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UPND to deal with Dr. Banda’s visit to Statehouse internally-HH


UPND vice president for administration Canicius Banda during the rally in Mandevu
UPND vice president for administration Canicius Banda during the rally in Mandevu

United party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema says the party will deal the issue of Dr. Canicius Banda’s visit to state house internally.

Mr. Hichilema has told Qfm news that the party has procedures of dealing with certain issues affecting its members and decides on the way forward.

Mr. Hichilema explains that UPND is mature in dealing with issues affecting any of their members and nothing will stop it from handling the issue of Dr. Banda smoothly.

The UPND leader added that some reports on the same issue are misleading so that people may think there are fights in the party when in fact not.

And Dr Banda has remained mute over what his meeting with President Sata was about, saying he respects the Presidency and cannot divulge anything.


    • UPND just fire that traitor. Anyone who visits state house under the Cobra cannot come back the same and normal. The guy (Canisious Banda) is poisoned already.

    • Some body please tell me how this actually amounts to news.

      Is job seeking really news?

      Job seeking by an unkempt, direction-lacking lost boy who grows pubic hair on his face?

    • Killing by the sword usually entails dying by the sword. Dr. Banda was ‘cannibalized’ from MMD, so why wouldn’t PF do the same? After all, the man has shown that he can move with the wind. You quit an opposition party to join another opposition party…, isn’t it more sensible and profitable to join the ruling party?

    • In this instance my brother i think you are the ones not sincere to your selves.Ruling party and opposition are not enemies please.Every time you see them speaking to someone in the opposition you cry foul.I think its time you all grew up and realize a president and indeed anybody can consult with whoever they wish.Why so much talk about this man just talking to the president?Lets grow up and realize these people if they all claim to love Zambia have one thing in common.They all want to create a better country and let them talk to each other.Infact that’s what we need to see more of than insults and great answer by HH.

  1. Ha ha ha.Looks like HH is still hurting over this.Anyway it is a wise decision to deal with it internally.Washing dirty linen is public is disgusting.The doctor is a good man though.I know him from Ndeke house(MOH) and Chongwe.He is a very upright man.I endorse him as my next president.

    • @Zebige
      Dr Zebige or is it prof now,,, so you are in Norge,, hiding under psedo names(all those names!!!) ,hahahahah, how are you my brother!??

      On the topic at hand; Dr Banda is desperate job seeker,, and this is more about Dr Banda than HH

    • but were was sata wen dr banda was in mmd?he couldn’t see the man but that hes joined UPND that’s wen he has become visible to the master of confusion.

    • For we care, this ugly looking Rogue Doctor must go…we dont want double standards in UPND! MPs have been suspended, what about Banda who does not even have a constituency? Let him join PF and we wish him well!

    • @ Dr. Zebige this is not about Dr. HH, its Dr. Banda who is hurting still for his loss to Dr. Mumbi Phiri or one of those PF women.

    • @Nostradamus: Banda lost to Jean Katoto Kapata in Mandevu and Mumbi was dispossesed of her Munali constituency by Machembele Matako Nkandu Luo!

  2. mutamfyeni bwangu uyu chhhikala.he is a mole.if he was genuine prior to the visit he should have briefed his president.thats how it should be

    • Repent sir HH had secret meetings with Dr Banda you we reap what we sow period.Banda is a wise man he does not want to yap any how and the fact he respects the head if State to me that is a plus.Remember the State has all the resources at their disposal

  3. Dr Banda has to own up. It is quite unbelievable that he has remained mute. HH must show him the door.

    What a traitor. It is really true bakumawa can only be used!

  4. Sometimes I feel travel weary. Not in the geographical sense but the mental life journey we all take and the sense you have seen something happen before and think you can see the outcome. Do you stop believing in the team of the day or do you allow people to keep using you to achieve their potential. HH has been knocked down in the political spectrum but gets up and tries again. I respect that. In fact he has that in common with the current president who kept trying until he broke through. The people around you count. That has been exposed to us over and over with each President. What they want may not be what you thought your team is aiming for and as a result our news is full of in team battling. Sort internally. None of us are walking in your shoes. We can only support, whine or read.

  5. after spending huge sums of money, more than what was spent by mmd on the NCC, sata says we do not need this new constitution but just amendments. these chaps in grz think we are just a bunch of 1diots? very sad reading and lusaka times you hide this news from t6he public, what is your interest, you are 1diots

  6. If only we can capture this man(Banda) and put him in the boat.What he saw in UPND still baffles my mind though.Banda nizi.

