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Southern province GBV cases increased despite interventions


A civil society organisation says cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) in Southern province have increased from 502 in 2012 to 704 this year.

Non-Governmental Organization Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Southern province Liaison Officer, Faith Simukoko disclosed the statistics cases during this year’s commemoration of 16 Days of Activism against GBV in Livingstone.

Ms Simukoko expressed concern over the increase in GBV cases saying the rate at which the vices are increasing in the province are a source of concern to stakeholders who have done a lot to help curb the vice.She said the civic campaigns do not seem to be bearing fruits.

“From these figures, 566 involved females while 138 involved males. This means women are the major victims who have continued to suffer in the province while some men have also fallen victims of the detrimental vice,” she said.

This year’s 16 Days of Activism against GBV is being held under the theme: One Zambia One Nation against GBV through the Law.”

Ms Simukoko said despite the increase in awareness campaigns to discourage people from engaging in the vice, GBV cases had continued to increase.

She noted that women in the lower economic status were more vulnerable to gender based violence.

“Townships have the majority of women in low economic status, so when we raise awareness among such groupings like here in Maramba, we know people are getting the right information,” she said.

Ms Simukoko said NGOCC with its member organizations would remain committed to ensure it fostered awareness in communities in a bid to reduce GBV cases in Southern province.

And Nakaundu Akapelwa, a Police Officer at Livingstone Central Police Victim Support Unit (VSU), cautioned GBV victims to desist from withdrawing cases in preference for upholding relationships between them and perpetrators.

Ms Akapelwa said the increase in the withdrawal of cases was hindering the fight against gender based violence.

“From today, you should reduce on withdrawing GBV cases as withdrawals encourage perpetrators of the vice to continue without any regard for the consequences of their actions,” she said.

She urged victims of GBV suffering in silence to report their problems to the relevant authorities for them to get government protection.

Ms Akapelwa noted that GBV cases can only reduce if perpetrators were punished as this would deter other would-be offenders from engaging in the vice.


  1. Ooooh noooo!! I thought these brothers can marry as many wives as they can manage. Why the violence?? It’s really a huge change from tonga bulls to tonga “Tyson’s”. what a shame!!!

  2. And cases of men having sex with dogs, goats, pigs and chickens have also increased in Southern Province. Why? Is it because of eating too much busala and mabisi?

  3. I know why this has increased, it is because most of them belong to a certain party which has failed to make it to plot 1. Kekekekekeke

  4. I think women are to blame sometimes coz no sane man can js batter his woman without something on the ground.They should change to avoid GVB.

  5. What is wrong with our Tonga brothers? gender violence, sex with goats, chickens etc? What is going on Southern Province? Are these effects of HH’s Freemanson’s actvities?

  6. For a number of ardent followers of Zambian politics and it’s players, the concealed life of one Mutinta Hakainde is one that keeps people thinking about the role that the potential first lady plays in the life of her dear husband, HH as fondly referred to by supporters.

  7. Whereas the absence of Mr. Hichilema’s wife from the public view has in some quarters been explained as resulting from her personality, the Zambian Intelligence News can exclusively reveal that her conduct is the conduct of every mason wife as per practiced mason doctrine with respect to marriage and related social facets……..

  8. It is critical to note the prefix to mason ‘free’. That’s because free is exactly what a freemason is. Free from his wife and family for much of the time. Meetings are all important. Of course they are! Especially the Friday meeting, all the others (Monday through Thursday) are just incidental, but oftentimes attended nonetheless. The supremacy of the mason vow overtakes the importance of the marital vow and as a consequence of the influence of mason doctrine in relation to marriage, masons are principally not expected to appear very close to their wives in the public view and they may only appear once in a while. The mason doctrine on marriage does expressly permit once in a while appearances with one’s wife just as a way of guaranteeing societal acceptance.

  9. Other than her initial appearance at Mulungushi International Conference Centre when her husband announced her candidature for the UPND presidency back in 2006, Mutinta has made very erratic public appearances pursuant to trite mason doctrine.

    The freemason’s oath is sacrosanct, nothing is allowed to come between a freemason and his oath. He signs his life away when he signs on the dotted line. This oath is taken much more seriously than his marriage vows. ……..

  10. As a matter of fact, during initiation, new convert masons are instructed to remove their wedding rings as a way of ascribing sanctity to the mason vows which are considered superior to marriage vows and they never put their rings back again. A check on Hakainde’s left hand will actually confirm his strict obedience of this part of mason doctrine. Yes, he does not have a wedding ring and this is a requirement that comes after initiation to the cult. This is also part of Mutinta’s experience after 11 years with a mason husband. ……..

  11. Tied to the foregoing, the Zambain Intelligence News has revealed that for a mason like Hakainde, when it comes to marriage, only the Masonic oath is to be honored over all else. This actually leads to a lesson of unshakeable loyalty in the mason realm and one would want to think that if marriage vows were taken as seriously, the divorce rate would be practically non-existent. Freemasons are faithful to their fellow freemasons; faithful to their lodge; faithful to their inane rules and regulations and it is settled doctrine that the place of a wife in the life of a freemason should not be seen to become more prominent than the commitment to the mason vow which among others requires the mason husband to be caring yet stay away from the wife

  12. If a freemason placed his lodge in disrepute he would soon be expelled. But wives are there as fodder or food in simple language. Therefore for a freemason like the UPND leader, a wife is considered or likened to the food that is prepared at home and to be found at home and this is part of the mason doctrine that has made Mutinta Hichilema the kind of wife that she is today.

