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Government wont bow to Prof Chirwa’s threats, let him invite his family to visit him in Zambia instead


 Prof Clive Chirwa
Prof Clive Chirwa

GOVERNMENT has said that it is not moved by former Zambia Railways Limited chief executive officer Clive Chirwa’s threats to renounce his Zambian citizenship.

According to news monitored on Radio Phoenix in Lusaka yesterday, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Nixon Chilangwa said Prof Chirwa should instead invite his family to come and visit him here if he wants.

Mr Chilangwa said government or any investigative wing will not be blackmailed by Prof Chirwa’s threats.

The former ZRL CEO is facing court cases involving alleged abuse of authority of office.

Last week, Professor Clive Chirwa threatened to denounce his Zambian citizenship if his passport is not given back to him within 24 hours to enable him travel to see his family and attend the funeral of former South African president Nelson Mandela.

Prof Chirwa told QFM News in a walk-in interview that he has not seen his family for a year now, owing to what he has described as imprisonment for the sacrifice he made to come and serve the Zambian people.

He has pleaded for his passport to be released so that he can travel to visit his family, his hero Nelson Mandela and all the democrats.

Professor Chirwa said he has done nothing wrong to Zambia, as he is a clean man of dignified stance who only came to help.

He said Zambia has never appreciated his contribution, hence the request to be allowed to go and enjoy the freedom he had before he answered the call from President Sata to come and help the country.

Professor Chirwa threatened to give up his Zambian citizenship if his passport is not given back to him within 24 hours to enable him travel to see his family and attend the funeral of former South African president Nelson Mandela.


  1. Folks

    Sad that the inevitable has happened. Madiba is gone.He showed us how to be a true patriotic leader for all.Any tribe ,colour, or creed were embraced by Mandela.
    How ever, he has left us with a big question to ponder upon;can we emulate him ,love each other and treat each other as equals irrespective of colour, creed or tribe?

    I for one will try hard to follow in his foot step. What about you?

  2. This is NOT right. I know how we love applying out-moded laws but we are dangerously on the edge of veering off course with regards to violating the bill of rights enshrined in universal treaties that we have signed. Is government going to provide his family With the facility to visit him?

    • Ba Chirwa was warned by many not to come in the first place. He was a very good partner with HH in UPND. Then the cartel duped him. He brushed aside all advise. Many said do not come, u cannot work with these guys, he refused and came. I remember watching him on interviews talking very fast while presenting his speed trains and underground railway system.
      now, he has learnt a lesson.
      as a matter of fact, he is in all this hot soup not because he is corrupt. u know, post courier had just bought lots of trucks and had just won a contract to do a lot of copper courier for KCM. then ba clive came and grabbed that contract for zambia railways. that angered the cartel. hence, the hot soup.
      sorry ba clive, u shud have listened to advise in the first instance.

    • If he denounces I will too.

      The man is chosing between a thrird world cuntry and first world country?

      Zambia vs Great Britain?

      No contest, as someone with ACCA, CIMA MSc, BSc MBa and soon PhD

      I can assure you Zambians will lose if he denounces, lets pray and please he doesn’t
      If you wont be sad to see him leave, you need to have your head seriously checked


    • Mandela was starved of sex of Winnie for those 20-something year. 1 year is not long enough Ba Chirwa, be strong be strong…
      Its just sad that Sata can deny you the right to attend Mandela’s funeral. Mandela also was denied to attend his son’s funeral. Sata might be using Botha’s manifesto.

    • @mushota
      its renounces not denounces… i thought you knew that with your PhD

      kekekekeke..Mandela was supper human!… and Prof Chirwa is missing british `white` sex,, that were the difference is!!!

      Assuming that Prof Chirwa renounces his Zambia citizenship within the land of Zambia, then he will declared stateless and taken to maheba refuge camp as a refuge,,,, like what Remmy Mushota wanted to do to KK..

    • True, clive threw away the credibility he had and started insulting hh and upnd to get a job not knowing that those that were telling him to insult hh as a tribalist were after his reputation and status. They got him and have destroyed him politically. The fear was that if properly marketed, he could have been popular like mazoka far ahead of the pf’s kabimba in future. He was presidential material somehow.

    • This chap is a suspect and all suspects are treated the same including former presidents who can travel willy nilly! Stay put Clive, if RB cant travel as he wishes, what about a small fry like you who tried to steal petty cash from Zambians using your Dormant company called Clavel Incorporated?
      You actually did not come back not to help the country – it is because you have grown old now and the Europeans dont need you anymore because they always a pool of young and more energetic talent than outdaded ars.ewhores like you!!
      In fact, as long as you remain a suspect, no institution in England will employ an undignified corrupt crook like you!

