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Kapeya thanks PF, MMD members for behaving well during Chikusu funeral


Chief Government spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya
Chief Government spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya

Chief Government Spokesperson Mwansa Kapeya has congratulated the Patriotic Front (PF) and Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) on the exemplary behaviour of their cadres during the funeral of the late Health Deputy Minister, Patrick Chikusu, who was put to rest at Leopard’s Memorial Park in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr Kapeya, who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said the friendly and peaceful manner members of various political parties sang and mingled together during the Church service of the late Health Deputy Minister at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross is symbolic of Zambia’s impeccable credentials as an oasis of peace, unity and stability the country is renowned for world-over.

He said this in a Press statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Mr Kapeya said this underscores the fact that parties are political competitors and not enemies.

He added that Zambians are one people and one destiny despite political diversity.

“Our sole and overriding enemy, as a nation, is under-development and all its off-shoots which we should fight as a united front in order to make Zambia a better and prosperous place for all,” Mr Kapeya said.

Mr Kapeya noted that the peaceful behaviour of political parties at yesterday’s funeral and during the recently held Mansa Central Parliamentary by-election in Luapula Province also resonates well with the spirit of the current festive season in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Prince of Peace.

“Let this be the daily characteristic of our continued unity in diversity as a nation,” Mr Kapeya stated.

He expressed that government, under the leadership of President Michael Sata, re-iterates its commitment to building an inclusive, peaceful and united Zambia in which all the citizens are equal participants and beneficiaries of the national development agenda.



    • PF has an organised crime team able to kill for power, its now going after all those supporting MMD & UNDP, seen as threats in 2016.

      A lot of accounts belonging to innocent Zambians in UK, which are donating funds to either UNDP or MMD have been hacked using Nigerians & Asians of Indian origin who are many working inside UK Banks.

      There is also now an organised team that will report anyone they hate to be deported from UK & USA on fake crimes.

  1. After the funeral service, Patriotic Front (PF) cadres mobbed and swarmed Defence Minister Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM.

    Mwamba’s security team gad difficulties to control the cadres. The cadres ignored Vice President Guy Scott and only crowded Mwamba chanting “abesu, abesu” and calling him “Defender, Defender”.

    Mwamba welcomed the cadres and beamed with his usual charming smile.

    Others in attendance were Information Minister, Mwansa Kapeya, Labour Minister, Fackson Shamenda. Local Government Minister, Emerine Kabanshi.

    President Michael Sata cancelled his trip to Chipata and Vubwi choosing to honor Patrick Chikusu.

    – source; zedchronicle

    • One more part you have not mentioned is that there were two camps, one which had both MMD and PF cadres, and the GBM camp which was singing on it own, and later Mobbed GBM. PF is not a united house at all.

  2. a lot of bloggers on this site are pf sponsored 1diots who have no access to a computer on sundays? I am surprised that so many of these characters are not on site today. watchdog is right

    • Time to spend with family. Just from watching Long walk to freedom. Taking time to educate the children the difference between Mandela and MCS.

    • It is true. For them, anything PF says is bread and butter. I did not like one blogger who said the govt will finish someone at all cost.
      Who reported about poisoning, it was from themselves and why now falling to defend the matter?
      If is true that the Dr. wanted to resign, then what is F<UK is this?
      It no long that these imperialist will see the door out.

  3. I am not satisfied with your answer on why you decided to poison him as government, sir. Just why did the PF government decide to kill an innocent man?

  4. Many people will lose their lives mysteriously due to the greed of the politicians. There is obviously something fishy with the demise of Dr Chikusu. To them, anyone threatening their political survival will have to go. Unfortunately, even his son has been gagged and oiled thinking he is safe.

  5. Personally, I thank you as an individual and not as a government spokes person. This is the second time that you have pronounced your good feelings towards the actual rational responsibilities of the opposition parties.

    Now PF leadership and followers should learn something from the opposition party members! Calm sincere perfecting the given situation at all time. That is how we can peacefully develop our mother land. Ciza uli?

    • Imwe ba SABA ASA, I would not talk about PF because there is nothing good that they have, are and will ever do. My appreciation is on the two powerful opposition parties mukwai. They are much calmer in their operations that I beg ba PF should learn something from them [the opposition]. Just the other day, GBM’s people were calling him: OUR ONLY MAN IN PF at a funeral gathering. It was as well that Wynter’s people did not react.

  6. You guys never cease to amaze me! Are you dealing with children whom are expected to behave in a certain way you have to hold your breath each time? Dont even thank them, good behaviour is expected at all times from them, otherwise, it’s absurd for you to thank them, am disgusted at this pronouncement!

    • @cindy
      imwe ba cindy,,, at least this time the cadres didn`t go with pangas and stones, please appreciate good regardless how small and silly it might seem.
      Mind you those cadres might not be at your level.. good behivour is/was foreign to most of them,,,
      we must all encourage and appreciation civilization from all cadres

    • @ Cindy…when you have a child you teach it to walk and talk …and then you spend the next 18yrs telling it to sit and shut up. PF is less tha 20yrs old so its still childish and its crass behaviour is expected.

  7. Ask your Micheal Sata i he shares the same view as yourself and when he changed his mind to unite with the former ruling parties for the interest of Zambia and not his pocket.

  8. Bakachepa. always lies ba ZWD and LT, tell the nation the truth. What was the health history of Dr. Chikusu, BP and heart diseases are silent killers, he was a victim of cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest how ever his son his a medical doctor and he has refused this pseudo report coming from UPND/ZWD and LT.

  9. Wow!!! Mwansa Kapeya is around?????? Koma Sata !! where does he get these old guards from. Tribalism or Nepotism. Wow!!

  10. Kapeya should rather thank the perpetrators of violence, not the victims. We all know who wields the pangas. For as long as officials like Kapeya shy away from the noble duty of facing their cadres straight in the face violence will never stop . Congratulate your thugs, don’t waste your breath on the innocent.

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