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The Men that helped track Mailoni brothers demand K50,000 bounty

General News The Men that helped track Mailoni brothers demand K50,000 bounty

CHRISTMAS could come early for three men of Luano Valley. That is if the police honour the pledge to pay K50,000 to anyone with information that led to the capture of the three notorious Mailoni brothers who terrorised the valley for years before meeting their Waterloo six months ago.

The three trackers say they helped the army track and identify the Mailoni brothers and so they should get the K50, 000.
Chola and another man yet to be identified, have approached their ward councillor Danford Kateti to facilitate an audience with Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani for the cash reward.

Central Province commissioner of police Standwell Lungu says, however, that no one has approached his office to claim the K50,000 reward.

He said that the Zambia Police Service high command is, however, better placed to issue any statement on the reward because it handled the Luano Valley operation.

Police spokesperson Charity Chanda said she would give an update on the matter after consultations.

“If I am to give a comprehensive statement of this matter, I will need more time so that I can also consult other departments,” Ms Chanda said in an interview on Friday

Mr Kateti says the three men claim that they accompanied an army crack squad on June 24 in their search of Mika, Stephen and Fabian, collectively known as Mailoni brothers, and they positively identified them in Tukoma area.

“These are the people who assisted the soldiers. They spotted the Mailoni brothers when they were together and the soldiers shot them,” Mr Kateti said in a recent telephone interview from Luano Valley.

He said that the three were aware about the reward as the police had put a notice to that effect at Chimika Rural Health Centre.
Mr Kateti said as a first step in claiming the reward, Luano district commissioner Luke Mwamba has requested to meet the three men.

“They know that police were offering a reward to people who were going to assist in capturing the Mailoni brothers,” Mr Kateti said. “They now want to receive this reward and we want to help them.”

Ms Libongani said in Kabwe recently that her command was ready to reward any person who was going to make an “authentic claim” of providing useful information to the Zambia Army crack squad, leading to the killing of the Mailoni brothers.
[Daily Mail]


    • Mushota, with all qualifications that you claim to have and yet you can’t even write properly.

      Go back to secondary school to learn the proper use of English language.

    • Police & Soldiers got promoted for walking behind the 3 trackers. Pay those guys too, or employ them as bakapokola, they have skill.


  2. Lol…. The police did a ka donchi kubeba…. i doubt if these guys will be paid. Chances are that the money was paid to the soldiers who did the killing.

    • @satanist The Dark Lord.
      You are the true one.
      All over the world rewards may be or are promised for the capture or giving credible information that provides a lead.
      Is it not your parties that pay for the same rewards for information and killing of innocent people?
      You are indeed a dark lord

  3. Iam ready to assist the enforce the promise made by the police. This is similar to the facts and the circumstances that led to the landmark ruling in Carlill v. Carbolic Smokeball. It is a done deal. The law of contract is perfectly on their side

  4. For the soldiers to gun down the mailoni brothers, it means there was an informer, and this informer must be paid, period. Straight forward thing no politics invoved, bapeleeni indalama shabo.

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