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Congolese doctor arrested in Nchelenje for operating illegal clinic


The joint legal enforcement team in Nchelenge District of Luapula Province has arrested a man of Congolese origin for operating an illegal clinic.

Felix Naweji Yamvo, aged 63, of Dyson village in chief Kambwali’s area, was among the four people who were rounded up by the joint team at about noon yesterday.

The team that comprised of officers from the public health department, the police and the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) swung into action around 12: 00 hours and confiscated an assortment of drugs during the operation.

Yamvo has been slapped with the offence of providing health services without the medical practitioner’s license contrary to Section 12(1) a, b (i) and (ii) of the Pharmaceuticals Act number 14 of 2004.
Yamvo has since been released on police bond and will appear in the Nchelenge magistrate’s court on Friday this week.

The other three were released after being interviewed at the Nchelenge District administration block.

The suspect, popularly known as Dr Naweji, is the owner of Naweji Private Clinic located in the heart of the Kashikishi business centre.

The raid by the joint team revealed that the house which he is operating as a clinic has divisions for the children, male, female and emergency wards that are suggestive of the health activities that are conducted there.

Upon being confronted by the joint team, Yamvo resisted their attempts to search his premises and told them that he had the full blessings of senior chief Mwata Kazembe of the Lunda speaking people and later tried to link them to Nchelenge District Commissioner (DC), Royd Chakaba.

However, the team reminded him that they were there on behalf of the Republican President and went ahead with the operation.
They found with him 46 Rapid Diagnostic Testing (RDT) kit for malaria, two bottles of quinine, two litres of ringer’s lactet and four valves of the family planning Dep Provera with government labels all suspected to be spoils of pilfering.


  1. The man is is a real doctor, but operating illegally in Zambia.That is really an offense, but should not be blown out of porpotion to create a diplomatic incident!

  2. There are more congolese clinical officers who have been employed as doctors here in Zambia especially in private clinics and hospitals. Let the government and ministry of health do alot of background checks on these so called Congolese doctors and you will discover that most of them are not qualified or are just clinical officers. It is sad that we still employ doctors from a failed nation like Congo. Their education system is in total disarray and you dont expect any thing meanful to be produced from such a system. Just go to the so called Lubumbashi University and you will realised that the man you have being calling doctor is a useless clinical officer.

  3. Dr. Felix Naweji Yanvwa. is he a qualified medical Dr or just a quack as its common in Congo DR for one to operate a dispensary as long as one has little or basci knowledge in the medical field. There many illigal places being operated by such people all over the country. Gvt wings such with enforcement should not tale leave but be on look out 24/7 before many lives are lost at the hands of such quacks.

  4. #3
    A clinical officer is a qualified practitioner of medicine and licensed to diagnose & treat the sick or injured people. He is a front liner who saves most lives before evacuation for further management. Let us appreciate him.

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