  13. The source also added that Mutinta Hichilema like many other freemason wives has lived to appreciate life without receiving the normal attention that other women get from their husbands, what is constant for her however is that constant demand for a freshly laundered white shirt for the Lodge meetings (official congregational services). Freemason wives hardly see their husbands. The wife of the UPND leader usually has more time with her husband during what is called a recess in the mason calendar which is approximately two months in a given year and this is when freemasons dig into their wives free time and they think this two months makes up for all the months of neglect. This is the experience of Mutinta Hichilema.

  14. Women are KEY to GBV. If women can ‘behave’ they will not be battered. NGOs should teach women to have good behavior towards their husbands and GBV will go down. In other words target group should change from Men to Women if we are to win this battle.

  15. As men we should be careful not to give in to these women. If we are not careful we shall soon be the endengered species. The best we can do to preserve ourselves is to BEAT THE HELL out of our women but of course phuck them later.

  16. Most of our brothers from Southern Province are jealousy and insecure, then most of them akaso ekufwa, their money in mubombasa. In southern province women are second citizens and their place is farming whilst a man is drinking chibwatu.

  17. @Kaambwa whatever your real name is.You seem to have so much inside information about masons are u part of the group?Please tell us what more you know.If you are only half the intelligence of a monkey you will realise that not only tonga people live in southern province and that bestiality is not only found in one province.Why dont you wonder why it has an english terminology and not tonga!Your rumblings indicate that you are a sick man and you need help.Stop subjecting innocent people to your stupid ideas.If only you could use that time you are trying to explain things you know little about to learn how to feed yourself and family.The people you are refering to are mostly very humble and hard working but do not make a mistake they can react very well to provocation.Turn to God my bro.

    • Naimwe bene mwalichilamo. @Kaambwa may be right. Lyonse imwe ku Monze kano mulechita imbwa, imbushi, inkumba nangu inkoko while your women are toiling in the fields. It is too much. Leave the animals alone!!!

  18. @pio just from the way you write one would know that you are from Luapula or most likely from Congo.Your prejudice against tonga people shows that whatever you know about them you learnt from equally ignorant parents.What is there to boast about in luapula my bro. apart from tute and mbowa that are your staple?Have respect for other people and their way of life.If you get by by stealing,it doesnt mean everyone is a thief like you.There are people on this earth who are born honest. In my town we do not lock up our cars and homes unlike where you come from and mind you we dont have street kids and adults bothering you about “ubwafwilisho”.It is not simply in our tonga DNA.Please ve a life and stop eating and drinking naked tribalism you ***** congolese.

    • I have 6 of female relatives who are married to tonga men, all with same problems their husbands carrying money mubombasa, in the end women are the providers. In tonga land women have no place hence men see the world like how the baby see it. Papita, stop abusing our women and am proud for my tribe I never chose to be Kaonde but thank God to make me one where we appreciate women as equals.

    • The truth pains tonga men are abusers just like GBM, who supports violence against women as love its all due to jealousy and insecure in you. It is shameful at this time and age treating women the way you treat your cows.

  19. @ Kabwamba, it appears you are Freemason yourself. Its either you are deep into it yourself or your sponsors have asked you to learn more about the Freemasons for purposes of smearing HH. Be careful bwana, you are wasting tax payers money and next government will get you.

  20. Kaambwa, you are right my brother and do not be intimidated. I always wonder why in Southern province they will choose ukuchita imbwa, inkumba, imbushi nangu inkoko while their women are busy toiling in the fields.

  21. @pio the last time i checked GBM was not tonga and if your so called relatives are so abused why dont they leave!If they cant it means there is something they enjoy better.Lastly i ve never come across a kaonde who talks ill of his own brothers because the last time i checked the kaondes were never cousins with tongas but regard you as brothers that is if you are trying chimbuya with them.

    • Papita, GBM is a bemba from kasama, but he behaves like tonga man in terms of treating women. Tongas are my brothers but I should speak out when some thing is wrong, whilst bemba, men are loving and know how to keep their women. Kwenda na banzolo, and my cousins are from the desert Nyengos, Lozis, Bundas, Luvales, Lundas, Chokwes.

  22. Researchers who use a very narrow sample size (one province) out of a very huge population (10 provinces) are bound to get biased results from the research. What are the results from other regions of the country in relation to these results? Comparison should be made in relation to other areas and not between periods. It could be that the cases of GBV increased from one year to another but still remain low compared to other regions within the same period. By the way GENDER doesnot mean WOMAN alone so GBV includes cases of men being harrassed by women. If the research focussed on women alone then the researcher should change the title of these findings.

  23. @Jule, right on. Southern Province GBV increase despite interventions, so says the headline. The cases can increase due to a lot of factors like population boom. The report is just looking at numbers but says nothing about population growth. The authorities should also get to the root causes of GBV. Is it due to loose morals, have traditional methods of teaching women on how to stay well in a marriage broken down? Is it due to- like Maganda said one time- an outbreak of money from tobacco sales? Is any research being done or someone is just rushing to the press and thereby giving sweet fodder to Tonga haters?

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