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Nelson Mandela dies


Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela (L)
Anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela (L)

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela has died. He died on December 5 2013 at the age of 95.President Jacob Zuma made the announcement from the Union Buildings in Pretoria on Thursday night. He said Mandela passed away at 20:50 in his Houghton home surrounded by his wife, Graça Machel and members of his family.

Zuma said Mandela would have a state funeral and that the flags would fly half-mast from December 6 until after the funeral.

Zuma called on South Africans to “recall the values for which Madiba fought”.

Mandela became the symbol of the struggle against apartheid after he was convicted in the Rivonia Trial of charges of sabotage and was sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island.

At the end of his trial, Mandela gave a now iconic speech in which he said:

“During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people.I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal, which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”

Mandela, a key figure in the African National Congress, who helped found the party’s youth league and armed wing,Umkhonto We Sizwe, was imprisoned for 27 years before he was finally released in 1990 at the age of 71.

Mandela was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1993, together with former president FW De Klerk, for the ‘peaceful termination of the apartheid regime and for laying the foundations for a new democratic South Africa”.

Nelson Mandela became president of South Africa from 1994 to 1999. He was the first black South African to hold the office, and the first elected in a fully representative, multiracial election. His government focused on dismantling the legacy of apartheid through tackling institutionalised racism, poverty and inequality, and fostering racial reconciliation.

His book Long Walk to Freedom profiles his early life, coming of age, education and 27 years in prison.


    • Only remembered by what we have done. Rest in peace. Thanks your inspiring life and your fight for justice and equality of all human beings

    • A True Icon, Humanitarian, Beacon and Unifier.

      The most admired politician in the world. Glad to have met the man in London and will treasure his memories.

      It’s my hope that those preaching hate in Zambia and the world at large can take a lesson from this man. Gone back to be with the maker

    • RIP madiba, but some 1diots we have there will be a celebration when they finally kick the bucket. I just pray that it is very soon because they are sending innocent lives to their early grave due to their greediness

    • As if you where there when he died. Anyway you win and blogger of the day… to be first to comment of Death of MANDELA deserves a million dollars award. I will help you get that award, Mandela T-shirts will sell like fitumbuwa tomorrow.
      Saulosi is the WINNER!!

    • I can’t wait for Sata to mess up in condolences book:
      “Zambia congratulates South Africa for the death of the great leader, We mourn with Mandela”.

    • I will challenge for Winnie Mandela , you guys can fight for the Mozambican Glacia Marcel.
      – Charlotte, we will talk about this.

    • PF (FP = Inkatha Freedom Party) & Sata need to take it cool…
      If Sata want to be given a funeral card, then he has to parade KK, Grey Zulu & Ruphia Banda (friend of Zuma)… Otherwise Sata will sit next to Buthelezi.

    • True that. A gigantic lose to the world at large. How I wish for the 7billion people remaining on, to follow suit of promoting Mandela’s legacy. Lets make the long walk to freedom short.
      Rest In Peace. Condolences to the family. The whole world has lost a great father.
      We mourn with pride. Eccl: Time for Everything.

    • Woe unto KK!
      He parades himself as a PF cadre and diminish his important status he may have achieved as african icon for a Mosel of bread.

    • Rest in peace great leader.Hope others can emulate you by stepping down when they know they are too old to rule.

    • Mandela ran a good race. He achieved a lot which very few in this present day and age have a achieved. What a life a lived! A good lesson to be learnt by us the living, determination, selflessness, love, peace, perseverance, name it. My condolences to the Mandela family and off course the ANC and the South african people. Rest in peace Madiba.

    • Rest in Peace Our Father, Grandfather of the World. Your Leadership was no match to any other Leader. Very difficult to imagine. Wishing the Mandela Family piece and Blessings during this trying Moment. May the Lord be with them and whole Africa MYSRIP

    • Was a Man of true wisdom with true purpose in life. How I wish I met him, just to chat with him for a while.

      Source of his wisdom,
      Luckily, on the Mandela pictures gallery on yahoo site, I closely examined the shelf in his prison cell, I noticed something unique that he was reading.

      I also didn’t concentrate on the picture in front coz I thought it might have been a present from “one of his haters to punish him”.
      Enjoy wisely.

    • Here in Scotland this is not even front line news.

      Go to work people, earn some money and move on.

