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Beaumelle disappointed with Cecafa semifinal exit

Sports Beaumelle disappointed with Cecafa semifinal exit

Coach Patrice Beaumelle is frustrated over Zambia’s failure to the
reach the 2013 Cecafa Cup final.

Beaumelle’s side gave away an extra-time lead to lose 2-1 to Sudan in
the semifinal in Mombasa on Tuesday.

In a post-match interview, Beaumelle said he was disappointed with
Zambia’s elimination from the Cecafa Cup.

“We are disappointed that we didn’t go to the final. We cannot blame
the boys they did the best we saw the two teams they were a bit tired
at the end of the 90 minutes so the extra time was very tough,” he

Beaumelle noted that lack of concentration costed Zambia in the
semifinal match against Sudan.

“We scored I knew we had to change to keep the balance. We could have
avoided it if we could have concentrated but we were here to learn to
expose our boys to international level today this is international
level the details.”

Meanwhile, Zambia are now set for Cecafa Cup Group B reunion on
Thursday in Nairobi when they face Tanzania in a battle for bronze.


  1. Patrice, do the honourable thing – pack your bags and go back home. Our boys need a real coach to grill them.
    It is a shame to be losing to these third rated teams & being knocked out of such a small tournament, Damn! FAZ must account for these losses & their insistence on keeping this French P.E teacher.

    • plastic analyst.did you watch the match or you heard rumours.play was 90 minutes plus.a game loses play after 90+ .unless you have played football you wont understand.

    • @ radio something
      I watched the entire 120 minutes play. The last 40 minutes were the most critical & the Sudanese coach rightly read the game & instructed his strikers to constantly attack bcoz our defence wz tired & it paid off. Patrice, though he brought in Bonwell, we did not attack that much. I can go on…… I appreciate mature & educative responses & not the cadre type.

  2. Your tactics were pathetic, ok now that theres nothing to play for i suggest that we employ Masautso Mwale as head coach and let this guy see off his contract in his old role, let our own enjoy as head coach.

  3. Congrats Patrice you a good tactician. You impressed me when you realised that we needed fire-power upfront and you introduced Bornwell Mwape for a midfielder. Again after we scored you tactifully withdrew a striker for a defender so that we can seal the defense though it couldn’t work as planned. Bravo. You are a very good coach, don’t mind about the people criticising you they have never even played draft in their life-time. They just back more than they can bite. Ukulanda kwalyanguka, ukubomba kwalishupa. RIP Chibesa Kunda of the Glorious Band.

  4. Hey bloggers Zambian football perished in Gabon 2 decades ago with these heros:
    Efford Chabala (goalkeeper)
    John Soko (defender)
    Whiteson Changwe (defender)
    Robert Watiyakeni (defender)
    Eston Mulenga (midfielder)
    Derby Makinka (midfielder)
    Moses Chikwalakwala (midfielder)
    Wisdom Mumba Chansa (midfielder)
    Kelvin “Malaza” Mutale (striker)
    Timothy Mwitwa (striker)
    Numba Mwila (midfielder)
    Richard Mwanza (goalkeeper)
    Samuel Chomba (defender)
    Moses Masuwa (striker)
    Kenan Simambe (defender)
    Godfrey Kangwa (midfielder)
    Winter Mumba (defender)
    Patrick “Bomber” Banda (striker)

    Coaching staff

    Godfrey “Ucar” Chitalu (coach)
    Alex Chola (assistant coach)
    Wilson Mtonga (doctor)

  5. Kulibe ba guy you dont know coaching. You cant ready the game and your lads cant attack but always play backward. In steady of bombarding them at the goal , you tell your lads to play back ward always , as if this is not enough , your lads could not run…….what type of the game are you teaching them? Look at Sudan, they were dangerously attacking. Just pack and go man.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  6. Dear Coach Bamuwele,
    Hid the advise. You have no capacity to coach the Zambia National team. Not even Swaziland, Lesotho or Mauritius can take you. You CANNOT not even to coach any club in Zambia. Not even Kalu can allow you to coach his K-Stars. Why don’t you then pack and GO ? Please !!!GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    • Don’t worry @Wren in Zambia we accept mediocre performance as normal! Even a presidency that is not working or is dysfunctional. I wonder what our children will say in the next 20 years when they are able to govern this country- ‘what happened day?’

  7. You reap what u sow there,s no way a top ranked team can give away a game in 6 minutes can the defenders explain this what a mess!

  8. on one hand you are saying don’t blame the boys. on the other you are saying they lost concentration. losing concentration is a good reason to be blamed. unless you the coach instructed them to lose concentration

  9. I watched a team in Zambian colours and my heart missed a beat when i saw the midfield control, string of passes, confidence and commitment and wondered how we lost to Sudan. Wait! alas it dawned me that i was watching our under 20 in their signature match against Burundi or something.

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