    • There should be a way that this guy can escape the porous Zambian Border. I think the most porous part the Zambia/Zaire part. Just try that and avoid being eaten by wild animals. You should have stayed with HH… Now Canicious Banda can’t even learn from this comedy of errors. Shame!!!

  3. Please give the man his passport back.I hate how you are treating this intellectual.You are scaring some of us who are entertaining thoughts of helping out in the development of our education system and scientific research.I know he is facing serious allegations but please give him the benefit of a doubt.

    • @Saulosi namukalipa… now you want to go and take over Clive’s position. By-the-way, what kind of scientific research Zambia needs, I thought everything has been researched, just need implementation and management of PF daily launched projects?

    • Let us seriously examine Chirwa’s mindset from a few reported statements attributed to him.
      1. He has continuously professed that he to Zambia “only to help “. But this has been a man who has been active in Zambian politics, albeit from the distant comforts of his then home town Bolton. He was even campaigning for the Presidency of Zambia 2. He claimed to “own a mansion. 3. Claimed to earn some £2m a year. 4. Abused ZRL funds by spending K72m (old) a month. 5. Attempted to use his dormant company for contracts at ZRL. 6. That despite demanding a salary of £240m a month. I just don’t see how any of this gives an impression of “coming to help” but an ambitious person taking advantage. Now he is “threatening to renounce his citizenshp. And then what if he does? He’s done it before

    • @Nostradamus…no not everything has been researched.Research is an ongoing thing.There is always something that needs to be researched on.For example there is still need to discover a drug for tuberculosis that can reduce the duration of the treatment,side effects and chances of the bacterium becoming resistant to that drug.Last time i checked there was an ongoing research project in Luapula into production of sweet potatoes fortified with vitamin A.These are just examples.

    • Boi just stay after all you guys there are broke can’t even form own companies to create employment. You will just come back to steal from us and make us more broke. Diaspora atasee

    • @BaKolweMUGovt Ebala Lyesu…mwayamba ama jealousy ka ? Ha ha ha you guys who likes lumping all the Zambians in the diaspora in the same bracket always gives me something to smile about.Mwandi personally i won`t come back because if i do so i will be under utilized because Zambia doesn’t have the facilities that i require for my research and i can`t see that happening any time soon.We will remain here and continue sending our dollars there like we always do(People in the diaspora contributes a lot to the Zambian foreign exchange reserves)

  4. North Korea,China,Iran and Cuba here we come to join your dictator’s club.You have new company in your axis of evil in form of PF govt.

    • Never use threats do blackmail a government imwe ba Chirwa…Is it Renounce or Denounce? Never use your name in the same sentence with Mandela. You have been out of touch with the goings on in Zambia bro……If you steal, no doubt here in Zambia the law will follow you!

  5. I told this man when I met him eating akabwali ku show grounds ati mudala you shouldn’t have come ena taleumfwila.This is the result.

  6. So wen 1 is called 2 serve even if he/she commits an offence no law should touch him?Does it mean wen u re educated u become untouchesble?Chirwa behaved like an illitrate nd still does.Bloggers condemning pf 4 dis must be sick,demons at work.

    • its u whoz sick. do u know by wht spirit pf is doing this? or whats motivating the cartel? if u hv no idea, zip-it-up bro!


    • Judge let him go. Firstly if Obama will be there it will be Black Marines digging graves, secondly What we needed from Clive was Clavel Inc. to come establish an office create employment as consultant to ZRL and TAZARA on Railway Management not what he did. Sometime last year i learnt that PhD Holders working as MD’s and CEO in big companies like ZSIC, ZESCO, ZNBS , ZAMTEL earn something between ZMW50,000 – ZMW100,000 so for Clive to get ZMW 250,000 was way too high as if not enough he offered his company contracts without following Public Procurement procedures. So let the courts clear him then he can go back and become a English or European

  8. ..boxer Bansankaulo of Mali once proclaimed that…’If Lotti ‘Gunduzani’ wins, the Sun will never rise in Bamako’…well, Gunduzani won and Bamako was Sunny as usual and KK joked about it during his press conference the following day….We are now approaching 48hrs, I haven’t heard the renouncement yet……

  9. @Wanzelu,what do u gain by telling lies?let that demon out of u!Do u expect one for instance u ve invited 2 work th at yo c’pany 2 misbahave nd get away with it?What would ve been yo reaction if pf had let him offhook?Pls u &yo Pro.must be fair.