      He was 95, hardly gone too soon.

      RIP Mandela, thats all it has to be said full stop.


    • Goodwin Bwalya Mwangilwa should have been around to write the story. For those do not know The late Mr Mwangilwa, he used to be editor in chief of (if I am not mistaken), National Mirror, and Daily Mail. There was never a day Goodwin did not right about S Africa and Mandela himself. He immensily wrote against human injustices in S Africa and the need to quickly end this human mistreatment. He was an authority on S Africa’s politics. I started reading his stories and editorials as a young school boy. While Mandela will greatly be missed, Zambian who knew Mr Mwangilwa will remember this and probably wish that he were around. We will miss Mandela. I am very proud to belong to Zambia that succrificed our lives while the west called Mandela a terrorist.

    • @1.19 I don’t want to know what type of life you live but you’re such an embarrassment. Which country isn’t talking or paying tribute to the greatest freedom fighter? Even BBC Radio Scotland had a phone in programme for people to pay tributes and you didn’t get that, yet you are just 3 miles from the studios? With your level of analysing issues, i bet you will never finish your PhD. It will never happen!!

    • @Ndobo, his prison number was 466. The 64 was just an addition by concert organisers to indicate the year in which he was jailed.

    • @mop
      actually if you followed it well… mandela`s original prison number was 4664… traslating as prison number 46 of 19(64)… the years he was arrested… making his number as 4664,,, somehow along the way, for some reasons i dont know,, his prison number changed from 4664 to 46664….. after retiring as president!!!

    • @Ndobo it was 4664. I just went to pull my T-shirt to confirm. not 666 whatever you added. But our Nostra calculations Mandela was supposed to die on 120613.

    • @Nostra you may be right. Remember that Madiba was royalty so there was a six month mourning period that is ending and a public funeral can now be held.

    • Hamba Kahle Rolihlahla! The world will never be the same coz you showed up! Obama has ordered American flags to be lowered to half-mast until next Monday. The Head of State in New Zealand (even not personally having met Mandela) has said he will lead his delegation to Mandela’s funeral. Tanzania has announced 3 days of national mourning. Is there an announcement by GRZ on the matter?

  1. Go well, beloved son of Africa. You did not live in vain. You taught us many great things. You gave us hope. Your life will not only be remembered but cherished as well.

  2. One of a kind, fine, genuine and well respected world wide. He was a treasure not only to South Africa but to all humankind. May he rest in Blessed Peace.

    • Indeed one of a kind.He was an amazing gift to humankind,an icon and the greatest african of all time.We owe Mandela an incalculable debt of gratitude.

  3. Mandela was a great Man! His contribution to humanity was more than what he got back. Peace be upon him and his family. He sleeping now until resurrection morning.

    • Mandela had no equal anywhere.The world has just lost its greatest son,its greatest icon and an african of global stature.Rest in eternal peace.

  4. @ndobo
    It’s a money saving mechanism. Weigh which funeral means something to the average Zambian. Then have a national morning for it. Surely are we going to have a national morning for every rebel MP?

  5. Kuku Rolihlahla Mandela lifasi li itumela ahulu ka poniso ya hao kwa sicaba sa Africa ni mafasi kaufela ya izi mwa buse bwa mawate. Ndate usebelize! Buitumelo bwa luna kwa likezo za hao abubalwi. Kuku, upumule hande mwa lapa la mulena mulimu! Kozo!

  6. So sad our great icon is gone.Though his departure was inevitable and expected its still hard to accept that we’ve lost a man of such global stature.Fare thee well grandpa.

  7. RIP Father of the new Africa – a great example, we will strive emulate you. I call on on some of our stubborn dictators to learn the art of leadership from Tata Madiba. Watching invictus a week ago reminded me of how Madiba went out of his to put people first. Amazing example for all all to follow. MHSRIP

    • He was just 46 yrs old? What have you achieved at 47 yrs old now you John. Anyway, KK became president at 40 yrs old. Those days balekota bwangu.

  8. No doubt,he was a God given ordained man of God.He was,he is and we will be.Gods` time has always proven the best.bon voyage,Mandela!

  9. I’m at great loss that a man i greatly venerated is gone.Fare thee well papa Mandela and i’m greatly honoured to have shared a lifetime with a great icon.

  10. This is sad day for Africa. May his soul find peaceful rest in the hands of The Almighty.
    His legacy shall surely live on. Amandla Ngawethu!