  7. the following bloggers can be grouped into one group in terms of insults.-chloroquine,haleisa halenya,kitwe the cleanest,

    • They are like empty tin with no solution or alternative to the problem presented. We should provide solution or rather checks and balances. Look at HH he is always quick to point at mistakes and nail the to the head of state without solutions.

    • jo needs to go for rehabilitation, or maybe none has ever celebrated him in his life, he needs to be told that he is lovely, he needs a reborn.

  8. Politics is not about loyalty..but analysis and making decisions to your advantage…call it unprincipled but that’s politics…the dirty game. The Doc may have made an analysis which we haven’t seen. Join politics if u think u can make the right decisions instead of insulting him with pseudo names.

    • Crusader, you have wisdom, and please let wisdom learn. Dr. Banda has contributed a lot to mother Zambia hence his effort should be recognize by every good citizen. He did a lot in the ministry of health together with Dr. Francise manda, Dr. Chomba, Lambat, Prof. Luo and Dr. Sata, just to name a few.
      At this age and time we should detour from politics of confrontation, just look at Northwestern Zambia they have always been in opposition as far back as Kaunda days, what benefits have they got from that, its time we move with every body or else they are laggerds.

    • Pio, I beg to differ, It is so sad that we have characters that have no intergrity, the people of Northwestern have their beliefs and standards and intergrity and long may that be the case. People who value material things above anything else, dont stand the test of time. Gandhi, Mandela, Luther King will be remembered well beyond Mobutu, Ghaddaffi, Saddam, Kaunda, Chiluba. You can only sleep in one bed, eat one meal, drive one car. I thought leadership was about serving. I belong to the old Zambians, that had value, not the crooks, blood suckers we call leaders, but the tragedy is that you have citizens who support criminality, corruptness, the dark continent….. more the dark leaders and followers, this in the 21st Century, idiocy at its highest, mystifying.

    • Mwana Ka Kalunda, mwanta, its inaccurate to put Kaunda, Gaddafi and Saddam in the same bracket as Mobutu Sese Seko. Ilenuku ka research chantesha mwanta.

  9. HH and his gullible supporters should leave Dr Banda alone.He hasn’t done anything wrong.’He is just strenthening democracy in the country.’said HH.Ke,ke,ke,ke,ke,ke!

    • What has Banda done to better than HH. He is just a Medical Doctor not a PhD holder. HH has a masters, runs many Businesses, Employs alot people, etc and he is not looking for a job and a Kwacha Billionare!
      Banda doesnt have even a masters’ degreee in anything; he has never employed anyone in his life except a house servant; AND the fella is seriously BROKE and looking for a job – so who is better!!

    • @chilyata
      you have hammered the tortoise in the eye my brother, as they say in one of the local languages. Banda is a job seeker, HH is a job creator. so bangwele should know the difference

    • @chilyata..being tribal is like the stubborn fly that followed the copse to the grave..u can support a tribesman even when u don’t benefit anything from him. I say so coz I sense blind following in your comments. Have u seen HH, as expected of an aspiring president helping anyone or involved in any charitable work…and by this am not comparing him to Sata but since he is so rich..why can’t he help the poor…openly since he needs support. .u jst extol his wealth which he enjoys alone..and you remain poorer. And so what if the doc has no masters..childish debating..what have u benefited from HH masters…

    • @Crusader
      I think you miss Chilyata’s point. He is reacting to The Monk @12 who says “One thing for sure, Dr Banda is far more intelligent than HH. Lets have respect for intellectuals”. It is the monk who has brought in childish debate. You solicit public help for the under privileged when one is seeking political office? Oh my, this can easily be misinterpreted as a show for the gallery. Remember in’gongo shachibuku that go around during campaigns? You don’t see them after elections, and the aid you propose could end up the same way! Let the man show you his real self so that you make an informed decision!

  10. What baffles you is the stability and unity exhibited by UPND.PF as a party is full of internal strife .
    Right now nepotism and tribalism has been institutionalised by a party that promised heaven on earth in 90 days.
    The govt.of the day is running the biggest cabine in Africa with some ministries having as many as 4 deputy ministers.
    UPND is not about HH but the people.UPND is about financial accountability for public funds ,development and unity for the Zambia and not just Muchinga province.Does that scares you when the thot of not having free acess to govt. funds once UPND is voted into power?

    • @bridge too far…UPND is also a tonga party made in southern province by tongas for tongas…when you point one accusing finger at someone…ten are pointing at you..

  11. HH stole this guy from MMD less than a year ago. If Dr Banda had cheated on MMD, what made HH think the man would not cheat on him.