    • @Osmore
      Its my opinion born out of how PF operates. His case will just be another academic exercise just like RB’s. Why was Namalumbe let off? Do you think if Namalumbe had refused to stand for PF, he would be free from litigation ?

      Why is Kabimba not being probed by ACC despite people ‘s out cry?

      We know PF ‘s corrupt schemes very well. Soon their pwando will come to an end.

  10. I regard those who think re either educated or educated nd live in de diaspora,dat’ve become mo special pipo as educated fo ols,”fire without heat”.Chirwa dinks like dis.I tell u no lesson he has learnt fro Madiba.He only admires his popularity.

  11. Clive Chirwa did not sacrifice anything, and he did not come back to Zambia to help any body. He came back to make money for himself and his family. He has a criminal mind just like a former Nigerian Governor who stole millions of dollars from his country and ran back to London. He was warned by Prof. Sasa that he was sailing on rocky waters. Alemona ati a bena Zambia balila.

  12. It saddens me to see how insenstive most of you people are including the Government! This tells me how ignorant you all are, the person making this statement including all those judging Clives judgement are very ignorant regarding how a human beings Mind operates in desperate times. This is a learned man who never at one time thought his Life would turn into such a nightmare. Learned or not, humans react differently with change especially when it’s not pleasant, you have no idea how this scuffle has changed and weakened his Subconscious! Due to the fact that he’s from a higher class in society, hes bound to be weaker than those from a lower class if found in a similar circumstance, which is not his fault but thats just how life works thus, such a reaction.

    • Contd:
      It baffles me to even see such a quick reaction from someone whose mindset is totally at a different bridge. Right now he should even have psychological help! I doubt all you people showering your “lovely” statements about how Mandela inspired you, to me you are all hypocrites who should reflect on your actions towards real life! Please give him his passport back, let him go and see his family, if he blundered in anyway give him a chance to prove otherwise, let him breath for a while, he will surely come back, I dont want to compare but if my memory serves me right, you let the Old SAcan Farmer go who caused the accident that killed so many people, this man Chirwa has not caused any deaths, why dont you equally let him go and see his family? Please for once be compassionate!

    • @cindy
      in all honest!! how would you want this to be handled??,,, this man has his case before the court, its just logical and wise that he clears his name leaves for UK… Something similar to this happened in Zambia by a man called Sashonga.. involved in the zamtroop saga.. they let him go to UK and coundnt get him to come back because he was also a british citizen…
      Believe me!! let Prof chirwa go UK now,, the man will never return to clear his name and from his threats the man must have a british passport somewhere

    • Right now I just hate how people are abusing Madibas name! Please its becoming monotonous, strive to be your own hero like Madiba did, he did it for himself not for anybody else, if he wasnt who he was, am sure he wouldnt have survived long enough, showing compassion to your enermies is not only a survival tool but a mechanism that strenghens and nourishes your soul. I also believe that he was already a soldier of love even before they threw him away, therefore, understand that nomatter how inspired you can be, if you are a heartless unloving monster…… that inspiration is nothing but just dust which is easily blown away by the wind!

    • awe cindy mwa fuunda!

      uu shunfwa pa tunoono, napa fiingi teeti onfwe!

      i doubt the cartel can buy into yo advice tho “?”

    • @ Ndobo,
      If I were in charge of this case, I would let Clive go visit his family. There are surity procedures followed when allowing any suspect to leave the designation from where there are held. That is what should be looked into among other things. Yes the case is somehow complicated as he has a stable home in the UK and looking at how there has been similar incidences where persons did not return, stringent measures should be enforced in order to ensure that history does not repeat itself. Engage the Uk authorities if at all you are not 100% sure of him coming back. I trust him being such a principled man of intergrity, he wouldnt let this dent be marked on his Life forever, I cant help to believe conspiracy theorie at paly, which would be the reason for him not to come back!

    • @cindy
      i hear you and whole heartly agree with your humanity stance… but you should also understand here that this is a corruption case similar to Mama Mary Tembo`s case… president Sata and the PF want to be seen to be working,,, they have taken alot of criticism from some of us (am personally of the critics) for nolle prosecuti they dashed out in forgiving some cases in court even if it was in good faith from Sata and his government`s part!! unfortunately for Prof Chirwa he is one of the unlucky ones who is going to be an example of zero corruption tolerance… the Sad thing for Prof Chirwa, he has alot of enemies,, and you cindy are one of the few come to his defence

    • @Ndobo,
      Should we say he is a Sacrificial Lamb? I seriously wish there was something we could do to help him out, ummmm…. Maybe get a Million signatures?