  11. INGOMA NAITULIKA!!! Nelson Mandela, a true son of the soil a true Icon without equality in all measures! you led by example a selfless life. Indeed the world will miss you, Africa will miss you We hope you will rest in eternal peace.

  12. RIP NelsonMandela — activist, leader, and true humanitarian, your legacy of service to all mankind will forever be an inspiration to all.

  13. Muzamaye ka kozo mutompehi Mandela. Ki babanyinyani ba ba swana ni wena. Bazamaisi ba lifasi la Africa ba lukela ku ituta sesimu kwa kamaiso ni bupilo bwa mina.

    Mu pumule hande mwa mazoho a Mulena Jesu. Lu kato mi fumana.

    Mulimu a buluke moya wa mina mi pula ya kozo i zwele pili ku nela fa libita la mina ku fita zazi la zuho, tolombita ha ika lila.

    • Language… If you write in foreign language then provide an intepreter for all intended receivers to get your message.


    • English is the FOREIGN language here! Some Zambians are crass. You gotta give kudos to South Africans who have made an effort to understand each others languages. It is very common for Zulu and Sotho speakers to communicate to each other while using their own language. Now here is a muppet called Ma Serious who thinks Lozi is a foreign language. These are the same muppets who you will find on other threads shouting One Zambia One Nation! Hypocrites. Well done @32 in expressing your feelings in your mouth tongue. Emotional moments like this one can only be better expressed in your mother tongue. Well done Ndate!

  14. RIP Madiba, you taught the world how to not only forgive but also love the enemy. Tears pour from heaven in the form of rain. U bought a whole different dynamic RIP.

  15. Its amazing that you people in Europe are awake to comment on Mandela.
    This funeral is for CNN not BBC… just go to sleep, we have another 10 days in front of us.

  16. Jesus of our times has departed from the earthly world to spiritual world. Will be missed but his compassion and forgiveness will be our guide forever.

  17. Awe tata, muye mukutushapo. twatotela pali fyonse efyo mwatuchitila nga bantu panwe sonde. A life like mandelas is not to be mourned, but to be celebrated.

  18. This is shocking I was at JNB airport last night and took a photo greeting Mandela’s statue, little did I know that he was having his last breath. May God bless his family

  19. @WISE u are right this Chikusu will remain where he is as we mourn a serious fineral.and even burrying him at chingrere in south africa can reduce coasts.

  20. Mandela Mandela….awe tata chabipa though you reached the end of life. You were my inspiration in as far as what forgiveness, and political power mean. Really you were a great man . May the Lord God comforts your relations left behind , and we pray that the Politicians in Zambia learn from you in terms of humility, fighting for the people, love for the people, and unconditional forgiveness.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia

  21. Lost to the world
    Comrade for social justice
    Iconic moral authority
    Fought a good war
    Healed wounds
    Struggle and sorrow knew you
    Satisfying achievements
    Dwarfing world leaders put together
    Walked against black and white
    Run for black and white
    Love was your life
    Hate your foe
    Forgiveness a virtue unparalleled
    The war goes on
    Lost compatriot and comrade
    Tis said mark of a good man is to die a good death
    Yours certainly is a good death
    We moan you
    We hold on to your ideals

    • BJ DEALS, Where did you come from worm? We are mourning a giant of a man in morals, selflessness, love and forgiveness and all you can bring here is your demented confusion. May Jehovah our creator have mercy on your soul, because Madiba would still have forgiven you after what you have said!

  22. Is there ANY fights where some souls (dead) Go? Because pipo always say; May Your Soul Rest In peace and no May Your Body Rest In Peace.
    Celebrating his life, for he lived it in full plus the bonus of 25 years.

  23. Mandela farewell comrade. What a life, what a man.
    While today we have all sorts of impostors posing as patriots, you were not just a patriot but something akin to a saint. Yet in your usual magnanimity you were alive to your failings as a human being and asked the world never to regard you as a saint. You emphasized simplicity and humility above everything else.
    In the 80’s the world was awash with free Mandela movements; finally people were coming to grips with the evil of the apartheid regime that governed South Africa for over 50 years. That Mandela stood against such discrimination in the early stages and such a stance earned him a jail term, only reinvigorated the anti-apartheid movement and increased calls for Mandela’s release. As a primary school kid in that decade, the…

  24. Great leader,icon indeed.A man who found pleasure in admitting his mistakes and that inspires me so much because it is a great way of learnig.Am short of words to use in describing you Madiba.

