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Pornographic materials worth K2.3 million seized in Mansa by Anti-Piracy squad


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The anti piracy squad in Mansa has seized pirated pornographic materials valued at over K2.3million.
The pirate pornographic materials were seized from three shops in the town centre.

Meanwhile, Luapula province permanent secretary Chanda Kasolo has vowed to fight the scourge to its logical conclusion.

Mr Kasolo expressed disgust with the seized materials because of the potential to corrupt the morals of the young people of Mansa.

The permanent Secretary called on the crack squad to be undertaking the raids weekly without announcing which shops they were targeting so that the town can be cleansed of the materials which were corrupting the innocent minds of children.

Mr Kasolo expressed concern that if K2.3 million worth of pornographic materials could be seized just from three shops then it was a signal that there was more in other shops which have not yet been raided.

He said there was a law in place which could be used to prosecute those found in possession of pirated pornography materials because it involves a lot of money laundering and the seizure translated into millions of kwacha which goes out of Zambia tax free.

He said pornography is illegal in Zambia and those involved do a lot of harm to the moral fibre of society.
He added that pornography was responsible for the increasing cases of child defilement and sexual offenses even within families because after watching the materials, young minds were getting tempted to do what they see.

And spokesperson for the Taskforce on Hologram Kingsley Nkonde said the seizure was just a tip of the iceberg because piracy was a real problem in the Zambian society.

He disclosed that the pornographic materials were also on the computer of one of the three shop owners were people move in and download at a fee.

Mr Nkonde said the fight against piracy and pornographic materials needed concerted efforts from everybody because of the potential to corrupt society and its negative effects on the economy.

He warned that consumers of DVDs, CDs and tapes should always check for a hologram sticker on the product to be sure that it was genuine,

He observed that about 30 percent of K2.3 million worth of the materials seized had been lost because pirated materials were not being captured in the tax system as they were counterfeit products.



  1. Thus SAD development, people need to learn from those materials, in zambia couples always switch of the light before the man can mark his pen on the holy place, thus inferiority complex, one must lick , inspect the gadgets before entering

  2. tubulu, mwanaka ukunyela pamenshi nomba mwa meja muli sex. Mulepwa ukukakwa, jst go for mutototo mbuya. Good boosting effect if u r weak.

  3. The amount quoted cannot be supported by the Mansa economy later on the entire province. People are not that rich to spend K2.4m or USD 0.481m. Someone is not telling the truth as usual.

  4. AAhh… wapy munzi,this explains the recent reports about Luapula’s prostitution escalating,
    the source has been identified.police carry out operations in all towns along the line of rail.solwezi is undersiege by the alert security agencies.However ,the govt should find a lasting solution to accmmodate these youths in terms of job creation.road development projects alone may not suffice.

  5. And how do these obscene pirated copies find their way into ZED? do we have borders for only people and vehicles…?

    • bwana zed is advanced, its jst a matter of purchasing blank DVDs and the game is over. chek thru lusaka city market and u wil c for yoself.

  6. I beg to move that section 177 of the Penal Code which criminalises producing, having or being in possession of obscene matters or things be struck out of our statute books. There is a lot of hypocrisy on the p*rno issue in Zambia. Many people including Christians watch the alleged offending images but play holier than thou. The English, from whom we copied the Penal Code have moved on and have legalised p*rn. Its high time we stopped this holier than thou attitude & showed some realism on this issue.

  7. I think this story should not have been mixed with the Malupenga Hologram business, because the speakers now make it look like, with hologram on your CDs or DVDs, you could sell even such materials; I quote: “He observed that about 30 percent of K2.3 million worth of the materials seized had been lost because pirated materials were not being captured in the tax system as they were counterfeit products”. You mean this would have boosted Mr Sata’s coffers, if it wasn’t an issue of piracy? You f.o.o.l.i.s.h spokesman!

  8. I think the issue here is obscene content and not that it is pirated. So how can the authorities complain about losing out on proceeds from pirated obscene material!!??!! Would they have gotten that 30% if the material was original? Your guess is as good as mine!!

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