that seems uneducated!!! You want to punish without justification – who do you think you are???

    • That KAMBWILI is a hyena, we thought he was wise on the case of useless Kabimba, but on this of Kalaba & Friends, Kabwili na nyela kumwela.
      If I wanted I can go for Kabwili and arrest him, just has I did to Kabimba.

  1. Ok give them and then continue Investigating if you for some reason strike a deal with katumbi let us know,because we are still organizing evidence and soon we will unvail it.Lets all learn from this episode.

  2. Mr Kambwili spoke from Luanshya last Sunday about a report from the Zambian Embassy in DRC, is that not enough evidence.
    If the 3 players are not telling lies then the GRZ is.

  3. Everyone knew that there was no evidence. These guys made GRZ look like the *****s they are. Trigger happy chappys that fire, then aim then get ready. The fools should have kept quiet and waited for the players to show up on a pitch iin drc. Then summon them top the consulate. Talk about inept, *****s!

  4. Time to move on from these unreliable players; this time it was a friendly, albeit a very significant friendly; next time it will be a crucial qualifier. Let’s find some replacements and never recall the trio before we’re betrayed again.

  5. Let dem remember . Their career is at stake. Tfhey ve been gud boyz and I biliv dey will go on. They make chipolopolo shyne for me .mj in kapiri

  6. You guys think you can outsmart Ba Tubulu??? Go to Congo & see if anyone will rat out the boys!! Only in your dreams!! Boys, go & enjoy “Simba” & “Tembo”, & leave sleepy FAZ & their over-expectant loudmouthed fans!!

  7. 15.000$ per player for a match they did not play…..why go to China for 1300$….and to France for 400$???

  8. I am sure something happened. Any way, the boys know exactly what happened and I hope their conscience is clear and i pray that they will not tell their Girl Friends/Wife. Or else the truth will be spilt by them. Let them enjoy as it lasts.

  9. its only when you know who Katumbi is that you will understand what has happened. The man is more powerful than most presidents. I wrote about this the other day that this case is going nowhere slowly.

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