    • @cindy
      ok!! just asking, assuming Prof Chirwa is forgiven,, his case dropped and he is given back is passport.. he then flies back to UK later renounces his Zambian citizenship.

      who is gong to be the example of zero corruption tolerance???

    • @Cindy & Ndobo, I wend to Tabernacle left discussing, and you are still. Practice to miss each other. At if you are barred for 1 year not be at LT, will you denounce your citizenship?

    • @Cindy and @Saulosi,

      Why not come out and condemn Sata and PF out rightly on this case instead of beating about the bush. Some us know how cruel this PF government is.And when we condemn it you guys bury your heads in the sand in support of PF’s reign of terror. What is happening to Prof Chirwa is Sata’s making. If Sata decided to set Prof. free, all the allegations against him would be dropped at once.

      My advice to Prof is ;he should swallow his pride and lick Sata’s a.s.s big time. Only then will Sata decide to forgive him. Otherwise Prof will rot and die of frustration in Zambia.

      Sata has constantly reminded educated PF members not to question his actions or else they get fired. Sata is a clever f.o.o.l who knows how to make people worship him.

    • Sata knows how to make his followers give him undivided loyalty by ensnaring them to get involved in corrupt activities and then let them off so that when they decide to turn against him he threatens them with litigation. Have noticed and wondered how GBM has suddenly been silenced.

      I have always said Sata is cleverer than all the people who follow and support him. He may lack education but he has mastered the art of deception well enough to earn him a PHD, no doubt about it.

      Clever people distance them selves from him. Thats how they manage to evade his deception and manipulation.

    • Clive clive clive, your day will come in court instead of calling or indeed baying for your passport and how a ‘rich’ you cannot be visited by the family, prepare your defence and please dont lowere yourself to a blogger under disguise just write your real name you sound pathetic speaking to yourself.

    • well spoken Cindy.How i wish we had plenty of bloggers like you,this space would have been very educative cos I’ve been following you for some time now.Unlike people like Silozi.Keep bringing them on CINDY.If you are a monster and you think of emulating Madiba,just forget it.

  13. Bushe alibeshiba ba PF uyu wine Chirwa? The government and people of Zambia held you in very high esteem. You were invited in good faith to come and and put into practice your theories. You come here and thought the entire Zambia was sleeping and schemed to pull a fast one. Aba bene bantu bakokola mu diaspora basangukafye ifiwelewele. Bwalicha pa Zed ba Prof!! We shall regard you a criminal until proven innocent

    • As many people have already pointed out, Clive was warned but he did not heed the warnings. He has been very naive in all this. In the short space of time he has come to prominence in Zambia, he has made enemies of MMD and UPND. Now he has no friends to speak on his behalf. He thought Zambian justice was on the same level as that of the UK. Also he thought that Zambians would be impressed by all that science and technology. The truth is that Zambians no longer value books and education. Your average Zambian school leaver these days can barely read or write. Why do science when you can make more money as a kaponya politician? Clive’s prosecution has PF finger prints all over it. The case will be delayed deliberately for years. In the meantime, he will remain unemployed and a broken man.

    • Sorry, I remain corrected. In that case he should pour his energy into helping young upcoming engineers at CBU. A bit of humility would also go a long way when under persecution. Eventually, the truth will out.

    • Engineering is offered at Lusaka Campus. Its BEng be it civil, electrical, mining etc. So maybe he is offering a component of engineering in Architecture,Land Survey, Planning or evaluation but not strictly Engines

  14. Makes sad reading.Awe kanshi tafiweme ifintu.While i agree that he can still invite his family to Zambia he should have been allowed to go for Mandela`s funeral.

  15. Law is law and is applicable to everyone. Maybe if the prof was a bit more diplomatic he would have benefited from a nolle pro… whatever! If treason suspects can, what more a distinguished professor? I blame the minster of transport for not managing prof chirwas public relations. We need this man despite his shortcomings.

  16. That is the difference between academic qualifications and natural wisdom. The first generation of the Malioni brothers eluded the Zambian government for a long time. Then the next generation of the Malioni brothers did it, they left Zambia even after the government machinery took their passports, came back like nothing had happened then the government realized that they knew what they were doing guess what? they were give back their passports. Why can’t this educated professor use the same method? Is he that damn?

  17. Chirwa thought Zambians are so daft and that he would get away with anything illegal. He thought we are so gullible and he tried to take advantage of our hospitable nature. He needs not announce that he is renouncing the Zambian citizenship, he can just leave after all its not the first time he will do that!

  18. The man has literally confirmed that he has two passports. One Zambian and the other I don’t know. He can now be prosecuted for this offence as Zambia currently does not allow dual citizenship.

