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Expectant mothers share the same ward with males in Zambezi

Rural News Expectant mothers share the same ward with males in Zambezi

Augustine Seyuba and Amos Mapulenga
Augustine Seyuba and Amos Mapulenga

North Western Province Permanent Secretary Augustine Seyuba says he is saddened with the situation prevailing at Kucheka Rural Health Center where male and female patients wards are in the same ward.

Mr. Seyuba said the idea of combining female and male patients in the same ward is not healthy and that it was not morally acceptable.

The PS was speaking when he toured Kucheka Rural Health Center yesterday.

Mr. Seyuba told management at the clinic to find means of separating male and female patients from sharing a ward.

And Kucheka Rural Health Center Nurse in – Charge Rodgers Muvumbo said lack of wards at the centre led to the combining of both expectant mothers and male patients in the same ward.

He said management at the clinic have since separated the male and female patients from sharing the same ward.


    • dollarsilliyah, awee uli shilu! This is a very sad situation and all you can come up with is garbage.
      The government needs to ensure that this health centre is expanded so that it has a male ward, female ward and maternity ward.
      Delivering a baby is very serious business and there should not be men admitted to the same ward as delivering mothers as this is extremely unsafe for the mothers and new borns.

    • Thank you PS But the situation really needs more than the directive,please ensure that every relevant office is called on the table with mediate ,and were is the MP,DC,MAYOR,PROVINCIAL MINISTER,HEALTH INSPECTORS,am pretty sure a solution will be found,unlike just a directive,OK were the patients going? SHOULD THEY BE SENT HOME? WERE IS THE CDF fund for crying out loud.some one is not doing his job,thats why the president is calling them names,,,,,,,,,please lets put our heads together,we can win brothes and sisters.Mr PS THEY ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE WITH BRILLIANT IDEAS.

  1. I hope they dont get to do it at night when the nurses switch off the lights!!! Human beings are complicated when it come to sex

  2. So Seyuba, what are you going to do about it?
    You should have acted secretly to resolve that without making it news. It’s so embarrassing to even talk about it and bring it into public domain.
    Just clean up that mess.

  3. You know you are in deep trouble and there is no plan in sight when a Govt official begins to talk like he is an outsider.

  4. Seyuba…..what do you want that poor nurse to do?? That’s why the president is firing you PS,s bcoz you are not helping him in anyway. If I was SATA, I would have fired you bcoz its like you don’t know why you are there.

    I don’t think it should even take the whole PS or the provincial medical officer to sort out that……..Just the District Medical officer (DMO) should sort out that.

  5. Why politisize everything,most of these facilities were constructed as health posts not clinic but they work as hospitals.I don’t think he was suppose to act in that way and am very sure it is not the only centre doing that in the area more than he can imagin.let’s build then we condemn.thanks

  6. Yaba that is very sad indeed. Pantu abamafumo balafwaika freedom. If she wants to pass gas she should do so without feeling ma one- elo icisushi chaliba regular nabanensu nga bali pabukulu.

    • Iyoo wasekesha sana mune! It is only ur madam who has that ifisushi problem. Mostly she develops indigestion when she is expecting. Instead of bringing it on this blog, go with her to see the gyneacologist and explain your sad exposure to ifisushi, the good doc will prescribe something for both your comfort. LOL!

  7. Very sad indeed, how someone could come up with such an idea is beyond me. Who is the minister designated to this area? Build a real hospital for the people man, this should be on top of your list to be presented in parliament, you guys are busy discussing less important issue instead of matters that affect the people, how shameful!

    • Leave Amos to organise the wedding for the 98 year old gentleman. You have no shame condemning something as sweet as this. If I was not that busy with my job I would actually atend just to see the smile on these 2 love birds.

  8. Seyuba is an MMD cadre who pretends to be PF.Kanganja got the job for him discreetly.He has messed up genuine PF members,Chiefs and civil servants in NWP who are now frustrated.Sata should get rid of him as soon as possible.He is a liability to this government and its unfortunate he is still around despite widespread cries from NWP.

  9. Building infrastructure shouldn’t be that expensive at government level. Seyuba- extend that building to accommodate 20 to 30 more beds for men only. You dont need the entire country to know about that. Use your initiative plz.

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