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Human rights activist Paul Kasokomona was expressing his own opinion -Muvi TV


Muvi Television General Manager, Costa Mwansa, testified in a case in which Human Rights Activist, Paul Kasokomona has been charged with idle and disorderly conduct.

Mr. Mwansa who is also presenter of Muvi Television’s Assignment programme on which Kasonkomona featured, appeared before Lusaka Resident Magistrate, Lameck Ng’ambi.
He explained that the role of the TV station is to provide a platform for the public to discuss issues of national interest.

He told the court that human rights activist Paul Kasokomona advocated for the recognition of rights for minority people including those on gay rights in the Constitution.

This is in a matter in which Endangered human rights for Zambia project coordinator Paul Kasokomona is charged with idle and
disorderly conduct when he appeared on Muvi television programme on April 7, 2013.

It is alleged that Kasonkomona 38 , of Chululu Garden Township on April 7,2013 at Lusaka being a person in a public place namely, Muvi TV studios on a programme called “The Assignment” did solicit for moral purposes for homosexuality rights to be respected in Zambia.

Mr.Mwansa said that Kasokomona came in as an activist on both health and social rights.

” He was in a way making submissions or appeal to consider recognition of rights of minority people within the Constitution”

” These are rights of gay people, rights of transgendered among others” Mr Mwansa said

The court for the third time viewed and listened to more than an hour of recording featuring Kasokomona.

Among the things that Kasokomona highlighted was for the Zambian law not to advocate gay marriage but stated that there was nothing wrong with someone who is homosexual because homosexuals were born like that.

Kasokomona who insisted that whether we like it or not homosexuality was happening in Zambia said ” when I sleep with someone who is gay, I am not taking anything away from someone”.

He had said in the recording that gay people should not be discriminated upon but should be helped with provisions of suitable
condoms which could help in combating HIV and AIDS.

Mr Mwansa however said during cross examination that Kasokomona was expressing his own opinion in the programme while Muvi was on the other hand, promoting freedom of expression as per its mandate.

Trial continues.


  1. We need everyone to be heard. This subject is so important and the more it stays in the public sphere the more our people will learn. I wished where was debate on all national television and radios on a weekly basis so we can break the deadlock

  2. So why did we arrest this chap if he was expression his opinions. As they say, thoughts are free and you can not hold someone for their thoughts and opinions. Politicians in the PF should not define what and how we should think. The expression of opinions should be protected from abuse by the state.

  3. to be gay is not human right, if it is, then even Pocketing can be human right. both are acts of evil. I’ll not be left to wonder for those who are supporting the move.

  4. Well said Costa ! There is no case here.High time people stopped discriminating against people who lead a harmless lifestyle they don`t agree with.We critically have to re-look at this issue.Homosexuality between two consenting adults is a victimless crime(In Zambia and other countries where it is outlawed ).If what your neighbour does doesn’t harm you then mind your own business.I`m heterosexual but i see no reason why i should demonize a person who does it differently.Lets learn how to tolerate each others flaws.

  5. we need gay and lesbian marriages legalised, no ways about it, i enjoy the act and law or no law i will continue with Hon….name withheld

    • My friend, it is unnatural to be gay:
      1. God created man and woman, so are you challenging God?
      2. God Burnt Sodom and Gomorrah for practicing among other things Homosexuality.
      3. If your father had married a man, will you be alive? or
      4. If your mother had married a woman, would you be alive?
      5. You can not bear offsprings if you are of the same sex. Don’t say you will adopt because those are and will not be your children.
      6. I am not saying that I have not sinned before God. Boss, it is sin to practice Homosexuality.



  7. Democracy and Human Rights are quite contrary to Christianity.
    Christianity is like in the army, we always obey the commander- Jesus the comander in Christianity. No personal opinions are intertained in both and not all desires are satsfied, they are regulated. Thats why Romans 12:1 tells us to be living sacrifices, meaning certain things we may want to do should be foregone for the sake of Christ and his word.
    On the other hand, democracy and Human Rights require that people be free to express there views and their desires, feelings and opinions be respected.
    Meanwhile the consitution declares Zambia as both a Democratic and Christian nation, a quite contradictory statement and fallacy in itself.
    In view of this, there’s need for objectivity when discussing such issues.

    • Hope 4 Better is this the first time you are contributing on lusakatimes? you are a breath of fresh air!

      However, I do not agree with rights for gay/lesbians in whatever form. They can consumate their desires in their secret closets but to allow that they should walk in public, hand in hand or and marry in churches (if such should be called a church) and for everybody to see and know that these two are gays/lesbians living together- no! For a simple reason you have stated above – the Bible does not allow it!

  8. Costa will be Gay, rumor has it that he is eating with these people! But there is room for this demonic act in Zambia,we shall chop off your heads bastards!

  9. Some sage said you know you are mature when you can hold opposing thoughts in your head and not get bothered by either. Expression of one’s ideas or thoughts must not in any way imply complicity. I agree with Mwansa’s line, particularly that he is working for an organization that facilitates the expression of the diversity of people’s inclinations, right or wrong. I think we need to mature that level.

  10. What is the difference between what Kasonkomona said and this statement ‘FIRST Lady Christine Kaseba says there is need for continued talk about homosexuality because it may derail the progress made in the fight against HIV and AIDS if not properly tackled’.

    “We need to start talking a lot about the salient issues like men having sex with fellow men”. I am concerned about the vulnerability of women who sleep with men that also have sex with other men”

    Why was Dr Kaseba not arrested for her statement? Who gave consent for the prosecution of such a weak case? Whoever it is should be made to pay the costs out of his/her pocket.

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