  19. It is cheaper for one individual to travel to UK than for big family to travel to Zambia. This makes it the first option. Secondly, it is also a matter of enjoying freedom of movement. One is innocent until proven guilty. Unless human life is threatened, then it is human to allow certain accused individuals travel freely. If an accused person permitted to travel breaks conditions of passport release, then that is a different issue. That person will not be given a second chance.

  20. There is a certain unfortunate attitude towards diasporians in Zambia which can not be denied. There is also an element of envy and the “who do they think they are” plus “they think just because” attitude. Generally people start competing with you or they start finding ways to bring you down because they see you as a threat to what they have been enjoying in your absence. The professor may have been caught up in this unfortunate attitude. Remember that the current government is driven by “kombonic” support, therefore “kombonic” intellectual limitations.

  21. Spot on @2.4, it appears that most dont understand the charges Prof. Chirwa is facing. I js thank th Presendent for appointin a strong Board not intimidated by one’s home address.

    Failure to declare interest is not as trivial as some would like to make us believe, please bear in mind that this was a public project involvin millions of borrowed funds.

  22. I feel so sorry for Professor Chirwa, he was duped by the PF regime which hates educated professionals. Look at how they have treated nurses, horrible! It is sad and what it means is that no other Zambian in the diaspora will risk ever trying to return to Zambia for a job.

  23. Cindy and Ndobo.
    It appears a vicious cycle principle is at play with any high profile citizens in Zambia.
    Recall the gas PF govt chocked the nation with huge corruption and office abuse cases with numerous commissions of inquiries. To date not even a single case result has been told to the nation except the small fish Masumba who is now with a national record of convicted PF MP. In the case of Prof Chirwa, PF government does not know what to do now as PF government prevaricates leaving Kapeya burst out with emotions. Governance is not as simple as making populist statements to the nation.

  24. Zambia has not been good to Prof Chirwa ever since he tried to return home to Zambia and help build the country. First the late Mwanawasa’s govt was unwelcoming and passed comments like…all these people who go out of the country and think they can help the country… This time around I strongly believe people are intimidated by what he is capable of doing and so they are trying everything to crush him. I was getting all excited when I heard that he was going to revamp the railway system in Zambia. Can you imagine traveling on a high speed train from Shangombo to Kaputa! I guess not everyone can dream that big even on this blog. The people he was meant to work with can never dream out of their little boxes. Please don’t give up sir. Stay true to your dream of a better Zambia.

  25. Bloggers what Zambia needs most is economical emancipation, we need people who can create wealth, create employment, build capacities to handle huge govt contracts, get into mining on a large scale, improve agriculture, fishing, forestry, ICT, engineering design and manufacturing. We need to begin adding value every product we export. We need traders to take advantage of Angola, DRC, Rwanda, Burundi and many markets available for Zambia. Not come from so called diaspora to destroy the little that is there. If you can’t come and help better you stay……

  26. Clive should be given his passport but he should stop talking about coming to help. He came to serve his interests because he thought he can make money. Some Zambians think once you get a PhD then everyone should be falling all over for you. Learn from the US where titles are only used when it is appropriate. If it was in Zambia I bet Mitchell would be her Dr, Prof, First Lady Mrs Mitchell…..etc.

  27. When are these empty tins going to ever learn government officials should never comment individual’s cases especially if they are in court.

  28. @6.1BaKolweMUGovt Ebala Lyesu, there is a huge difference between Prof Chirwa and those parastatals chiefs. Those chiefs are an easy prey to local tycoons and suppliers. I worked in Finance Bank Chanik House branch. NAPSA Chief Executive takes 2% from Dr. Mahtani for the deposits he places with Finance Bank and Leasing Finance Company. Check Finsbury bank account and you will see the withdrawals made by single signatory Dr. Mahtani. Zesco is another account where all foreign exchange earnings are sold to the bank at a rate 5% cheaper than prevailing in the market. Who shares that loot? ZRA account, various ministry accounts, all are bribed to get huge deposits at next to nothing interest while those monies shall rightfully be kept at BZO. Remember Magande’s directive and he was silenced…

  29. Remember Magande’s directive and he was silenced by Mwanawasa!
    Prof. Chirwa was wrong in engaging his company but rot in the system is deeprooted and if Prof. Chirwa is wrong so are those parastatal chiefs. If ACC is willing to do an honest job, I can mail them copies of all withdrawals from 1989 to date ( I still have friends at the bank who share information with me) showing bribing of politicians and parastatal chiefs by Mahtani Group.

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