  25. For fear of paying back k14b Fred membe is trying to match sata with likes of great men that walked the earth.

  26. Africa once again is covered under dark clouds as it mourns one of the greatest sons of the soil. We can not find suitable words to express our sadness. Thank God for having given us a chance to leave with you Madiba. Your humility, love for man kind regardless of colour or race remain a symbol of greatness to emulate. I will not be surprised to see you seated on the Right side of our father in heaven, because your life told it all. Let it be well with your family, let it be well with your friends and relatives, let it be well with Africa. Till we meet again. (RIP).

  27. @1.7 NOSTRA-ANUS
    I bet, you ll die before sata does. Why wish HEMCS dead, your family misfortune must not be translated or dumped on innocent pipo.

  28. If only our KK had ruled only for 10 years,stops parading himself as a PF cadre,he would receive the same accolades but alas…FTJ’s funeral only attracted 1 foreign head of state (kabila).

  29. RIP Mandela. You implemented the ability to love and forgive even the enermy.
    A true imitator of christ. I miss you already.

  30. If only African leaders can learn from this great son of Africa. We could have moved a great deal. But alas our leaders still strangle with little things like tribe. RIP Mandela, we shall miss you a great deal.

  31. Mandela betrayed the course of our struggle at the very last minute. Most South Africans are in dire poverty. Nothing has changed for them. The man gave in to allow white South African to continue controlling the economy as it is today. When we had the power to take over the real economy of South Africa, this man chickened out. History will judge him for leaving South Africans in poverty.

    • @Freedom Fighter may have a point. When I compare the poverty in Alexandria to the affluence of whites in Sandton fail to see what THE SO CALLED MADIBA fought for.

    • Shut up you washed up socialist! Did you want him to nationalise the economy like what your foolish Kaunda did.? And where did you learn this GREAT idea of yours that POVERTY can be ended with a snap of you fingers ? Go to hell you lazy African socialist bum…..learn to work for your money! Go hang with your Kaunda!

    • Bigotry, bigotry, bigotry………….see your shameless president abusing Zambians, for once think with sanity. Your PF Sata is a symbol of shame and BUFI. Give space for progressive Africa to mourn our departed hero with dignity.


  33. (Eccelesiastes 3 vs 1-22) talks about time,let’s focus on our time because it ‘ll never be enough as mandela reached 95 we still say” why leaving so early”,RIP Madiba we will miss your memorable works.

  34. When all the dreams of one day to see a free South Africa where both black and white live together side by side as South Africans, the dream comes true – then Madiba departs leaving unequal legacy of true patriot of Africa.
    Go in peace you son of the soil, you son of Africa, may your soul rest in peace.

    • MADIBA … failed in your struggle. You left us in abject poverty while yur sons, daughters and grandchildren amassed wealth for themselves. …..The struggle will continue with JULIUS MALEMA.

  35. I shall forever remember that in my entire lifetime, I met one-in-a-hundred million men who demonstrated that it is possible to live a SELFLESS LIFE ON EARTH. Farewell Madiba.

  36. Sad Madiba.Zuma please do us a favour.Dont invite Sata for the funeral for he is very likely to do something incredibly stupid in his quest to attract the international attention he lacks. Rest in peace Madiba my wish is that Zambia could have a leader like you unlike these thugs full of lies to the public


    • Your history will record those falsehoods. Thankfully even if it was written hardly any serious person would bother even looking at the cover of the book with such falacious history.

  38. In his old age and in his sickness MADIBA amassed lots of wealth at the expense of the poor. Millions of money were donated to him for sleeping in prison for 27 years.

    • If you live or come from a country were looting is the order of the day do not let your view of others be skewered by that angle. We know in certain countries amassing wealth at the expense of the poor is a perfected artform. A charecteristic trait for certain tribes.Thankfully Mandela’s tribe is not such a one, meaning he was disposed to be a clean charecter.

  39. Cycle Mata, Madiba has left behind a very very great lagacy. What will you leave behind? M.H.S.R.I.E.P. We will truely miss you,Great son of Africa!

  40. We`ve been robbed of a state funeral again, there will be celebrations when some people die. Rest in eternal peace Mandela.

