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Chinese National Rescued alive after falling into Victoria Falls

General News Chinese National Rescued alive after falling into Victoria Falls

Tourists viewing the Victoria Falls at the Knife Bridge
Tourists viewing the Victoria Falls at the Knife Bridge

A COMBINED team of Livingstone Fire Brigades as well as Zambia Police Service and Bundu Adventurer yesterday retrieved alive a 45 year old Chinese national who fell into Victoria Falls George near the knife bridge as he was taking pictures of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Both Southern Province Commissioner of Police Charity Katanga and Livingstone City Council Public Relations Manager Emmanuel Sikanyika confirmed the development in separate interviews.

Ms Katanga said Wang ShunXue, a Chinese national aged 45, was retrieved alive after he fell into the Victoria Falls Gorge near the knife bridge as he was taking pictures in reverse direction away from the knife bridge.

She said ShunXue, who was lodged at Zambezi Sun Hotel in room 3534, was retrieved around 09:30 hours with no serious injuries and he was taken to the same Hotel’s clinic for medical checkup.

And Mr Sikanyika said officers from the Livingstone Fire Brigades officers received a call yesterday (Monday) around 08:23 hours that a Chinese national fell into Victoria Falls and rushed to the scene to rescue him.

Mr Sikanyika said Fire Brigades officers worked together with State Police and Bundu Adventure, a company which conducts Bungee Jumping activities at the bridge, to rescue the Chinese national.

“From what they saw, the victim sustained some bruises and he was rushed for medical check-up and treatment.

The Chinese national did not get to the surface of the falls as he was rescued at the edges of the Falls cliff,” Mr Sikanyika said.

He urged tourists and other visitors to the Victoria Falls to follow guidelines and markings at the site saying they should not be overexcited when viewing one of the natural wonders of the world.

Meanwhile, a Times of Zambia crew which rushed to Victoria Falls yesterday only witnessed Mr ShunXue as he was walking out of the Victoria Falls in the company of Chinese nationals and other officials.

Mr Shunxue had bruises on his hands and he could not withstand an interview as he was still in a state of shock.


  1. Lusaka Times, puleez. It’s Knife Edge Bridge. And that bridge in the picture is the main road/rail bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe – not your ‘Knife Bridge’. You’re embarrassing.

    • You’re right dear. The Knife Edge Bridge is narrow and made of steel panels for walking and not tarmac. Lusaka Times is indeed misleading bloggers.

    • Not to worry!! The people WRITING THESE STORIES HAVE NEVER EVEN BEEN BEYOND THE Kafue Road Bridge – they have just heard about Vic Falls – nothing they have described above, indicates to you where this character fell off & which point he was retrieved from ! We just have to wait for the guy to write his memoirs in Chinese then probably wait for another century for someone else to translate it for us!! Viva Zed Education!!

  2. NI victoria fall george or victoria falls gorge, teshina lyamuntu ili ati george. ngamwina afulika ngalifwa pantu ifwe twalifininina.

  3. I thought Sata said the Chinese were smarter? Our under appreciated fellow zambians won’t fall like that they’re just too smart.

  4. the only problem with this tumachoncholi is that tey like free things and 2 much ifikansa think tey are clever and they know everything.foolish chines u come for the roads and then u think u can tour the falls y did it u die?

  5. (Victoria Falls George) near the knife bridge . Ati George. Awe ba LT mulandepula.KEKEKEKEKEKEKEKEKe

  6. Lusaka Times says:a 45 year old Chinese national who fell into Victoria Falls George.
    LT its not Victoria Falls GEORGE but GORGE.
    Please improve you are embarassing us.

  7. Zambia should do something about protecting the areas around the falls. The timber barriers may not be enough and is not in every place along the falls. such kind of incidences might give a wrong picture about the zambian side of the falls.

    • iwe naiwe – it is nature at its best!! Nga na ka pweneka, it becomes survival of the fittest – wamona – kaliba fit aka ka choncholi!!

  8. Sorry your picture is outdated and wrongly labelled.The falls are currently not that high.That by the way is not the knife edge bridge but the zambia zimbabwe bridge.

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