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MP blames prostitutes invasion for increase in Gender Based Violence


Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister, Forrie Tembo
Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister, Forrie Tembo

Nyimba district in Eastern province has allegedly been invaded with prostitutes hence cases of Gender Based Violence (GBV) have increased.

Nyimba Member of Parliament (MP) Forrie Tembo said marriages and relationships have allegedly broken because of the prostitutes that have invaded the district from other towns.

He said this when he paid a courtesy call on Nyimba District Commissioner (DC) George Phiri at recently.

Mr. Tembo, who is also Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister, regretted that prostitutes were frustrating government efforts to reduce cases of gender based violence.

And Mr. Tembo has warned bar owners who were admitting underage girls that they risked having their trading licenses revoked.

Mr. Tembo has since instructed the District Commissioner to shut the bars, taverns and night clubs that defy government regulations.

He also instructed Acting Nyimba District Council Secretary Anastasia Mubanga not to renew trading licenses of bars and night clubs that contravene the law.

He has meanwhile appealed to members of the general public to report to the local authority any bars and night clubs that allow underage patrons in their premises.

Mr. Tembo also ordered bar and night club owners to operate within stipulated hours.



  1. How about:
    Immoral husbands are the cause of GBV?

    Prostitutes are external to the relationship between husbands and wives. Children, relatives, friends and jobs are even close, while prostitutes, male or female are not anywhere near this sacred human relationship.

    That reason you are giving baba simply exposes your lack of insight.

    Men and women who marry must understand that marriage is an exclusive relationship; and if they cannot commit to such a limited relationship, they must not enter into marriage at any time. Basi.

    • Forrie Tembo is an i.di.ot. He has no logic. Violence against women has nothing to do with prostitution.

      This is why Zambia can never solve any problems because there is no rationale in leaders heads.

      First of all how can a normal man be named Forrie? That’s a little girl’s name. If he had any sense he would have started by changing his name.

  2. Mr. Minister your reasoning is misplaced. Would GBV stop if all the prostitutes were taken out of town and all the bars closed. Remember it is people like you who buy sex from them.

  3. Nyimba men should start making themselves useful by engaging in activities that would improve their living standards.

  4. Pull the other leg Sir – gender violence knows no class as the cocktail of root causes are numerous so how about focusing on the perps and not victim bashing (pardon the pun)… Please do not encourage the culture of not taking responsibility for one’s own action or that of becoming judge and jurer while meting out punishment with the fists. You are the minister for all which includes wife beaters, cheaters, paedophiles and violent drunks – many of whom escape punishment because they are not called wife beaters, cheaters, paedophiles or violent drunks… funnily enough they often look like regular good guys… until they do a David Banner and turn into the Hulk… It is a global problem.

  5. Alas, men always love going back home where they were born….so they always want to do the arithmetics of me and you minus clothes then divide the legs.And the end result is a boom in prostitution.

  6. Yaba Nubian Princes u have craked my ribs , Forrie is a little girls name ukazimvela iwe hahaha.. Ok the Forrie little girl also runs a bar at his house in nyimba, i wonder how he got the licence because his bar is open 24/7 and during tubimba ceremony, he was the only one allowed to sell beer. GBV is not connected to prostitution, if i beat my wife its not because of a hule , remember prostitutes don’t interfear in marriages, just finish and pay her she wont look for you unless you do

  7. People, Forrie is actually speaking from his own experience. Zoona Zambian voters are the worst in the world, how do you put people who reason like this and expect them to lead the country? And you want Zambia to develop???

  8. He talks about them as if they were a foreign army or something. Last time I checked, prostitutes were not kidnapping men and forcing them to have sex. So, no GBV from the prostitutes. Also, I’m curious as to his reasoning…he’s saying the men have sex with the prostitutes which causes them to go beat their wives? The problem is the men, then, as they are committing adultery and then assaulting others. Unless maybe he means there has been an invasion of male prostitutes and the husbands are just jealous…ndesekakofye.

  9. A prostitute does not require a bar but a bar does so next time think before you expose your self bwana MP. I thought that wise men came from the east.

  10. It is shocking how this MP just decides to blame the increase in GBV on prostitutes. How about the limited resources in most homes, which is the source of differences in homes? What is the govt doing to empower people in that district? Most likely he has not answer and he thinks there is no link between less money in the pockets and family conflicts. Petauke is a farming district, all you need is to improve farming there and not destroying it by late delivery of inputs.

  11. GBV is caused due to negative complex, jealous and insecure and it has nothing to do with prostitution. There is more prostitution in Mwinilunga, Mumbwa and Solwezi than in Nyimba but they have low cases of GBV.
    Another example is our Hon. Minister of defence GBM, the man is very violent hence to him women are second citizens.

  12. Is it not sad that the majority misconstrued GBV as violence only against our female folks?True the majority of the victims are statistically female but emphasis should also be stressed on male victims so we dont have misplaced statements like the one made by the MP.His statement between the lines actually encourages GBV against females prostitutes are mostly female with few gigolos of course.

  13. I guess GBM beat his wife because of prostitutes? Address real issues. The president expressed sentiments about prostitutes in Luapula province like that were the only place where they operate. Is there a war against prostitutes being launched, somewhat like the war on terror, or is this a case of monkey see monkey do? The issue of prostitution must be addressed in its proper context for lasting solutions. Until you feed them and their families I think that you have no right to criminalize them. Prostitutes are not responsible for the state of the nation as much as politicians and businessmen are. They are symptoms. Please address real issues instead of blaming weaker members of society for the malfunction of the state.

  14. What is our dear zambia turning into to have our african traditional values have thrown out in favour of this corrosive western culture?

  15. There is a connection between GBV and prostitution like it or not. When have affairs with who ever anyway life changes so fast, they talk less, listen none ,provision reduces, excuses increases, as a result quarrels starts in homes en this evident so fast because men wants to shut up women, its very easy to catch a husband who dates a prostitute than just adecent normal lady, these pipo do all sort of things pack used condoms in pockets, control time, wants gud money, call any time, they are agents of satan aim to to destroy kill and steal. All these are led top GBV. Prostition is so wide now no limits small girls wivies, , any Nyimba is more nown than other districts maybe thus why pipo are migrating there with alot of outing places.

  16. Why would prostitutes go to Nyimba anyway? What economic activity is there to attract prostitutes. Prostitution is a business and prostitutes go where there is money. I would understand if the minister said there is an influx of prostitutes in Solwezi or Lumwana but Nyimba!

  17. i think there is a positive contribution from prostitute, since we know them unlike those who hide, they are devils. men if we stop pursing these ladies there will be no prostitute..

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