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A new Constitution by way of referendum a must-Sunday Chanda


Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda






We wish to call on President Michael Sata to ensure that a people-driven constitution, by way of a referendum becomes part of his legacy and that of his Government.

It is an open secret that successive Presidents have failed on this matter because of their insecurities and contempt for the wishes of the majority Zambians.

Successive Governments have betrayed and dribbled Zambians on the constitution and we urge that such history must not repeat itself in this time and age.

The best gift President Sata and the PF Government can give to the Zambian people as we march towards 50 years of Independence celebrations is to guarantee that a new constitution through a referendum, with a referendum committee being put in place.

PF Government must therefore avoid the same trappings of power and insecurity that sabotaged past attempts at giving ourselves a good constitution. Zambia has come of age and will not fall for anything that takes away this opportunity to give to themselves a constitution that represents their wishes and aspirations.

OSF is concerned that His Honour the Republican Vice President Dr. Guy Scott was not candid enough when he stated that the 10 copies are required for ceremonial purposes.

The Vice President will help Zambians by being categorical on which ceremonial activities he was making reference to and what incremental value they bring to the constitution-making process.

What is the context of these same ceremonial purposes the Vice President referred to and do Zambians have the time for such?

OSF is calling on Government to ensure they provide a transparent constitution-making process without any interference whatsoever. Government needs to ensure it builds citizen-consensus and citizen-confidence in this process.

It is common knowledge that the scope of the draft constitution and modalities for its adoption cannot be forced down the throats of Zambians.

In that regard, we advise Government to drop the demand for 10 copies of the draft constitution to be printed or better still explain to Zambians with a better rationale than the ceremonial excuse given by the Vice President in Parliament, why it needs 10 copies.


  1. A very good point but not ever gonna happen under this arrogant regime. I wonder what is left of PF, countrywide lose of confidence in what was once a popular and liked party….

    • Sunday Chanda,

      Armed with a one-way podium on Muvi TV, for 5 days a week you f00lishly ‘job-hunted’ by acting so pro PF that even Costa was shocked.

      As a person, you have contributed greatly to the arrogance the GRZ is displaying. You personally are an agent of the destruction of Zambia.

      I urge you to shut your gob and allow us to peacefully find alternatives for our childred you silly lampoon.

  2. Why do politicians fall in the same political trappings if I may ask? Why can’t the current President want to be different from those who failed to give Zambians a constitution?

  3. I dont know why politicians want to disappoint citizens. Please Mr. President, listen to the voices of people who have spoken in the draft and continue to speak to this point. Zambia needs to have a good constitution and somehow we keep missing it, why?????????

  4. The POST summed it all in today’s editorial. They are saying Sata has changed. Zambians must be resolute not be fooled again by PF again. The post has started setting up the agenda of no 50+1. For what or for who?

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