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Hologram project not flop, police have been confiscating pirated DVDs and CDs – Kapeya


Chief Government spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya
Chief Government spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Mwansa Kapeya has dismissed assertions suggesting that the Hologram project for compact audio and video articles is a flop.

The Zambia Association of Musicians (ZAM) had recently has described the introduction of holograms in Zambia as a flop pointing out that piracy is still rampant.

Mr. Kapeya has however told Qfm in a telephone interview that people claiming that the project is a flop are doing so because they have lagged behind in understanding the benefits that have come with the introduction of the hologram.

Mr. Kapeya says government is happy with the implementation of the hologram project so far and that stakeholders in the music industry are equally happy.

Mr. Kapeya says the Zambia police have been going round across the country confiscating pirated DVDs and CDs that do not have holograms


    • Somethings you discuss or launch projects for? Does Sata knows about “hologram”? He may end up telling someone “muli fipuba”.

  1. What would help is outlining what projects aside from the hologram are in place. Holographic protection is relevant only for the piracy of non digital products on to CD or DVD. Protection of intellectual property should cover other platforms. None of the platforms that should be generating the highest revenue are even spoken about by the government who amended the law (2010) to deal with punitive repercussions for the hologram at a higher rate than all other platforms. The focus should equally be on digital and broadcast platforms – case in point how on earth is Airtel getting away with selling products without permission? Settling outside court for peanuts after the fact when they provided an opportunity to show the law in action. Support the artists who stand their ground.

  2. Honourable Kapeya, the issue is not whether the hologram programme is working or not. Clearly, the implementation is going fine. HOWEVER, people have now gone internet where they don’t need to buy a CD without a hologram. They just go to the internet to get a free copy. Honourable Kapeya should try it and he will be very surprised how many free songs by Zambian artists he can dub off without paying a penny. We need to go IT as well. The truth is our musicians must learn that in today’s world you have to sell your song as soon as you release it, which means the time of producing albums is OVER! Release a single and immediately go to the market before pirates and people start sharing it for free! In developed economies, everybody in the music industry knows that albums don’t work anymore!

    • @Mwembeshi,what do expect from the so honourable minister? His level of understanding does not go beyond reading some basic 28 font English written by Chellah.There is trouble in the PF government for sure.

    • The question is how did the song make its way to the internet? The illegal Internet publisher can be found and prosecuted

  3. Just talking will not help. The pace at which we are duing it is has strings to it. We are unable to search the streets collecting all what is found and burn it. That’s what we nid to see.

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