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Zambian’s are tired of PF lies – Nevers Mumba

Headlines Zambian's are tired of PF lies - Nevers Mumba

Nevers Mumba at a campaign rally in Mufumbwe
File:Nevers Mumba at a campaign rally in Mufumbwe

Opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) President Never Mumba has charged that Zambians are tired of the lies by Patriotic Front government as a campaign tool.

Dr. Mumba told Qfm News that it is unfortunate that the Patriotic Front has continued to use lies during by-elections even when it’s clear that people are no longer interested.

Dr. Mumba said the PF should realize that their lies of promising to take development to an area when there is a by-election are not working anymore.

He added that no amount of exaggerations the Patriotic Front will tell the nation will work to their advantage.

Meanwhile Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) leader Edith Nawakwi says Patriotic Front members of parliament are not performing to the expectations of the people that put the in office.

Ms Nawakwi said there is need for Members of Parliament to give back to the people they represent by taking development to their constituencies.

She said it is worrying that even after being told by President Michael Sata to work hard, some members of parliament are still not taking the directive seriously.

The FDD leader has also lamented rate of neglect in Mansa which the provincial capital for Luapula.

The people of Mansa central go to the polls today to elect their representative in Parliament.



    • Yes intelligent Zambians are tired of PF lies,unfortunately there are still some Kaponyas on payroll who will pretend that all is okey.They think little of the future Zambian generations and the impact their decisions will have on the future….Zambians really fished in the sewer in the 2011 elections.

    • PF and Sata are doing very well. I will vote for them nafuti nafuti. For MMD.???……… I will use Dora,s middle finger

    • We lived a lie for 20 years under MMD, do you remember that Nevers?

      UNIP did a lot for the country in its 27years in power compared to what MMD did in its 20yrs of govt.

      PF will be fully judged at the end of its stay in govt

    • nawakwi ni suspect, i keep saying this. she will hammer everyone in PF but not Sata. Analyse what she said here again. Whats your game plan ba Nawakwi. muli pamanonshi?

    • KapeKape the UP and Down(UPND) Party cadre.Plz leave Dr Mumba alone.Sata and his Govt.fight Mumba for fear of the known.Let the UP and DOWN Party and HH ran their own race and leave Dr Mumba ran his own.

    • correction. just because you can not substantiate a claim does not mean it is a lie. the supreme court we all know is being used as a slaughter house for the opposition. simple

  1. Incredible! Zambians still believe in lies of Mr Sata even after disastrous record of governance by BUFI, violence killings within PF, failure to release draft constitution, failure to create jobs, dethroning of chiefs and fights with traditional leaders, failure in corruption within PF and government. As long as some Zambians are less concern and critical, development will never be achieved in Zambia.

  2. Neither PF nor MMD can make Zambians happy. The only party that can make Zambians happy with development and stability is UPND. Viva UPND! Viva HH!

  3. Sikwela Mumba MMD President you are not even fit to be called a pastor or to be called a president of n political party because you are a lie you lied before God, the people of Zambia and to your church members what can you tell us you are an embarrassment to the nation and to the all world.

    • What lies has Nevers said? It is you and your boss that are not fit to be politicians. Merciless mercenaries killing people in cold blood and creating confusions all the nation. We want a pastor at statehouse so that we can peace in the nation. Not you experts of bonking women.

  4. HH he is a problem he always put his interest first his business first that is the problem you remember the issue of zambeef the chemical they used to use people said the move was very bad what did he say he went on and defend the company because he has some shares in zambeef what i know is a person who is sicking public office must put the interest of the country and of the people first not his.

  5. Taking Lies from Zambian Politics will disadvantage the Abena Zambia from Northern and Muchinga. Lies a part of the daily menu.

  6. Bamambala muletasha…!
    MMD built roads,left a sound Economy and strong Kwacha,Bumper harvests,Great Mining,Cheaper Mealie Meal which some of u now shout Pamaka but Hungry..
    Today we have $3.1Billion as Debt when MMD left only $1.7billion as Debt.
    Bloated Cabinet which is almost to 100+ on TaX payers Money..MMD yalimisalapula,Fast Buses(marco Polos) and not Kaunda 3months pa Road UBZ..Muletasha bane

    • @Kazembe wa Lunda,
      You are right. Many people do not realize what MMD left and what PF has destroyed today. Let 2014 come January see how much we shall eat. PF has not up to now put maize seed for a farmer in place and this is end of November. Are going to plant D compound?

  7. Kazembe wa lunda, a minute please, MMD never built any road. Most of the roads were built by Britain and a few by UNIP. Its good that Sata and PF have a vision to open more roads.

    • @pio,
      If you have got a car as your first priority, will your grand pa and other cousins in the village all have cars and will they shift to the road side leaving their villages? Food dear is what brought Russia down. Go back to history and wait for 2014 full year to come if you shall produce pumper harvest which our Colleague in MMD left. We have failed where farming is concerned my friend.

  8. The bad spirit is if you are of one tribe and you are on the throne, you start teasing others that they shall never rule, you are just hipping on bad fire because one day others shall team up and be the haters of you language to make you fail.
    Zambia has seventy- three well known registered tribes if even if the Mambwes, Namwangas Lungus and other Northerners would be described as Northerners, they also feel bad when they are called lesser tribe. Be careful blood haters.

  9. Imwe na imwe ba Mumba muli chipuba, who can beleave you today after you lied to the people of Zambia ati you are a man of God? You’re wasting MMD’s time here. Let PF rule and let other people talk. Shameless man.

    • Chota mind your loose tongue.Dr Mumba’s calling as a man of God can not be confirmed by you the un circumusized(at heart) person like you.From your vulgar language,you just need Jesus to come into your life,otherwise I pit you.

  10. the only problem is we think when you are the opposition then you are correct in thots learn to work ,advise and to challenge the government when there are issues that would benefit the people.Mr mumba always complaining be like the shock absorber that cushion the problem.you served and circumstances change why say we had this in the past and this lets plan and face the future with positive and workable policies been introduced off course .the bad foundation is always to blame for a poor finish mr Mumba

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