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Regulate the sale of Machetes


The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has noticed with great sadness the increase of Machetes around town and in other parts of the country, which for instance carders are using for violence, it sad indeed that Zambia I country which has ever been founded on ideas of love and peace is taking a path of violence among carders mostly because of the infighting in the within the PF. The machetes these carders are using against each other can be serious of source conflict within the country.

Our political leaders should come to the realization that Zambians have ever been peaceful people, who have never know war.We have lived peacefully and thats what unities us as people and we are all Zambians and this great nation belongs all of us.Even after PF, MMD, UPND, UNIP, NAREP to mention but a few this great nation will still be there.

The path which our people should take in running the affairs of our country should not be driven by selfness narrow minded interests that only benefit the belly for short while and makes the general population to suffer.

YALI takes this opportunity to call on patriotism among our political leaders and the powers that be in government to identify issues of common interest among different political parties such as unemployment and make a national agenda for the people of Zambia and not spend time building small armies to fight one another which is highly unacceptable and is not inspiring Young Africa Leaders across the continent.

What are the lesions Zambians can learn from the use of machetes?

Most countries that are having civil wars are the ones where machetes were the main weapons they could access and use on their people.A sad example,the Rwandan genocide etched the use of the machete as a weapon of mass violence. During the January 2008 conflict in Kenya, machetes also became a widely used tool of terror and bloodshed.

It is against this background that YALI calls on the government through legislature to pass a law that will regulate the use of Machetes for domestic use and not political carders having access to them.The legislation should also regulate how many Machetes one individual can purchase and details of people buying machetes should be documented and reasons for buying them should be advanced.This legislation will be critical for curbing the increased violence and the use of machetes by carders. It will also help law enforcers to deal with culprits that break the law if they don’t have registered machetes.

By Mundia Paul Hakoola
Executive Board Secretary
Young African Leaders initiative (YALI)


    • What are Machete used for anyway? In Luapula no one use a “Panga” for anything, ulupanga… I have never even seen it in my life.

  1. This day and age people can be this Barbaric? How do you even begin to understand such actions?Just the thought of someone not doing anything about it at the sight of people manuvouring with weapons freely on the streets is Alarming and jaw dropping even so more scary!

  2. Come to 17th floor on Findeco House. We supply Machetes to Political Failures. Disclaimer: Severe use of machete can cause damage to limps and even cause death

  3. I say let them increase production and flood the market and let natural selection weed some elements out. It seems PF militias are using other PF militias so ………………

  4. Regulating buying of machetes, lord have mercy, how much of govt do want in your life? Regulate knives too, folks and cooking oil? How about legislation that makes brandishing and using a machete as a weapon?

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