  41. Please people try to be realistic. You mean if one is in prison then shouldn’t be considered a fighter? It is not a question of carrying a matched or panger to become a fighter, NO. If you don’t consider Mandela as a good fighter just because he spent 27 years in prison then you better forget yourself, you are not different from those who crucified Jesus on the cross after all the good things He brought and did for us all. Stop making names in the wrong times or moments.

  42. Rest in eternal peace Madiba.
    You were a selfless human being , a uniter, a fogiver, a reconciler ,a nation builder, an advocate of equal oppotunities for all ..etc.
    It is my prayer and hope that politicians in africa and the world at large could take a leaf from your life and reflect on their conduct and hopefully learn to embrace the multitudes that they lead regardless of colour ,creed, race ,tribe , religion or indeed political affiliation as this will make our societies better places to live in.
    Once again rest in eternal peace Madiba

  43. Rest in peace father of our continent, an icon to the rest of the world.A true meaning of selflessness, hardwork,unconditional love.
    hope our leaders will emulate ths man
    see you in heaven father

  44. This a dark moment in the world and the only consolation is that Mandela has left a big lesson to all of us and its upon each one of us to learn and fight for what he stood for. This is the only honor we can give to such a man. MHSRP


    When Nelson Mandela came out of prison majority of black South Africans especially those from the locations such as Tembisa, Soweto and many other place thought it was time now for them to swap places with white south Africans minorities in places like Santon etc, but 20 years down the line they are still in their locations and he is no more MHSRIP. His legacy will live on forever and it will be an inspiration to generations of leaders……The power of unity

  46. The soul of a great man has left this world. The definition of a leader was Nelson Mandela. He used power for the right reasons and not to persecute his enemies – perceived or otherwise. A great many African ‘leaders’ could do well to learn from this man. He also had his faults but I think his good far outweighs his bad. God almighty, we pray for his soul and may you hold Nelson Mandela in the sanctuary of your love.

    Of course we know what will happen next in Zambia. Rupiah will be invited for the funeral and Michael Sata will not. Because of this, the wicked duo of Fred and Wynther will try to block Rupiahs travel. One message to them – RESPECT IS EARNED, NEVER ORDERED, COMMANDED. Its not a commodity, but a quality. RB has earned respect. You don’t deserve respect Fred and Wynter.

  47. A great man indeed, Madiba my personal hero. I personally learnt a lot from this man, how he transformed from being an ordinary person to a global icon. We can all do this. I mean he was ordinary because if you read the book “The young Mandela” you will learn that he too made mistakes (womanised; committed adultery; beat his wife; failed to pay his debts at one point; failed exams etc) like any other human being, but he outgrew all this and committed to the greater good of the world. People must read this book and learn from it. His walk has been tough yet inspirational. I hope everyone including our leaders (including the past ones) can emulate Madiba. As long as we are human we will make mistakes but what is important is what we do about that and commit to contribute towards a better…

  48. @97 at the same time u’re propagating de spirit of hate.Wen his foundation invited us 2 his 90birth day it was like dreaming seeing him huggy our son.l could feel the blessings he gave to our was great posing with him for a photo.RIP UTATA!

  49. Mandela brought peace in South Africa. Matt 5 v 9 Blessed are the peace makers : for they shall be called the children of God. A child of God has gone to be with his Father. How about you and I?

  50. I am touched, “During my lifetime I have dedicated myself to this struggle of the African people.I have fought against white domination, and I have fought against black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal, which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die.”
    Mandela type of leadership is slowly going to its end. Today everyone of us has been taught to amass wealth for ourselves and our children and not on sacrifice.

  51. Nkosi sikeleli Africa! Fare well Madiba. When you took your fight to Robben Island, we took up your fight here in Zambia. When Apartheid surrendered we had thrown every thing we had in that fight, our money and our blood, because we believed what you believed . Thank you for honouring us with your first journey outside South Africa. Hamba Kahle. You will find great men who have gone yonder before you. Oliver Tambo, Steve Biko, Robert Sobukwe, Govan Mbeki, Walter Sisulu, Chris Hani, Kwame Nkhuruma, Julius Mwalimu Nyerere, Samora Marcel, and Julia Chikamoneka but kindly ignore scoundrels such us Mobutu, Bokasa and Idi Amini.


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