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Government plans to expand and modernise Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital


Medical personnel at the opening ceremony of Lusaka General Hospital
Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital

Government plans to expand and modernise Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital in Lusaka.

Deputy Minister of Health Christopher Mulenga said government wants to transform the hospital to a level where it will provide quality health care that was of international standards.

Mr. Mulenga disclosed this when he officiated at the Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital open day today under the theme ‘partnership with the community in healthcare service delivery’.

He said the expansion and modernisation of Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital will help to decongest the University Teaching hospital (UTH) which he said was currently overwhelmed with the high number of patients seeking medical attention.

Mr. Mulenga said as one way of improving the quality of health care services to the public, government was encouraging health institutions throughout the country to hold open days to give an opportunity to members of the public to interact with health workers.

He said engaging the community enhances partnerships between health institutions and members of the public.

He said this further helps eliminate misconceptions that members of the public have about health institutions.

Mr. Mulenga has since urged the hospitals and communities in the country to form partnerships in health care delivery in line with government’s vision of bringing quality health care as close to the family as possible.

And Lusaka Province Medical Officer Tackson Lambert said Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital enjoys a mutual relationship with its clients because members of the public have a say in the running of the institution.



    • It was built so small like a toilet and yet we called it a hospital. Anyway it was just a gift we need to appreciate. China built it for ‘free’

    • Fikopo ifibantu ifi. Guys mwilabutuka ama sukulu. Time does not stop. Anything that assumes existence is already old and there must be plans to improve them. At uni when you are asked to design a system the question will also ask you to highlight on future improvements. So,levy hospital blue print should also have suggestions of future improvements.

  1. Why is it that the name written on the hospital building on the entrance reads LUSAKA GENERAL HOSPITAL yet we call it Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital. If we can not change the name of the hospital written on the wall due what ever reasons let us drop the Levy Mwanawasa name altogether.

    • Kafue has a hospital, now thats the one that needs expanding. They have been doing it bit by bit. Thank you to the Catholics and the community of Kafue for spear heading this project. It has helped and saved alot of lives

  2. It was the MMD that built it so the PF just want to modernise and expand it. Good move working government.

    • Zambians ! We called Levy Mwanawasa a “cabbage”. He proved to you that he was “steak” even though he was “pork”. CNP is performing wonders …..what can you call him now? MASTER PLANNER!!!!!

  3. Doctors and nurse you want your salary to be upgraded which is oky tatulekana but abantu balefa in the hospital. what you ask from the government has don. but you are on strike ,if you look around for you to be a doctor is the teacher and teacher should be paid well then you ,wean they have increase your ka ngwe teacher don’t go on strike .so lat’s balance the life. because you guys you are well paid .

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