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KCM refunds all affected employees PAYE deductions



Konkola Copper Mines has refunded all affected employees pay as you earn (PAYE) deductions that were wrongly affected in the month of October.

Recently, the KCM payroll system was marred with irregularities and salary discrepancies of its mineworkers, with stakeholders and the government blaming the new Systems Application Products-Human Capital Management (SAP-HCM) technology that was introduced by management.

Mineworkers from different Integrated Business Units (IBUs) of KCM complained that they were getting little money as salary, sometimes just half of their usual salaries due to irregularities in the payroll system.

In a statement made available to Qfm news today, KCM acting vice-president for Human Capital Management, Eve Banda, says the refund was with effect from November 2013 and the balance of Pay As you Earn (PAYE) would no longer be deducted.

Ms Banda says the PAYE deducted under the Code 526D from employees in the month of October 2013 had been refunded to all affected employees

In September, deputy minister of Mines Richard Musukwa said KCM was expected to show seriousness regarding the issue of pay anomalies, as it was a responsibility of the company to demonstrate competence and proficiency in the management of salaries for its employees.


  1. Sometimes technology can deliberately be abused so that someone privileged to possess that special ‘computer’ knowledge may draw some benefit in the supposed confusion. Has anyone looked in this direction? Anyway, I was just thinking.

  2. this could have been avoided if they took time to study the effects of this SAP before implementation. you don’t experiment with people’s salaries, these days its the only thing keeping people motivated. i think the company has lost in terms of productivity due to this experiment and it will take time to recover.

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