    • #14,Dr.Banda is not a child or commodity to be stolen .He is intelligent enough to discern that MMD’s time is over and PF days are numbered.They may bribe him and promise him a govt. post but it won’t be long before he realizes his mistake.

  12. Dr.Banda the choices you make have both short and long term consequences for you.
    Join PF and you will soon be discarded like a condom after being used.
    You have a bright political picture doc.Patience pays

    • Let the bag.ger go man – who wants a traitor? Please UPND, no strings attached – let this Broke and Hungry fella with a Beard go now!! We dont want to wait for the confusion from his defection near the time of General Elections

  13. What is wrong with Zambia? Poverty, greed and corruption is the answer. People have been so cowed to thinking beyond self, stomach and the others, the free govt house, the allowances, the govt pajero. Analysis, self values out of the window. This perpetuates poverty, it kills entepreneurship, people are dependent, the govt is a cash cow to be milked by the few that get near the cow, especially by the chief herdsman.
    Otherwise how do you explain, especially among the few educated MPs within the ruling party supporting extra borrowing, when all over the world governments are much more about balancing budgets and realise that borrowing does stifle economic development and that the best source of finance is from growth and fair taxation within. No body cares…. Cry the beloved Zambia.

  14. If you put this chap in the Chimp camp, it is likely they would welcome him warmly as one of theirs!!
    And if Zed copies from Zim and holds the competion for the Ugliest man in Zambia, this fella can win the cup even 5 years in the row – he is really handsome.

  15. What kind of president brings confusion in the country instead of concentrating on development. Why cant he do good things so that people will always have good things to say about him? I am definately convinced now that Sata is inspired by the devil. There is always a negative force coming from him! Now the doctor has fallen for his charm. Let the doctor make a pact with the devil Satan and see what happens to him. He can never be a minister of health because there is Kaseba already. Where is Prof Chirwa now? FINISHED! and that is what the devil does best! TRICKERY THEN DUMPED!

  16. Shred old Politician created this to divert attention from three hot potatoes; Venter Kmimba an GBM Tribal War of attrition, the Constitution and labour unrest- Can’t see that?.

  17. If we are all Zambians and for Zambia who is against us?? Opposition and the party in government are not enemies. Let them consult each other for a better country. I have no problem with the visit by the opposition VP.

  18. Dr banda is a doc… Trust him he is a man of principle. He will not devulge anything due to the principle of confidentiality….. Watch this space…

  19. This is indeed childish stuff coming from Zambia, really childish. How can a country develop if its citizenry really think in this shallow manner? I am not a member of any political party nor a sympathiser of any, neither have I been at one point. Going by the statements that I read usually given by people that must be guiding the development trajectory of the country, I think we are still far away from realising the desired development. Back to the point of Dr. Banda’s visit to state house; does the constitution of UPND prohibit its members to visit state house or have meetings with the president without clearance? If so then Dr. Banda abrogated it and must own up. If he doesn’t UPND must discipline him or show him the door all together. People who aspire to take up leadership positions…

  20. (Chester continues) If so then Dr. Banda abrogated it and must own up. If he doesn’t UPND must discipline him or show him the door all together. People who aspire to take up leadership positions must live by example and respect the rules they expect others to follow. Third world politics are amateurish anyway, where even dictators convince themselves that they are democratic; that is if they really understand the relation between democracy and development.

  21. (Chester continues) People who aspire to take up leadership positions must live by example and respect the rules they expect others to follow. Third world politics are amateurish anyway, where even dictators convince themselves that they are democratic; that is if they really understand the relation between democracy and development.

  22. (Chester continues) … must live by example and respect the rules they expect others to follow. Third world politics are amateurish anyway, where even dictators convince themselves that they are democratic; that is if they really understand the relation between democracy and development.

  23. Ooh! sorry they have no capacity to discipline him. Cornelius Mwitwa says they will not hound him out of the party.

  24. Dear President Hakainde Hichilema

    I wish to warn that Dr. Canisius Banda is a danger to you and your entire CMC. Take heed and get rid of that man. You are aware that the circumstances leading to Mazoka death are not very clear to this day. This man is untrustworthy and he is going to plant polonium in your food. HH, kindly distance yourself from this man. He will kill you. Take this warning seriously. Ask that man to resign on moral grounds.

  25. it is my argument that Dr. Canisius has no privileged information. This man has found himself between a heavy rock and the deep sea. If he acted in good faith, he could have, at least, whispered to HH or some other senior Party Official. This man is a KILLER, a cold- blooded killer who will not even think twice. The man is selfish and he only thinks of himself. Everything else revolves around him. Look at the way he tried to demean Jean Kapata during the election TV programme.

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